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I am a proud Army wife and mother of two adorable little boys who are quite the handful most days.  

I started my reading adventures in 2007 when my now Sister-in-Laws handed me Twilight to take on the annual family vacation to Lake Powell.  To say I fell in love with a book series would be putting it mildly but I devoured the entire series in 7 days and still managed to learn to water ski and get to know his family.  

Years later I was handed several other series which are now huge favorites of mine like Mortal Instruments, The Hunger Games, and other YA series.  Finally a couple friends mentioned that if I wanted to read something a little racier and more Adult (this was before the New Adult genre), that I should pick up the Black Dagger Brotherhood.  I thought I read Twilight fast but I just could not put down the boys of the BDB I NEEDED more. 

So the rest is as they say history ... I started reviewing for personal satisfaction back in 2011 while reading several of my favorite YA series and then took on a position with Once Upon a Twilight.  There I found a family and learned a lot from my dear friend Yara Santos.  Now it's time to venture out of the YA genre and branch out to more New Adult and Adult Romances and Erotica which have become a passion of mine. 

I very much look forward to sharing my thoughts on all of the super sexy series and stand alone books out there that I can get my hot little hands on.

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As did most, I was introduced to The Twilight Saga and found myself consumed by it. I had to be off work a bit later for three weeks and got The Hunger Games recommended to me, three days later I had finished it. At this time a friend said have you heard of Fifty Shades of Grey. I found it, bought it and read the whole series a few days later. Needless to say my desire for strong, sexy, alpha males was discovered and set free.

I am an avid reader of erotica, contemporary romance, some fantasy and paranormal. If I could get paid to read I would have the perfect life, but reading does not get the bills paid, so I have to leave my fantasies behind and reenter the real world of the living daily.

I have been with my partner and love of my life for 10 years. We have two wonderful fur babies who are spoiled rotten and think they own the house.

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I am a proud Army wife of three years, and mom to fur mom of three rambunctious Siberian Huskies; Bane, Pond, and Willow, as well as a Manx cat by the name of Sven. (Yes, from the movie Frozen!) I work full-time as a receptionist at a local car dealership, and am also personal assistant to two wonderful Indie authors! My love of reading began when I was reading chapter books in 3rd grade. I was obsessed with horses, and reading; The Saddle Club, and Thoroughbred Series was my companion in that age group! Harry Potter soon graced my shelves, as did Twilight, and some young adult mystery novels. Reading took a back seat for me in 2010, and it took me a while before I ventured out into The Hunger Games, and the Divergent Series. My first romance read was the Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy, and I don’t really think I have slowed down since then! In 2014 I was lucky enough to move next door to Jennifer, and she roped me into reviewing for Battery Operated Book Blog. There has not been a single dull moment in this whirlwind of reviewing, and it has opened more than enough doors for my future. Other than the typical day-to-day life of typical person, I enjoy horseback riding, spending time with my husband, playing fetch with the huskies, and lounging on the sofa binging on bad TV shows. I enjoy reading E.L James, Tess Gerritsen, Colleen Hoover, M.M. Koenig, Tarryn Fisher, J. Richards, Nina West, Karen Amanda Hooper, Kat DeSalle & Kristin Leigh Jones and so many others that I would be here all day listing them for you!

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  1. Hey Jennifer!

    I've been browsing book blogs & just happened to stumble upon yours! I, too, am an Army wife AND I'm trying my hand at starting my own book blog @ www.boutabookblog.blogspot.com

    I wish you the best!

    Bout-A-Book Blog

    1. Great to meet you! I will connect with you via your social media channels =) Congrats on your site, it looks incredible!

  2. Jennifer, good luck with your blog! Yara is awesome. :-)