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Review Tour + Excerpt + Giveaway: Wolf Prey (Wolf Cove #3) by Nina West

Title: Wolf Prey
Series: Wolf Cove Series
Author: Nina West
Genre: Romance. Adult.
Publish Date: September 15, 2016
Review Source: eARC
Forced to leave Alaska to run the family farm while her father recovers from a tragic accident, Abbi heads home knowing she has the one thing she wants most again –Henry’s affections. She’s determined to not let anyone get in the way of that again. 

But love for Abbi has never been easy. 

With an overbearing mother who believes she has the right to approve who her daughter loves, a childhood ex-boyfriend who will do anything to win her back, and a wealthy, handsome boyfriend who always gets what he wants, Abbi soon realizes she may have to make some impossible choices. 

Wolf Prey is Book 3 in the Wolf Cove series and should be read after finishing Wolf Bait (Book 1) and Wolf Bite (Book 2).

I've had the pleasure of reading the WOLF COVE SERIES from the beginning, and I have to say I always look forward to seeing Ms. West's books pop up that they're available. WOLF PREY was no different, and I read it in about 4 hours. WOLF PREY does pick up exactly where WOLF BITE leaves off, and I highly recommend reading these books in order. 

To take what Abbi and Henry have is just....GAH! There is so much to their dysfunctional relationship that at points it gets frustrating. Here is Abbi throwing herself at this hot as hell hotel owner who could really care less about what she wants, or how much she wants him. When her father ends up unable to take care of the family farm, Abbi rushes home to save the day. She's prepared for so much; seeing Jed again, dealing with Mama's attitude towards her, and trying to convince everyone in town that she is not there to stay - but she isn't prepared for the decision her heart, and mind must make.

Without giving too much away, I must say that this novel say so much growth in all of the characters that I cannot wait to see what Ms. West sends out next regarding the Wolf Cove Series. There is so many directions this series can take that I don't know what to think! A brilliant 5 Stars to Ms. West on a phenomenal book.

“We’ll keep in touch.”

I can’t help the frown. Keep in touch? That sounds like something casual friends say.

“Hey.” He grips my chin between his thumb and index finger. “This isn’t going to be easy, Abbi I warned you. We lead very different lives, and right now, you’re stuck here. You could be stuck here for a long time.” He softens that reality by drawing the pad of his thumb across the bottom of my lip.

He’s right. That tractor that rolled over Daddy did a real number on him, breaking bones and puncturing his lung. It could have been much worse but, still, it’s going to be months before he’s back on his feet and running the farm. “I know, it’s just…” I settle my gaze on his steely blue eyes, still amazed at how they can sometimes look so cold and hard, and yet other times melt my heart with their softness and their warmth. “What is this? What are we?”

Henry officially fired me this morning, more a joke than anything. I left so abruptly that I hadn’t had the opportunity to hand in my resignation, but it was pretty clear I was quitting anyway. Either way, I’m no longer a Wolf employee, which means that dating me isn’t against company policy. Even though Henry would say he can do whatever the hell he wants now that he has controlling share, I think it would still bother him to be so blatantly and openly disregarding of his own corporate rules. He has a lot of pride in the Wolf name.

He sighs. “We’ll figure things out as we go. You need to get in there and spend time with your family. And I need to get back to doing what I need to do. Okay?”

“Okay.” I know Henry enough to know that’s as far as this conversation is going. I nod. Do I need an official label for what we are? Or is it just enough to know Henry’s in my life? That he cares about me. Because I know he does. He dropped everything to fly across the country with me because he didn’t want me sitting in a plane for ten hours alone, given the tragedy. He’s gone out of his way to make sure my dad has the best trauma surgeon in the country and that my family is set up in his hotel while we’re here. He’s been carrying around a picture of me—the one the Japanese photographer Hachiro took that day so long ago—in his portfolio.

I know he cares.

The question is, will it be enough?
Nina West lives in the city but spends her summers in the wilderness with her husband. She loves having a steaming cup of cocoa in one hand and a steamy story full of angst in the other.


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