Monday, August 15, 2016

Release Tour + Review + Teaser + Giveaway: Gunslinger by Lisa Lang Blakeney

Title: Gunslinger
Author: Lisa Lang Blakeney
Genre: Sports Romance
Publish Date: August 8, 2016
Review Source: ARC

I hate sports, and he is football royalty. I like quiet and predictable, but he's sex and swagger personified. I didn't particularly care for Saint Stevenson the first moment I laid eyes on him, but his warped brain seemed to process our initial meeting as foreplay.

I have a meticulous five year plan in place for myself and my career, but now this huge, cocky, self-absorbed quarterback who I've been assigned to at work is seriously f*cking it up.

He's the ultimate player on and off the field, and it doesn't make any sense that I'm falling hard and fast for the arrogant baller; but there doesn't seem to be anything about our love story that makes any sense at all.

This is a fun story.  I love the way that she starts off the story giving us the back history on both of our characters, then moves us forward into the present moment.  She allows us to see the depth of these two people and what basically connects them together.

Add into the family of our quarterback and the ribbing that he receives from them is priceless.  Now, I don't want to leave our Marisol, the best friend, because what girl can survive with out her best friend watching her back.

The way that this story evolves allows it to keep you entertained and wanting to see if  Sabrina will cave and allow herself to see just how much Saint wants her.  Will she let her walls down and cave in, or will she be strong enough to overcome the desires that he unleashes inside her.

Again, I enjoyed this fun, humorous story, that will show us that there can be several sides to the ultimate jock.  Add into the spark that Sabrina has and the strong personality that she carries by going after what she wants and not letting anyone step on her.  She may come across as somewhat meek in the beginning, but you will soon see that she is far from it.  That in itself is what just adds depth to the overall story.  It is a great book to read for all of you footballers out there getting ready to enjoy the preseason as I am.  

Lisa Lang Blakeney grew up an only child gorging herself on daytime soaps, night time dramas, and romance novels. She writes steamy new adult contemporary romance featuring strong alpha men and the smart women they seek to claim. She tends to favor continuing storylines and sagas, although she will write a standalone novel when inspiration strikes. Her novels will probably always contain something a bit taboo, lots of dirty language, mature content, and happily ever afters... so 

be warned:) 


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