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Blog Tour + Excerpt + Giveaway: Sensing You (Sensing #1) by: J.M. Adele

Title: Sensing You
Series: Sensing #1
Author: J.M. Adele
Genre: Adult, Contemporary Suspense Romance
Published: March 30, 2016
Gift or curse?

Ronnie has inherited her granny’s gift of a sixth sense. But for her it’s not a gift, it’s a curse. She’s unable to trust anybody with her secret, unable to form any meaningful relationships beyond what she has with the woman who shares her abilities. She’s learned to hide behind a solid wall of bitchiness.

When the ghost of a persistent young woman infiltrates Ronnie’s world, she can no longer avoid the visions plaguing her. Reluctantly, she starts to open up to friendship, happiness and love, discovering that fate has more surprises in store for her future than she imagined. Including a man who might actually be able to understand the pain she harbours under her tough exterior.

But as she learns more about her gift she finds herself in situations she isn’t prepared for. Now she’s in grave danger. Will she be able to stop a madman before she becomes his next target?

Sensing You Tour Excerpt © J.M. Adele 2016

She was up. I leaned back a bit so I had a view down the hallway. The bathroom door opened revealing Veronica in a purple tank top and… were those shorts or knickers? Her mass of dark curls moved free and wild. She rubbed her eyes as she walked towards me, heading for the kitchen. Those legs, that hair. Those legs. I was amazed this woman was for real, to be honest.
She dropped her hands as she reached the counter, and squealed when she spotted me watching her.
“Morning, Veronica.” The look on her face was priceless. I let the chuckle escape.
“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” Arms akimbo, stormy eyes, she set my heart on fire. The flame dimmed at the sight of the dark circles under her eyes.
I grinned at her outrage, and moved inside, wanting to get closer and take away whatever troubled her. “Enjoying the morning show.”
She rolled her eyes and opened the fridge to grab the apple juice. I made a mental note to keep the apple juice stocked.
“Hurry up and get your running gear on, we’re leaving in five.”
She paused mid gulp with her cheeks puffed out. The glass clinked on the counter as she set it down, swallowing loudly. “I beg your pardon?”
She was putting on her stern-librarian voice. I bet that worked on most people. She liked to keep everyone at a distance. Not gonna happen with me because it was making me hard. Made me want to rough her up, and show her who was in charge.
“Four minutes.”
Her dark chocolate eyes grew wide as her delectable lips parted. I noted the pulse on her neck as it jumped. She liked it when I took charge. Interesting. A smile tugged at my mouth. “Three minutes. If you don’t change out of those pyjamas, the neighbourhood is going to know what you sleep in.”
She made a strangled sound. “Okay, Bossy Boots. Sheesh.”
She had to brush past me as she navigated the kitchen counter. I breathed in deeply. Her scent wrapped around my chest, and drew my balls up tight. She made me want. She made me need. She made me forget.
In less than two minutes, she was standing in front of me ready to go, wearing black Skins and a fluorescent yellow, razor-back singlet. Her baseball cap dangled from one hand, and sunglasses from the other. I reached out to take them from her.
“You won’t be needing those. We’ll be back before the sun breaks.”
She held her hands up in dismay. Her phone was strapped to her arm. I ripped off the Velcro, taking that, too.
She put her hand over mine. “No. I need to have music when I run.”
I slowly shook my head. “You need to let your mind wander. Listen to the hum of the morning. Let yourself relax and mull things over. I do my best thinking when I run. Pictures of designs start flicking through my head. It’s liberating. Better than therapy.”
“Everything’s better than therapy.” She bit her lip as she let that slip.
I might’ve found a kindred soul. Her eyes told me she knew pain. The kind that I did. I almost felt like a prick for taking away her safety blanket. Almost.
I placed her things on the kitchen bench. Before I could stop myself, my thumb pressed on her chin to free her lip. “Please stop that, it’s very distracting.”
I heard her soft gasp. Her huge eyes seemed too innocent. It was such a contradiction to the independent, sassy girl I’d come to know.
I let my hand drop and turned towards the door. “Let’s go.” Without waiting for her response, I headed out the front, hoping she’d follow.

Sensing You is a novel filled with a wonderful mix of suspense and romance. J.M. Adele takes you through two different points of view, one being Veronica –or Ronnie- and the other being Brad. Ronnie inherited a sixth sense from her grandmother, one that allows her to talk to people who have passed on. She hasn’t been a very outgoing person because of this, which has caused obvious problems in her love life.
That is, until she meets a guy named Brad.
Brad has his own problems. He is back in college after the passing of his sister, which was difficult. When he and Ronnie meet he feels an instant connection with her.
I love the relationship that Ronnie and Brad have, emotional and with Ronnie’s sixth sense. They have their issues, especially with Ronnie’s gift that she keeps hidden and doesn’t like to talk about.
J.M. Adele wrote an enticing book here, I only wish there was more of the suspense elements because I loved it so much!

***4 BARS***

 This was such an interesting read. I was super confused right off the bat, but once you get past that the entire novel makes sense. Sensing You bounces between the two main characters points of view. Between Veronica (aka Ronnie), and Brad, you learn that Ronnie has a sixth sense. She can see, talk, and listen to the dead. Ghosts wander in and out of Ronnie's vision on a daily basis, and she does her best to ignore them. But when one reluctant ghost simply won't buzz off, and mind her own, Ronnie finally sits down to chat with her.

That reluctant ghost is none other than Brad's sister. Hunky, adorable, Brad who blames his sister's death on himself. Turning to alcohol, he doesn't exactly plan on stopping anytime soon until he sees Ronnie at a local shop. Sensing something about her, he turns to working out to find that rush that he needs. When he literally runs into her, knocking her flat on her tail bone, he has to find a way to get into her icy cold ways.

Brad's sister has a hand in making them meet more often than once. When Ronnie's old roommate situation fails to work out, she turns to the boards where she is put into contact with Brad - unconventionally, of course, via ghost vibes. What comes from Brad, and Ronnie's relationship is pretty awesome though. I really enjoyed their chemistry, and really liked the fact that J.M. Adele write in the smaller characters that made the story a whole. I was a bit confused in the beginning but really got through it, and enjoyed the story overall.

A strong 4 Bars to Ms. J.M. Adele!

J.M. Adele is the author of the contemporary romance novella, Remembering Home, and paranormal romance, Sensing You—coming soon. She lives in Queensland, Australia with her husband, three boisterous boys and two geriatric Labradors.

Working as a nurse in a former life allowed her to meet all sorts of wonderful people and gain many different perspectives on life. Her love of, and addiction to stories prompted characters of her own to take up residence in her daydreams. When they became more insistent, she finally took pencil to paper.
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