Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Title: Chasing You
Series: Love Wanted In Texas
Author: Kelly Elliot
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publish Date: February 23, 2015
Review Source: ARC
I chased, you pushed
I chased, you friend zoned
I chased, you fell
Now I chase to protect you.

You chased, I resisted
You chased, I accepted
You chased, I fell
Now I pray you’re not too late.

After finally winning the heart of the woman I loved, there was no way in hell he was taking her from me.

Kelly Elliot has a way of making us fall in love with her books.  No matter if it is the Wanted Series or this series, Love Wanted in Texas, her fun loving no barred Texas love is all you could ever need.

This book is a bit different given the fact that it technically doesn't start off in actual Texas.  But, when you are a Texan you will always find your way home.  You can not help but to enjoy this series due to the fact that we were there when each of these characters were born.  I can't believe I am reading about Amanda and Brad's daughter.  My how time seems to fly.

Now as for the book in general, because I know that is what you are waiting for right....
Kelly had me thinking one thing, while completely changing all that I thought I knew.  Never in a hundred years would I have thought that the main plot of this book would take a twist like it does, so yes, be for warned, it is nothing like you think it is.

Kelly Elliot is known for her love stories, and wonderful stories are they, but this one, the suspense is off the charts.  Again I would have never guessed it to turn out the way that it does.  Now for the love story part of the book... if it is meant to be it will happen and this is a prime example.  The way that Gray is willing to let Megan set the pace is wonderful.  He knows what and who he wants, and is willing to take his time and allow her to figure out what is already right there.  Do I need to say more.  Friends is the best way right... or is it?  I know the answer, and fact of the matter is, that their is no one better to have as your better half than your best friend.  Plain and simple.

So, with all that I have said, you should really take the time to read this book, and no worries, if you are a new Kelly Elliot reader, you can read this book and still understand what is going on and not feel as if you should have read the series that comes before it.  But, I will not promise that afterwards you will not end up reading all of her books that lead up to this one.  So yes, it is a for bar read for sure.  Jump in with both feet and hang on, because Kelly will have you all in wanting to know what will take place next.

"That's what love is Meg.  It's a risk and a scary one at that. But if you just let go and fall, I promise you the landing is so worth it."  ~Lauren~

"If it's any of your business, we stopped wrapping his pickle before each tickle a few months ago." ~Megan~

Kelly Elliott is married to a wonderful Texas cowboy who has a knack for making her laugh almost daily and supports her crazy ideas and dreams for some unknown reason...he claims it's because he loves her!
She’s also a mom to an amazing daughter who is constantly asking for something to eat while her fingers move like mad on her cell phone sending out what is sure to be another very important text message.
In her spare time she loves to sit in her small corner overlooking the Texas hill country and write.
One of her favorite things to do is go for hikes around her property with Gus....her chocolate lab and the other man in her life, and Rose, her golden retriever. When Kelly is not outside helping the hubby haul brush, move rocks or whatever fun chore he has in store for her that day, you’ll find her inside reading, writing or watching HGTV.


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