Monday, December 14, 2015

Release Blitz + Review + Giveaway: Fire in the Kitchen by Donna Allen

Title: Fire in the Kitchen
Author: Donna Allen
Genre: Adult, Romantic Comedy
Publish Date: December 14, 2015
Review Source: eARC
Celebrity chef Dante Cristiani needs to renew his tainted reputation. He earns a spot in a television culinary contest and is competing against a talented foodie, Cassidy Summers. She’s quirky, free-spirited, and disorganized in the kitchen. She’s everything he isn’t, so why does it feel like she is everything he needs? If you love food, wine, and romance, you’ll love Donna Allen’s new romantic comedy, Fire in the Kitchen.
Donna Allen starts off the book by dropping you into the main character, Cassidy's, cooking class. Right away you see Cassidy's quirkiness from her eccentric outfit to the way she starts the class. Dante, the other main character, is introduced not much later when he attends Cassidy's cooking class. He comes off a bit rude because of how he leaves things with Cassidy. However, since the book is written in the third-person you get to see why he acted the way he did and you begin to understand him a little better.

After a few more run-ins with each other they wind up on a cooking show together. Cassidy is competing for the prize money to save her coffee shop, whereas Dante is out to prove himself to still be a wonderful Chef after he was betrayed by his cousin Carlos -who also happens to be in the competition.

Cassidy and Dante have an obvious attraction with each other, though that attraction becomes complicated since they are both in the same competition where there is only one winner. Between Dante, Cassidy and Dante's cousin Carlos you can really feel the tension as they compete with one another.

Cassidy's efforts to save her cafe are put to a halt when the story takes an unexpected turn and the story keeps throwing punch after punch from there. Fire in the Kitchen unearths a lot of betrayal, it definitely keeps you on your toes. I was not expecting all of the twists this book had from the big ones down to the minor ones which is always a great surprise when reading a book. I especially loved the recipe included at the end. Donna Allen has written a great book that keeps you interested right up to the words "the end".

Donna Allen is a contemporary romance author who loves calling Australia home. A self-confessed foodie, she is addicted to cooking shows and cooking up a storm for family and friends with her winemaker husband and gorgeous son by her side. She believes combining food and romance is a recipe to heaven. She has had several short stories published in popular magazines and won her place in three romance anthologies.


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  1. Hello Emily. Thanks for the wonderful review of my book Fire in the Kitchen, I'm so glad you enjoyed it. I also look forward to enjoying your reviews of other author's books in the future. All the best. Regards, Donna