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Blog Tour + Excerpt + Giveaway: Siblings by K.J Janssen

Title: Siblings
Author: K.J. Janssen
Genre: Adult. Family Drama/Romance.
Publish Date: August 11, 2015
Published By: Limitless Publishing
Review Source: eARC
The Symington Parents… 

Marilyn Symington strives to be a good mother and the family peacemaker. But when lingering health issues send her to her husband’s business partner Dr. John Hazelton, she is drawn into an illicit relationship which threatens the foundation of all she’s built. 

Ronald Symington is a well-respected doctor, but he is burdened by problems at the Symington Medical Center and the growing family friction, with only the apparition of his late father to rely on for advice. Looking for leverage, Ron hires a PI to investigate his uncooperative partner, but what will he do with the shocking secret he discovers? 

The Symington Children… 

Richard, the oldest of the Symington offspring, followed Ronald into medicine, but he can’t escape his father’s shadow. He also has a hidden gambling addiction, which leads him to perform illegal abortions to pay off his debts, though he tries to convince himself he’s helping his patients—prostitutes—by saving them from back-alley butchers. 

Wilson is a true middle child, lost in the shuffle, fighting for recognition and approval, and always feeling he comes up short. After falling in with drug dealers, he spent time in prison, but is now seeking redemption by secretly working with the FBI to catch the real offenders. 

Maggie, the youngest, is a Registered Nurse, but she’s always looking for something more, something…exciting. She and her lover experiment with drugs and sexual fantasies, until one particular fantasy turns terrifying, forcing her to reexamine her priorities. 

Can the damaged family which found its wealth and social standing in medicine somehow heal and find peace? Or are their sins too numerous and egregious to forgive?

 Nothing is ever perfect in any family, and only those in that family know what goes on behind closed doors. The Symington family, though  a well respected family outside of their horrid lies, and ways of life, have many secrets, that are focused on throughout this novel. The Symington parents do their best to keep their children - all adults now - under control, but when they can't even keep their lies under wraps, it's a hard thing to do for all parties involved.

This novel dealt with a lot of real world issues. It was interesting to see these issues portrayed through a more medical standpoint than just real world issues that characters seemed to have in most novels. I think the most interesting of the issues was Mrs. Symington herself. When her health takes a turn for the worse, she turns to Mr. Symington's business partner. Only problem is that the doctor/patient protocol doesn't seem to apply to this relationship. When Mr. Symington (AKA Ron) has growing suspicions, he does the one thing that any sane man would do; hire a PI. The only issue is that he isn't prepared for what it uncovers.

This novel isn't what one would expect. I like medical mysteries/family drama novels, and this one had a nice spin on it that had the reader asking what was going to happen next. There wasn't too much guessing work that would want to leave the reader ripping out their hair (thank you for that!), but there was just enough that kept the reader wanting to continue reading and really getting to the bottom of the Symington family.

There is a slight cliffhanger. Not like OMG I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NOW. But more of, well...that ending can go one of two ways. I'm not sure if Mr. Janssen left the novel where he did to give the reader the satisfaction of their own ending, or if there are any plans for a sequel. I plan on keeping my eyes open for more of the Symington family, and give Mr. Janssen a 4/5 Bars!

“My thoughts transitioned time; the past and future blended together and became meaningless; of no use to me. What I was experiencing, I was experiencing in the now. My body craved attention now. I remember running my hands over my body looking for some type of satisfaction. Then I saw you standing off in the distance. You looked like Michelangelo’s statue of David. I wanted you. I called to you, but you couldn’t hear me. I tried to get up and run to you, but my arms and legs were frozen still. Then suddenly a large dark form approached and began to engulf me. A part of it entered me and started pounding my body to the cadence of the music. Finally my body felt a massive burst of ecstasy and I screamed out your name and that is when I resumed consciousness. I found myself on top of you. We were both naked and you had a rock hard erection. We must have been making love.”
I am a multi-genre novelist living in Ohio with my wife and miniature Schnauzer. I was born in St. Louis, Missouri, but moved to Long Island, N.Y. when I was 8 years old.

Reading and writing fiction have always been a big part of my life. As a child I wrote about outer-space and in high school I was the editor of the school’s literary newspaper. During that period I wrote mostly short stories and novellas.

I earned a BS in Logistics from NYU. My career in NYC was spent in management positions at several large companies, including Exxon, Metropolitan Life and J.C. Penney. During those years I had little time for writing as my career required extensive travel and I was busy raising a family.

In the early eighties, as an empty-nester, I moved to Centerville, OH with my wife, Jeannette. I retired early from the bicycle manufacturer Huffy, when they went into bankruptcy. 

Now, I am a full-time writer. I write because I feel that there are stories that need to be told. I enjoy the process of writing and firmly believe that you do your best writing when you are well read. To that end, I read at least one novel a week.


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  1. Thanks for the fabulous Blog review of SIBLINGS. This insightful Family Drama/Romance is the sleeper of the year. Readers are just realizing that not only is this a great story, but it addresses current affairs (Family Planning, abortions).