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Blog Tour + Excerpt + Giveaway: Remembering Home by J.M Adele

Title: Remembering Home
Author: J.M Adele
Genre: Adult, Contemporary Romance
Publish Date: October 19, 2015
Review Source: eARC
How do you forget your first love? 
The girl that haunts your dreams.
The one that no other woman could ever live up to.
The one you left behind...

It takes a tragedy to wake Aiden Thomas from his stupor, prompting him to return to his home town. Nothing could've prepared him for what he finds when he gets there. His life, as he knows it, is about to change. It was time to stop hiding behind his lens.

Angel Murphy had her heart ripped away when she was a teenager. She survived the toughest times of her life, with the help of her family. Fifteen years later, after another cruel blow, she is again scrambling to adjust. Angel doesn't know how much more she can take, when the man she never thought she’d see again returns.

Can she trust him to stay this time, especially when he discovers the secrets he left behind?

*Recommended for readers 18+ due to mature content.*

I have to say that this book pleasantly surprised me. I feel that a lot of second chance romance books tend to be the same but Remembering Home has so many twists and turns it is incredibly unique.

J.M. Adele starts the book out strong; you can really feel Aiden Thomas’ pain within the first few sentences. You’re drawn in by his self-loathing; you want reach into the book and give him a hug because he is struggling. From there you’re dropped right into the funeral of his father figure while he was a teen, Hank, and the warmth he receives from those around him is incredible, Adele portrayed Southern Hospitality perfectly.

After the funeral you meet a significant character, Angel, you get to see things from her point of view, which is one of my favorite things about the novella –both Aiden and Angel’s point of view. Angel and Aiden’s connection is amazing, they have so much chemistry, and they have a heart-wrenching past full of unexpected events. All of which make for an enjoyable story. Not to mention ever-opinionated side character/ friend of Angel’s, Chelsea. J.M. Adele has written a great fast paced novella, I would recommend it to a friend.

Aiden paced across the shag pile carpet, wearing a track from the door to the bathroom of the apartment. Every third round he checked the mirror again to make sure he didn’t have any stray nose hairs, ear hairs or food in his teeth. 

Hmm. He cupped a hand in front of his mouth huffing out and sucking the breath back in. Minty fresh. 

He dropped his hand and spun around at the soft knock on the door. Power walking to the table, he collected his keys, wallet, a grocery bag, and a bunch of flowers. 

He opened the door to find Angel, looking like—an Angel. Her pale skin against the dark fall of hair, and bright green eyes. It was a killer. She was goddamn gorgeous. How was she not already married? Thank fuck for that. 

She had on a long, loose dress with some sort of colorful, swirly pattern, and thin straps holding it up. He followed the line of her body down to her painted toes in fancy flip-flops, and back up to her chest. No bra. His body grew taut and he gulped.

She waived a hand in front of his face. “Hello. Earth to Aiden.”

He snapped his eyes back up, and shoved the flowers under her nose. “These are for you.”

She took them with an amused smile. “Very beautiful and colorful. They match my dress. Thank you.” He watched her transfixed. “You ready? Or have you changed your mind?” Her forehead creased.

“Ready!” he coughed.

She turned her back on him and seemed to float down the stairs as her dress fluttered around her legs. She had her hair piled on her head with loose pieces falling around her neck and face. He wanted to trace the curve of her spine, and bury his nose behind her ear. 

He nearly mowed her down at the bottom of the staircase when she stopped abruptly. “I hope you still like Italian. I made a lasagna.”

She had her back to him, looking at him over her shoulder. He dropped his chin and leaned in, breathing her subtle scent. “Delicious.”

J.M. Adele is the author of the contemporary romance novella, Remembering Home, and paranormal romance, Sensing You—coming soon. She lives in Queensland, Australia with her husband, three boisterous boys and two geriatric Labradors.

Working as a nurse in a former life allowed her to meet all sorts of wonderful people and gain many different perspectives on life. Her love of, and addiction to stories prompted characters of her own to take up residence in her daydreams. When they became more insistent, she finally took pencil to paper.


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