Saturday, November 14, 2015

Release Day + Review: Before You Leave by Amelia J Hunter

Title: Before You Leave
Author: Amelia J Hunter
Genre: Romance. Contemporary.
Publish Date: November 13, 2015
Review Source: eARC
Tragedy strikes shortly before what should have been the happiest day of Julia’s life. The happy ever after she’d been dreaming of for as long as she could remember, is twisted, turning it into her living nightmare, in an accident that changes everything. 

Despair. Solitude. Desolation. 
This is her life now, submerged in the darkness of her depression and sheathed from the harsh reality waiting for her outside. 

Before she can commit herself to the shadows completely, she’s brought back to life with the help of her best friend. 

A new start, a holiday, and he unexpected arrival of Kieran mean it’s time for Julia to start living again. But, with the betrayal, untold secrets, and the pain of her grief holding her back, will she be able to move on and clean the slate of her history? 

Will she learn how to enjoy life before it’s too late? Or will she let all the obstacles standing before her drag her back to the safe haven of anguish she knew so well.

****4.5 Bars****

If you're prepared for an ugly cry in the first few pages of this emotionally gutting novel, pick this novel up. Julia wanted nothing more than to love the man that was her soul mate from day one. When tragedy strikes, a rather off the wall tragedy that really plays into this novel, it will gut you. At least, it did for me. One moment, Ryan was going about his route and the next he was gone. What does his bride to be do when the man of her dreams is gone forever? 

Darkness. That's all Julia wants. Darkness from the sun that filters into her bedroom. Darkness from the nightmares that invade her already dark dreams. Darkness from her friends that have long since moved on, and continued on with their lives. At least, all but one. When Sarah comes barging into Julia's small, quaint house, Julia knows that her life is about to be turned upside down, shaken around a bit, and pulled from the looming darkness that has since made its home permanent. 

Stepping off the plane to their unknown destination, Julia has her own small accident that leaves her looking into the eyes of a man she doesn't know. Sarah is all but up in arms over this, and the man - Kieran - soon begins to run into Julia much more than what they think is necessary. Is this Julia's chance to find her happily ever after for the second time in her life? 

Overall this was a great read. It was emotional, and I felt like the reader was there as Julia suffered through her horrid past. Kieran (such a cool name!), was a great character to come into the picture. A little creepy, I admit, but not over the top horror feel with him showing up randomly wherever Julia was. Overall I give this novel a 4.5 bars. The cover intrigued me when it came across the e-mail for review, and I am glad I was given the chance to review Before You Leave prior to its release date.

Amelia J Hunter is an indie writer who likes to take her reader on a journey through her erotic writing and her contemporary romance novels. 

Leaving the bright lights of London behind in the early 90's, she now lives in the Irish countryside with her family, a good coffee maker and plenty of talk. 

While working on her collection of short stories, she also writes on her blog and has written twice for the along with writing her novels.


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