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Blog Tour + Review + Giveaway: Paradise Forbidden by: Natalie E. Wrye

Title: Paradise Forbidden
Author: Natalie E. Wrye
Genre: New Adult Romantic Suspense/Mystery
Release Date: August 28, 2015
When Trevor Cassidy steps foot on a bus to "Nowhere," Tennessee, he boards with a singular purpose: to leave the life he led behind.

A desolate girl on the ride catches his eye, but he wants almost nothing to do with the ten-foot invisible wall that she's built around herself.

But when calamity strikes deep inside the Tennessee forest, Trevor and the lonely girl, Kat, must learn to trust each other if they want to make it back to civilization intact.

Breaking down Kat's walls will prove to be the hardest thing Trevor's ever done, and on top of that...she's hiding something: something that may threaten their very existence, their dwindling survival.

But how does Trevor uncover Kat's hidden agenda without bringing his own to light?

Wow!!! This is such a great story and unique. I really loved how the author didn’t give away a lot of the story till over half way. It made it far more interesting.

Trevor & Kat are after the same thing, a story. How they go about getting this story will involve lots of things. For one, Kat is gonna have to remove that giant chip on her shoulder and trust someone.

Number two, Trevor is going to have to figure out a way to tell Kat who he is. He’s holding a big secret, a doozie, and everything he has done to build her trust could be shattered very quickly if he’s not careful. 

This story is about not only fighting for someone, but fighting for yourself. Growing up even after you have already grown up. Being an adult isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and sometimes what you want to be when you grow up changes. For Trevor it’s being himself and not what his father wants. Not taking up the family business but doing something that’s all his own. For Kat, she needs to trust herself, cut herself some slack and realize that people aren’t perfect…...and that’s ok. 

These two characters go through life and death situations, both personally and professionally. The twist and turns and the ending…..oh wow…..the ending is just great!!! Love Natalie E. Wrye and her Behind The Blindfold series is amazing!!! 

Highly Recommend
He blinks, taken aback, but then his eyes narrow into slits. He stands straighter. “Oh… I’m sorry, princess…” he says roughly, “… but I don’t think that was me moaning into my own mouth. You kissed me back.” I freeze, shell-shocked, and my hand flies absently to my navel ring. I inadvertently play with it while my brain scrambles for excuses. I stall. “Yeah… well… I was caught off-guard. I didn’t know… how to react.” I stare off into space as if my life depended on it. But the magnetism of his stare brings my eyes back to his, and before long, I am gawking nervously at them as they sit inches from my face. Trevor is now standing directly in front of me and his hand is now replacing my own. He’s circling my navel piercing gently with his thumb and index finger, his brown eyes fixated unwaveringly on my lips. He leans in even closer and my eyes flutter to a close. His breath is soft and cool: minty with the toothpaste we use from his bag of toiletries.
“No, princess…” he drawls, “I think you knew… exactly… how you wanted to react.” I hold my breath as he speaks, biting my lip in frustration. I’m afraid to breathe… or move… or think. No part of me seems willing to behave. I set so many rules when it came to Trevor… and my body won’t obey a single one.
His thumb is now on the piercing and he takes the jeweled stud and flicks it with his index finger, causing me to shudder involuntarily. He lowers his other hand, looping a finger into my waistband, nudging me toward him… and I let him.
Natalie Wrye is a math geek by day, writer by night. She is a quirky, former Yankee living in Northwest Georgia with nothing but her Friends and Gilmore Girls reruns to keep her company. 

Natalie started writing nonsensical stories at the ripe age of 6; she hopes things have changed since then. She loves chocolate, cuddly things, and large libraries. Oh...and she thinks it's pretty cool to talk in 3rd person.

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