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Blog Tour: Forgotten Treasures by D. Hart

Title: Forgotten Treasures
Author: D. Hart
Genre: New Adult. Romance. Contemporary.
Publish Date: February 23, 2015
Review Source: eARC
In the aftermath of destruction, hearts were destroyed, strengths were stripped, and vulnerabilities were exposed. 

A community was ripped apart after a tragic accident, and the loss hit one family particularly hard as it claimed the lives of three, leaving only one surviving member to pick up the pieces and move forward.

Baylor’s life was wiped clean in the blink of an eye. No family, no home, no name. That is, until she met Brandt. He took a chance, giving her hope and a reason to start over. A reason to rebuild a life full of forgotten memories. A reason to trust. A reason to love. 

Finding love in all the right places should be easy, but when truths are revealed, it's anything but. Brandt will help her rediscover the true meaning of unconditional eternal love that will prove painful, life altering, and redeeming.

Together, they will try to face the future and will use each other’s strengths to learn how to live again. Can they rewrite history, or in the end, will the tragedies of their pasts be too much?

Freckles awakens in the hospital. Confused, disoriented, and quite frankly just wanting to stand up, and stretch. When she falls due to lack of muscle to the floor, she knows that something has happened. Having no recollection of her name, where she is, or what happened to her, the doctor does her best to help her ease back into the world of the living. It is no easy feat though, and with time Freckles is placed into physical therapy to gain physical, and mental strength. When she is paired with volunteer Grady to assist her in her day to day activities in the physical therapy center, she begins to relax, and trust him.

When things start to come to light about what has happened to Freckles, in almost a freak accident that has her remembering everything. From the incident, to prior to the incident, there is no denying that this story - based on a true story at that - is a gut wrenching, heart stopping, traumatic event that will leave the reader gasping, crying, sobbing, and potentially even wanting to throw things across the room. The story overall focuses on a lover's undying need to be with the one he was meant to be with, and overcoming the things that can break a person down to nothing.

D. Hart did a wonderful job bringing this story to life. While it is based on a true story, and a gut wrenching one at that, it talks about how a person overcomes those things that pushes them to the very edge. Pushes them, taunts them, and at long last steps away from the picture completely leaving a person feeling as if they are exhausted - mentally, and physically. At times I was even lost reading through this book, and I had to go back to a certain point, and reread for better clarification. Other than that, D. Hart brought "Freckles" full circle from her tragedy to being a person she knew prior to the accident. 

“This place is unbelievable.” I looked over at him as he stared out the window. “I bet you bring all the girls here.”

“Actually, you’re the first.”

Yep, I was a goner.

“There. Look. A shooting star.” He pointed excitedly.

I caught the end of the blazing trail. “Make a wish.”

“It already came true.” He squeezed my hand.

I didn't think I ever wanted to let it go. It just fit so perfectly with mine, like they were meant to be together. We were meant to be together. I rolled my head to face him while still resting on the headrest. “I like you, Mr. Brandt.”

Instead of answering me, he leaned over the console, causing serious eruptions in my blood. As he got closer, the anticipation had my chest heaving hard for breaths. He reached out and took a lock of hair next to my cheek and stroked it slowly, never losing eye contact. I finally saw that his eyes were a swirl of hazel and green, and his lips only inches from me were a supple red that screamed for mine. His thumb brushed my jawline, causing me to shiver inappropriately. He rested his forehead on mine, trying to control his own urge to jump me.

“I’m going to kiss you, if you’ll let me.” He restrained his whisper.

I couldn't take my eyes off his lips. The words, “Uh-huh,” managed to slip out as we were suspended in air.

He let go of my hair and gripped the back of my neck desperately as he grazed his lips on mine, releasing a gasp from me. I was fully charged and ready to go. I was ready for him to take me to another place. Somewhere I had only read about. A place I never dreamed I would visit.
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