Friday, July 10, 2015

Blog Tour + Review + Teaser + Giveaway: The Stacks by Katie Devoe

Title: The Stacks
Series: Stacks Complete Series
Author: Katie Devoe
Genre: Erotic Romance
Publish Date: July 6, 2015
Review Source: eARC


The Stacks – The Complete Series
Lose yourself in the sensual romance between Melanie and Tristan, now available in a single volume!
When Melanie Potter walks into the university library two years after graduation, she doesn’t expect to run into Professor Everett. So when he surprises her in the stacks, looking just as handsome as she remembered, she can’t deny her attraction to the once forbidden man she’s wasted years dreaming about.
Tristan Everett knows having a drink with a former student, especially one as enticing as Melanie Potter, is a mistake. But he takes one look at her and knows he has to have her. Even if it’s only for a night.
When Tristan asks for five days of submission, Mel agrees without a moment’s hesitation…But life is never as simple as saying yes and as their lives threaten to pull them apart, they must ask, Is this love or lust?
The Stacks was originally published as three novellas.

 When Melanie Potter walks into Tristian Everett's literature class she is immediately drawn to her professor.  Knowing that it is against all rules at the university she fights the urges to approach her professor.

Tristian Potter is drawn to Emily Potter, who just happens to be his student, but knowing it is against policy and basically taboo, he keeps his distance and his desires to himself.

What the two don't expect is for flames to fly when they just happen to meet two  years later in the very "STACKS" of Columbia's Library.  When Tristian ask's Melanie out for a drink he is surprised that she says yes.  As the evening progresses and temperatures heat up the feelings that they both unknowingly were surpressing for each other start to rise.  But, is what you want going to be what you need?

I am glad that the author decided to release all three of these novellas into one book, because it allows you to follow the story between Tristian and Mel smoothly.  From the very beginning it starts of hot and heavy and does not slow down.  The thing is that really pulls at you is the emotions that Katie Devoe writes into the story.  This for the most part is a very straight forward book, not very many twist or turns, but sometimes a book like this as heavy reader is just what the doctor order so to say.  I enjoyed reading it, and yes it will cause your temperature to rise.  The way that she stories will give you just a hint of underlying BDSM, which is what will keep you locked into what our couple is doing.  So if you want just a smooth and quick read that is loaded with sexual content, than grab up this little jewel, and right now it is cheap!!!


Katie Devoe grew up in New York City and has lived in Los Angeles, Madrid, and Barcelona. She’s worked as a barista, bookseller, cheese-maker and organic farmer. Her idea of a dream day is curled up in a cozy sweater, drinking Fortnum & Mason tea, and reading.


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