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Blog Tour + 2 Reviews!: Relinquished by K.A. Hunter

Title: Relinquished
Author: K.A Hunter
Genre: Suspense Romance
Publish Date: July 23, 2015
Review Source: eARC
Jules Donovan has been in and out of unsavory foster homes and repulsive motels her entire life. She’s known nothing but loss, abandonment, crime, and pain. Now that she's aged out of the system, she can’t remember ever having dreams for her future because she’s constantly fighting for daily survival. 

When she meets the Riley brothers, there’s something about them that draws her in. She’s never let her guard down, but Dante and Holden make her feel valuable, like she actually matters. And for the first time in her life, she senses something she’s never experienced before—protection. 

But can these mysterious brothers keep her safe from the dark monsters that lie in wait, ready for their final revenge? And how in the hell does older brother Dante know so much about her anyway? 

Unbeknownst to her, things have been set in motion ever since she was ripped from her mother’s womb and, as each jagged piece of her life unfolds, she will begin to wonder, who’s really in charge of her fate? 

**TRIGGER WARNING...this novel contains non-explicit scenes of abuse. There is strong language throughout. Relinquished is intended for mature readers**

I am just flabbergasted at the talent that has been evoked from the brain of K.A. Hunter. She kept me on the edge of my seat, wanting to continue to quickly turn the page to see what would happen next. I can’t say enough about how brilliant this story is.

Jules is a shattered, broken soul who comes from the foster care system where she was abused and tortured. Ever since the tragic death of her foster sister, she has felt that she is being watched. Jules has never seen an actual set of eyes on her, but she can feel the presence. The only person who could harm her is now put away, so why is she so jumpy?

Jules has never had anyone that she can trust, except for Holden, who walked into her life one day at work. Holden is a sweet and caring guy who only wants the best for Jules. He is constantly looking out for her and taking her out, showing her the better things in life.

Dante is his brother who met Jules at the same time she met Holden. Wherever the guys are, their demeanor demands respect. No matter who it is .. they better not look twice at Jules. She always feels safe around the brothers, but who wouldn’t? When Jules accepts a gym membership from Dante, everything seems to change. The women at the gym hate her and shoot her dirty looks. She also finds that the brothers are at each other’s throat and seem to be secretive. What are they keeping from her?
All she knows is that she is beginning to have feelings for Holden. He has been nothing but amazing and protective of her. She has this “zing” that ignites each time he brushes against her. What is this? Why was she having these feelings? Just when she thought everything was on the up and up and she has a place she can relax in and a person to confide in, she is told to stay away. Jules has been told that her relationship with Holden will ruin a family. That is something she NEVER wants .. to ruin a family…something that she never had.

Jules finds herself in trouble and kicked out of the dingy motel that she has been living in for the past few months. She has no money and absolutely refuses help. She decides that she will stay a couple of nights in the breakroom at work, until she can get on her feet. What she never expected was to come in contact with someone connected to her childhood abuser. Her life begins to crumble and literally start crashing down around her. How in the world did she get here? How will she escape? Ready to take her life, this person feels no remorse and she is trapped. The one person whom she never imagined would be there for her, is. This is where the story packs on a punch and turns on its axis. Get ready, because you won’t see where it is headed.

Holy moly do we see twists, turns, ups, downs and so much turmoil. We see friendships bloom; love blossom and evilness rear its ugly head. You won’t see certain things coming and you will find yourself yelling at your kindle. This was one fantastic story and I am forever following K.A. Hunter. Thank you so much for the amazing read that I will not soon forget!

Whatever talent is hidden in K.A. Hunter's mind has earned her another reader/follower. Relinquished follows foster driven, Jules Donovan through her ups, and downs of living in unsavory homes that weren't any good for her. Not only does K.A. Hunter do that, she also makes sure to bring in the Riley brothers. Two brothers that - for whatever reason - brings Jules into a completely different realm for her - a safe one. One where she is seen as a human being, and not as a plaything for those around her.

Jules has had a not so great past - in fact, the author has placed a disclaimer on Relinquished for a reason. It is no shock that this book will pull some triggers for people. The scary thing was that it felt like it was something that was actually happening at the time of reading. It was emotional. It was tough to read. But it made the story. It made Jules into the woman (unstrustworthy, shy, unsure of herself) that she turned out to be in the novel. It is only when the Riley brothers - Holden for sure! - comes along and begins to show her the brighter side of life. 

But. Someone is watching her. She can feel the hairs on her neck rise whenever she's walking down the street. She can feel the stares, and she has no idea where they're coming from. A quick glance over her shoulder never shows her anybody, so she continues on with her life. 

When things take a turn for the worse - which story doesn't have a climax point that has the main heroine running for the corner?? - she feels as if her entire life is falling to pieces around her. When she comes face to face with a person from her past, she shudders to think of what is going to happen. Without the Riley brothers to protect her, and make her feel like a human being, she slips back into what she once was; worthless, and having a sense of being used. After this plot twist there is no turning back for the reader. So, pick it up, start reading, and hold on!

K.A. Hunter did a wonderful, wonderful job with this story. This was a gripping page turner that had me flipping through my Kindle pages faster than I thought possible. Nobody will be prepared for the ending result, and I must say it was a clever one! Thank you for the outstanding read! I cannot wait to see more from K.A. Hunter in the coming years.

Kimi Flores/K.A. Hunter lives in Southern California with her husband, who happened to be her high school sweetheart and prom date and their two hilarious boys.

When she's not reading, writing, or hanging out with family and friends, Kimi spends her time in the kitchen trying to come up with vegan meals that don't taste like cardboard. 

Volunteering is extremely important to her, and she and her family work with several local non-profit organizations. A portion of her sales will always go to charity.

Currently, she writes contemporary romance stories under her real name Kimi Flores and grittier romantic suspense novels under her pen name K.A. Hunter.



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