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Review: Red Card by Liz Crowe

Title: Red Card
Series: Black Jack Gentlemen
Author: Liz Crowe
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publish Date: August 14, 2013
Review Source: eARC
Red Card - The Black Jack Gentlemen - Book 2 

The Black Jack Gentlemen Series - "Detroit's Soccer Team" 
A city and a sport with something to prove—Meet the men who take that challenge. 

~~ Red Card ~~ 
Free will makes us human. 
Choice makes us individuals. 
Love makes us unique. 

Metin Sevim has it all. At the pinnacle of international soccer playing success, he has managed to craft a perfect world for himself along the way. 

When fate strips him of free will and the ability to choose his own path, he retreats from everyone and everything, destroying his hard-won career in the process. 

Dragged back from the brink by his desperate family, Metin reluctantly agrees to coach the Black Jack Gentlemen Detroit soccer team but remains debilitated by memories and loss. When a surprising friendship emerges, it renews his passion for life, providing much needed solace… and extreme complications. 

A saga of family dynamics and gender politics that cuts across cultures and circumstance, Red Card illustrates the human capacity for forgiveness through the life of one man as he attempts to rebuild his shattered existence

This is the second book in the Black Jack Gentlemen's series that I have read and now reviewing.  For as good as the first book was, the second book is even better.  Now with that out of the way, let's move forward.

Metin has everything he thinks he could want in life, even though he questions the very relationship he is in.  When he takes a trip to the U.S. to play soccer, he agrees to attend a party thrown by one of the sponsors of the games.  What he doesn't expect to find is the one woman who tilts his world and has him rethinking the route of his life.

Ashley is a striving female soccer player trying to make the women's league just starting out in the U.S.   She despises the very fact that the men have twice as many opportunities that the women, and the last thing she wants to do is to attend the party that her father is having to support the very team that Metin plays on.

As we follow the story and tragedy strikes, Metin must pick himself up and find a way to survive living day to day.  When a surprise visitor shows up and basically throws his life in a tailspin again with an offer he knows he would be stupid to ignore, he gets a second chance to basically live again.

This book is a strong story that allows us to see that even when we are at our lowest point, there is always someone who is willing to take our hand and help us to get up and stand.  Never giving up we can find the happiness that we long to have, and to enjoy the very life that we are given.  Liz Crowe again does an amazing job of  making us feel the reality of her story through the characters and what is taking place in their lives.  Again she is stepping out of the "norm" and challenging the differences between male and female athletics as well as that of the world of thin stick like women.  I love this fact of her books, that she doesn't make the characters perfect in that all to often romance novel way.  There is that bit of realism put into her stories that gives them that extra umphhh!  I truly hope that you find these stories as enjoyable as I have.

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