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Blog Tour + Review: The Excess Series by: Angelica Chase

When I was twenty-eight years old, I wrote my own winning lottery ticket. A simple idea thrust me onto the fast track to wealth, and into a world I had only ever dreamt about. I submerged myself in the unfamiliar, a life that seemed all too alluring … until it lost its appeal.

I made my fortune, built my castle, and then exiled myself within its comforts once reality set in.

Far too late, I discovered I was drowning in a sea of hungry sharks. Given the choice to sink or swim, I chose the latter … and it cost me everything.

Devin McIntyre, the most dangerous shark of them all, was the last nail in my naïve coffin. His beautiful smile and amazing cock tainted me in ways I could have never imagined.

I craved him. I needed him. I loved him.

Miserable with the outcome of my prosperity, I set out to change what disgusted me most—the first decision being to rid myself of Devin. Little did I know that taking that first step would make me a slave to a man far more tempting … or that my addiction to Devin would threaten to ruin it all.

If you are not a fan of cursing, erotic and extremely explicit sex, cheating, immoral behavior, dysfunction or sexual scenarios that may make you feel uncomfortable this is not the series for you. FILTHY EROTIC ROMANCE

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WOW! What a start to a fantastic series. We being meeting Nina and Devin and man oh man is it HAWT!!!! I mean seriously smoking!!!!

The problem: Devin could care less about Nina and Nina is completely in love with him. Well, she’s in love with him but she hates him too. She hates that he’s married, has a magic cock that she’s completely addicted to but mostly she’s mad at herself for not being able to walk away.

She is going to. Walk away that is. Well….she’s gonna give it all she can to walk away and find herself. Nina is a multi-millionaire creating a product that shot her into this millionaire status extremely quickly. It’s made her lose her true self. She loves how dominate Devin is but for some reason she doesn’t realize how submissive she is. She doesn’t know the reasons or what it’s called but she loves the sex. 

Can she walk away from him? There are a lot of balls in the air and they are all being juggled by different people. One decision, one ball dropped and lives will be changed forever. 

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When Nina pushes Devin away and begins putting the pieces of her life together she stumbles upon Aiden in a jazz bar. He’s playing in the band, is the owner and she’s madly attracted to him.

He seems to have an instinct about him. He know what she wants and what she needs and exactly how to give it to her. He’s the one that tells her that her past boyfriend (Devin) was a Dom and that she is submission. This completely freaks her out and she has to do some serious thinking on this. She doesn’t like these labels.

So much happens in this book!!! Like Aidens last name? Land value and the people that want to own it. Ninas assistant and her secrets. 

Then there’s the Aiden vs Devin problem. Devin won’t let her go - he can’t. And Aiden wants what she wants. Who can she trust? Who is the man for her? What her heart wants and what her brain is telling her to do is not the same.

How will choose? What will she choose?

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WOW!!!!! What an amazing conclusion to this series!!! 

No one is who they say they are and now all the balls have dropped what will happen to their lives?

I loved reading this series like this….one right after the other. The story is fantastic with all it’s twist and turns. But especially the HOT HOT steamy sex!!! It’s crazy hot!!

Finding out the truth about the characters will make your jaw drop. The path this story takes is shocking and wonderful at the same time. It’s sooooooo GOOD!!!!! I truly loved the characters and the story.

Go one click this book!!! You won’t be sorry!!!!

Highly Recommend

“Fucking ride it,” he ordered, digging his fingers into my hips. I took in his lusty gaze as he eyed my bouncing chest. His wavy, dark brown hair glistened with a small amount of moisture from his exertion, sweat trickling down the front of his tuxedo shirt. His dilated pupils were a far cry from the dark blue depths that normally mirrored a stormy deep sea. He licked his full bottom lip as he thrust up hard, making me scream out.

“This is what you wanted,” he chided as he battered me with his cock, pounding it in from underneath me as I whimpered through the intensity of his thrusts. He made use of the leather chair he sat on, using the firm cushion to piston his hips upward and bury his length inside of me. He was beyond a skilled lover, and when Devin wanted to punish you, you damn sure knew it. Feeling him on the brink, I moaned in protest as he pulled out quickly and ordered me to my knees. “Suck me off.” Kneeling in front of him now, I looked up to see him eye me expectantly. Without waiting for me to fully open my mouth, he pushed to the back of my throat as he came in hot spurts, and I choked it down willingly. “So fucking dirty,” he murmured, massaging up and down my throat with his fingertips as his pumping slowed. He pulled out, rubbing the last drop over my lips. “Every drop,” he demanded, pushing his tip back slightly inside my mouth, forcing me to take the last of it in. “Nothing better than you, Nina,” he whispered sweetly, though the words were anything but. The truth was, I hated this beautiful man. I hated that I wanted him so desperately. At one time, he’d meant everything to me. Now I longed for the day I could break free, but I craved him like a drug.

I fed his need for dominance; he fed my inner whore.

Angelica Chase lives in Savannah, GA.


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