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Blog Tour + Giveaway + Review: The No Asshole Rule by Ashley Erin


Title: The No Asshole Rule
Series: The Rule Series #1
Author: Ashley Erin
Genre: NA Romance
Release Date: May 19, 2015

Andie has one rule she lives by, no assholes. She doesn’t befriend them and she certainly doesn’t date them. Upon transferring to Parkland University, she is irritated to discover her neighbor is not only an asshole, but an attractive one that her body and mind can’t seem to ignore. Can Andie let go of the one rule that safeguards her heart?

Lucas doesn’t date. Ever. At least not anymore but the sexy, distant woman across the hall intrigues him and the draw is more than he can resist. Will he like what he finds hidden deep inside her wounded soul?

They both fight to keep their rules, but the pull is irresistible. As Andie struggles with the demons from her past, old wounds open. Both Lucas and Andie will need to decide what is worth fighting for.

Some rules are meant to be broken. Are they up for the challenge?


The No Asshole Rule ... Andie's motto??  No asshole's allowed in her life!

How did she come up with the rule? Her dad ... the major asshole that he is. When Andie was 12 years old, her father held a knife to her hip and cut her slowly ... all to pain her mother. Now that she is older and in college, he is stalking her and trying his damndest to find her. Andie has even filed a restraining order against him .. to no avail. Anyhow ... due to this, she has a strict rule against dating anyone who could possibly be, well.. an asshole.

Andie's brother Dex was supposed to help her move into her campus apartment, but once again bailed, leaving her alone to move her big bulky boxes. Having difficulty balancing her belongings, she drops a box because a man slammed the door in her face as she was trying to walk into the building. "Asshole" she voiced. What a jerk ... he can't even get off of the phone. Little did she know  that he was dealing with his own  life drama and didn't realize what he had done.

Come to find out, he is the ever so gorgeous Lucas - her across the hall neighbor. Instant attraction ensues between the two once their eyes meet. He thinks she is crass and she thinks he is an asshole, but the attraction is undeniable. He automatically feels like he wants her in his life and she thinks he is amazingly hot. Will they be able to deny their attraction? Or will they cave and admit their feelings and desires?

What a great story. Andie is so foul mouthed and in your face and just made me laugh. Lucas is sweet and cute and such a family man. You can't help but fall in love with the two. Dex makes the story even more interesting with the way that he looks out for his baby sister, aka - Nugget. This really is an awesome read ... go grab your copy today!


“This book was pretty amazing. The author was very detailed in how she portrayed her characters and their stories.” ~ Reviews from The Heart Book Review
I loved this story, I basically devoured it in one sitting and could not put it down!! This story is filled with everything I love in a great book. ~ Sugar Shack Book Blog
“I cannot tell you how much i LOVED LOVED LOVED this book/series!! This story is filled with humor, drama, lots of great sex and story that I wanted to keep going and going.” ~ Amazon Customer

“Are you alright?” My body shudders in pleasure at the sound of his deep voice. Dammit, why couldn’t he have a nasally voice. No, it has to be panty wetting, shiver inducing, come right then and there sexy. Fuck. My. Life. Figures I would be sexually aroused for the first time in forever by some random stranger who pisses me off.

Ashley has a degree in Psychology and has worked in the Human Services field for five years. She loves reading romance, new adult, paranormal and fantasy novels.

She lives in Spruce Grove, Alberta with her boyfriend, two dogs and four cats. She also has a horse she loves with all her heart. When she is not working with the horses, reading and writing, you can find her on social media.


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