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Blog Tour + Review + Giveaway: Job Hung by Jackie Keswick

Title: Job Hunt
Author: Jackie Keswick
Genre: M/M Romance
Publish Date: May 13, 2015
Review Source: eARC
You don’t greet your new boss dressed like an underage rent boy. But when Jack Horwood—ace hacker and ex-MI6 operative—opens the door to Gareth Flynn, he's too busy to worry over details like that. And anyway, his potential new boss is his former Commanding Officer – the same guy Jack has had a crush on since he was seventeen. So he should understand, right?

When he applied for the job in Nancarrow Mining's corporate security division, Jack had hoped for peaceful days repelling cyber attacks. Maybe a bit of corporate espionage on the side. His plans didn't include rescuing abused children, hunting pimps, or dealing with his overly protective and hot-as-hell boss, Gareth Flynn.

Walking away is not an option. Jack never takes the easy way out. More than that, meeting Gareth raises old ghosts that Jack needs to put to rest. Rescuing kids. Taking risks. Saving the day. Jack can do all that – but deciding what to do about his attraction to Gareth isn’t the sort of cloak-and-dagger game Jack plays well. Yet Gareth, strong and smart and always on hand when needed, might be Jack’s salvation.

This book starts off introducing us to Jack Horwood.  He is working to get the information together for a new job he wants.  The thing is the one person he thought he would never see, is the one person who surprises him at the interview.  Gareth Flynn was there for Jack several years before, but Jack is unsure if he will be able to be around him again.

When Gareth comes in and catches Jack by surprise, he works hard to control the emotions that are flaring inside.  He is bound and determined not to let the opportunity pass this time with out taking a chance, but he worries if the possibility of feelings are the same?  But there is only one way to find out, what he doesn't know is that Jack is involved in what will become a very time consuming operation.

For me, the beginning of this book was a little hard to get into.  I had to focus on the many different characters and what was taking place at what point and time in the story.  This is basically three different stories that all fall together to make the book what it is.  As I continued on into the book the different parts all started to fall into place, I got to where I could identify with and follow each set of characters and what was taking place in each section of the book.  This book is well written in the fact that we are presented with a dual suspense plot with what is happening at Nancarrow Mining, as well as the criminal happenings with the children and finding the pimp, as well as following the love story between Jack and Gareth.  The way that Jack is the primary tie to each section is very well put together and you find yourself wanting to catch the person responsible for the issues at Nancarrow, helping the kids, and amazed at the short moments that Jack and Gareth sneak.

Not only do you follow all three parts at once and they way they all seem to flow together and how all the characters basically all seem to know and have worked with each other in some form or fashion is what keeps you wanting to see what takes place next.  Now, with the way that things finally come about I do have to say that I would love to see a sequel to this book.  I would love to see more of Jack's amazing mind, Gareth's personality, and the curiosity and my interest in Alex and Dr. Tyrrell.  She has my interest picked by how she was able to relate to Jack so well.  What can we find out about her?

As I said this is more than just a M/M romance.  This book is well worth taking the time to read and see what happens. It is not your average romance or suspense novel.  Again the way that it is written makes it a really strong and well put together book.  Definitely worth reading.   

Jackie Keswick was born behind the Iron Curtain with itchy feet, a bent for rocks and a recurrent dream of stepping off a bus in the middle of nowhere to go home. She's worked in a hospital and as the only girl with 52 men on an oil rig, spent a winter in Moscow and a summer in Iceland and finally settled in the country of her dreams with her dream team: a husband, a cat, a tandem, a hammer and a laptop.

Jackie loves stories about unexpected reunions and second chances, and men who don't follow the rules when those rules are stupid. She has a thing for green eyes and tight cyclist's butts and is a great believer in making up soundtracks for everything, including her characters and the cat.

And she still hasn't found the place where the bus stops.


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