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Release Blitz + Review + Giveaway: As I Live and Breathe by Lorraine Britt

Title: As I Live and Breathe
Author: Lorraine Britt
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Publish Date: April 9, 2015
Review Source: eARC

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Bailey Lee
Life on the run has become second nature to Annalise Crockett. When a teaching position at a small university in the English countryside falls in her lap, she jumps at the chance. After all, what better place to hide? 

To safeguard herself even more, she signs up for a self-defense class. As luck would have it the class is being taught by former football player Graham Whittington-James, the exact football player Annalise had cheered for in her days at university in England. Graham is instantly intrigued by her. He sees how broken, skittish and introverted she is, even though he senses this is not her true self. He can’t help wanting to protect her, to take care of her. He is determined to gain her trust, find out why she has all the walls and defenses, and help build her up again. 

Just as she begins to let down her walls and let Graham in, the familiar sense of being watched returns. It doesn’t take long for her to know the reason she has stayed on the run has returned once more. This time, will it be different? This time, will she stand her ground? Or will Graham lose her forever?

 As I Live and Breathe by Lorraine Britt was a rather short, but very satisfying read. I was left wanting more even though this was standalone, and I knew that upon picking this book up to review. 

Annalise Crockett has known nothing but running for the past few years of her life. Packing up, and moving across the country in various different states has been her MO. When Dane wedges his way back into her life, she has to make the decision to leave - and disappear where he won't find her again. A job opportunity in the English countryside catches her attention, and she jumps on the opportunity to head over the pond. A new life, a new job, and a new last name should be the things that help her.

They aren't. 

Months into her new escape he appears again. But this time, things have changed. Annalise is stronger, more determined than ever to show him that she doesn't need him in her life, nor does she want him in her life. Former football superstar Graham Whittington-James is her knight in shining armor who comes to her rescue. The ending is a happy one, and as I said, left me wanting more. 

This was a quick read. If you are looking for something that is suspenseful, but not OH MY GOD I CAN'T BE HOME ALONE AT NIGHT suspenseful, this is the book for you. It was just suspenseful enough that left me questioning Dane's motives, and why exactly he was after Annalise the way that he was. I feel that there was a lot of unanswered questions in the beginning of the book which is why I'm not 100% sold on it being a five bar read. 

I do recommend this book though. I enjoyed it, it was a quick read. It was happy, it was frustrating, but at the same time it left me wanting more, and needing to know what happens between Graham, and Annalise! I also want to know what happens with Dane when it all comes down to it. A great read, and well worth the 4 bars that I am giving it today.

Lorraine Britt is a fourth generation Native Texan who is also immensely proud of her Louisiana heritage and solid Southern roots. As an enthusiastic lover of the written word, inspiration struck Lorraine and she began to bubble over with her own ideas. Grasping hold of her lifelong dreams, it wasn’t long before she was putting pen to paper and letting her fingers fly over a keyboard to bring her own characters to life. When she isn’t busy scribbling notes for her next idea you might find her whipping up delicious creations in the kitchen or putting miles on her car on road trip adventures. Lorraine is equally passionate about music, movies and sports. You’ll no doubt find these familiar themes woven throughout her books. Lorraine and her family currently make their home in northeast Texas.



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