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Blog Tour + Book Trailer + Giveaway + Review: Unexpected Chance by Annalisa Nicole

Title: Unexpected Chance
Series: Running Into Love #6
Author: Annalisa Nicole
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: April 20, 2015

Aiden Wellington has it all. He has an amazing, fulfilling job as a lawyer. He has a wonderful family who are all married with children. He has fancy cars, friends, and a beautiful Seattle home. Yes, he has everything a man could ever ask for, everything except the one thing that he desires most…a woman.

Savvy Russell has led an extremely hard life. She’s learned from a very early age that good things just don’t happen to her. She’s convinced karma has it out for her. When she finds something good, ultimately she’s left with nothing except for the shirt on her back. She’s always waiting for her newly found piece of happiness to be ripped away from her.

When life literally throws Savvy into Aiden’s arms can he get past his bitterness and see what is right in front of him?

Will Savvy finally put aside her misguided feelings of self-worthlessness to see what everybody else sees?

Is it possible to replace a lifetime of hurt with something as simple as love?

Ahhhh Annalisa, I think I love thee. This is one amazing love story. It captures your heart, your soul, and emotions you didn't even know you had.

Savannah Russell is a damaged soul. One who had a very hard life. At the innocent age of 10, she lost her mother to ALS. Once her mother died, she was left in her aunt's capable (or so they thought) hands, to raise. For some reason, no matter how close her mother and aunt were, as well as Savannah and her aunt, she was treated horribly. Savvy could never pinpoint, nor understand why she was treated so poorly. Her aunt never wanted anything nice for her, whatsoever.

As if that wasn't bad enough, Savvy grew up and found herself in a horrible relationship with a man named Reno. She thought that she had escaped him, until one day he came stalking back into her life. He beat her publicly, in a bar and tossed her straight out through those wooden doors and stumbled into the arms of the one and only ... Aiden Wellington.

A Wellington. Good Lord .. yum!! Aiden is a man who never understood love. Why did his brothers act like love sick puppies with their wives? Why did his sisters act like they couldn't breathe without their husbands? Sickening. Just sickening. Who lives like that?

Aiden wanted to do nothing other than go home, have a few beers and veg out on the date of his sister, Ava's wedding to Jax. He had enough of the lovey dovey crap that he was surrounded with all day. Just to appease his sister on her wedding day, he said yes  to a beer at Deuce's bar. Little did he know that his life would forever change - for the better that day.

Aiden was immediately put on a roller coaster ride, that he would definitely ride over and over again. With Savvy literally being thrown into his arms, he would happily, without a doubt, do it all over again. In a nano second. What exactly happens when he catches Savvy in his arms? What happens to Reno?

The Wellington family is nothing short of amazing. The bond that they all share, no matter boy or girl, is locked tight. The other thing that is known about this family, is the way that they fall in love. When they find that special someone to call their own, they hold on tight and never let go. It's a fairy tale type love. A forever love.

"So, let's not waste any of your time, then. You're screwed," Willow says bluntly. "I see the way Aiden looks at you. It's the same way the rest of the Wellington men look at their women. You're screwed, and I say that in the nicest possible way. Once one of them boys gets that look in their eyes, there's nothing you can do. You should just count yourself one of the luckiest women in the world and surrender," Willow says.

Reading this final installment to the series, brought tears to my eyes throughout. Unexpected Chance is truly a great book. Annalisa again, captures every emotion from every single nook and cranny of your heart. It brings both tears and laughter, yet pain and heartache at the same time.

Do yourself a favor and stop what you're doing and click the links below. You will definitely want to fall in love with the Wellington family.

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I am an “Indie” contemporary romance author. I live in California with my husband and two teenage boys. I absolutely love being a stay at home mom. 

I never liked reading as a kid. I only started reading romance novels in the past few years. My Kindle and I are inseparable now. A thought occurred to me in December of 2012 that maybe I could write a romance novel. So I went to work with the encouragement of my husband and my sister-in-law. It didn’t take long to figure out that I really enjoy writing. 

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