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Blog Tour + Review + Giveaway: Distance and Time (Time After Time #1) by Mel Henry

Title: Distance and Time
Series: Time After Time #1 
Author: Mel Henry
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publish Date: July 15, 2013
Review Source: eBook
Carlene Cooper was your average teenager. Average, that is, except for her relationship with Josh McCarthy, member of teen mega-group, South Station Boyz. Young love blossomed at a chance meeting when Carly was a senior in high school and Josh was just discovering what stardom really meant. Despite their chemistry, it was no surprise to anyone when their very different lives took very different paths a few months down the road.

Years later, their paths cross again, and they must decide if the spark they felt back then is strong enough to rekindle. Josh has built a name for himself in show business, but Carly, too, has planted roots as a journalist in New York City. Will they be able to successfully merge their lives and overcome the obstacles that drove them apart a decade earlier?

Just as she comes to the decision that will change their lives one way or the other, tragedy strikes and Detective Trey Foster enters her life unexpectedly. Now, Carly is faced with another choice. Will she choose the man she's spent her whole life loving, or will she push it aside for a chance at happiness out of the spotlight?
(4.5) BARS

Wow, where do I even begin with this one? Distance and Time is filled with so many FEELS!! I felt everything that Carly felt. I must confess that I did not read the synopsis before I dove into this story but I was instantly sucked in from the beginning. If you have ever loved a boy band then this will suck you in as well. No, that’s not all it’s about so if you aren't a former boy band lover this book will still be amazing.

I found myself feeling sorry for Carly from the start. Her stepfather is an alcoholic and not very pleasant to be around and what he says goes. Being the youngest of three and the last to leave the house she really didn’t have anyone to have her back. Her mother eventually stands up for Cary just at the right time, which I really wish I could have given her a high five. 

The book spans through high school to adulthood and Carly’s struggles with the love of her life. Or is he? When she meets the infamous Josh McCarthy, her world was flipped upside down. Carly being a senior in high school and Josh a famous musician the two have a long distance relationship. Weekend getaways and holidays are the only time they get to see each other with the boy band being on an international tour. Eventually the two drift apart when Carly goes off to college. One night out the two stumble upon each other again. What are the chances? Can they rekindle the romance and start again? 

This book had my insides flipping upside down and sideways. What an emotional roller coaster. Trust me this is one ride you’ll want to take. Carly is witty, and I admire how she isn't shy about things. I would never venture across the country by myself the way she did. Josh is romantic and such a sweetheart to Carly. I truly felt like a teenybopper all over again. Young love can be so naive. The one thing that I wasn't prepared for was the rape scene in the book. I can’t even fathom to imagine what that’s like and reading it was kind of hard for me. I cried and was flabbergasted to say the least. Nevertheless, in all this was an amazing story of true love and heartache. I am leaving out a BUNCH and I’m sorry but really I’m not! This is one story you will have to read to find out more. You won’t be sorry you did!


Mel Henry has been an avid reader since stealing her first Harlequin from her mom’s nightstand in second grade. Because some words were too big for her seven-year-old vocabulary, she took to writing her own stories (much to the relief of her teacher) and has been doing so ever since. 

After having held various jobs in her life that brought her no satisfaction and only a piddly income, she decided to publish her first book. She figured being a starving artist instead of just starving sounded much more interesting. Being able to do it in her pajamas and no make-up are just perks to the job.

Living in Iowa with her husband and a couple of teenaged kids, Mel’s an avid cook (sometimes by choice), traveler (always by choice), and a hardcore warrior against chronic Lyme disease (definitely not by choice). She loves concerts, thunderstorms, and good coffee. She loathes conspiracy theories, egotistical people, and sushi.

She is currently collaborating with three other authors on a project, and has the foundation in place for her next series. In the meantime, you can find her current works on Amazon and other online booksellers.


Book 2 - Better in time Releases April 1st! 


Still reeling from a break-up with his first love, Carly, Josh McCarthy is replanting his roots in Los Angeles in an attempt to start over. Once part of South Station Boyz (a teen super-group in the ‘90s), and a lengthy stint with a Broadway theater company, success is something that has always come easily to Josh—at least where his career is concerned. Love, on the other hand, has been a struggle. 

With a new role on a hit TV show and a change of scenery, Josh is hoping to get back on track in every aspect of his life, with or without Carly. Meeting model-turned-agent, Abby Levy, should be the answer to his “without Carly” equation. So why do his thoughts keep driving back to her? Every day, to his own detriment, he finds new ways to compare his new love to his old one. He just wants to move on and not feel her absence anymore.

Now faced with another major life decision, Josh decides to take a trip back to the Big Apple—back to Carly—to either reclaim his lost love or to finally gain the closure he needs to move on. What will he decide, and can everything really get Better in Time?

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