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Blog Tour + Review + Giveaway: Becoming His Master (Neighborly Affection #4) by M.Q. Barber

Title: Becoming His Master
Series: Neighborly Affection #4
Author: M.Q. Barber
Genre: Adult, M/M Erotica
Publish Date:  March 17, 2015
Review Source: eARC provided by NetGalley
Published By: Lyrical Press
From rescue to romance…

Teach a wounded submissive the value of his service. The task ought to be an easy one for an experienced dominant like Henry Webb. 

But novice Jay Kress challenges his teacher like no other. Still bearing the bruises of an encounter outside the bounds of safe consensual play, Jay is desperate to submit to the man who saved him—and shamed by his desires. 

Henry recognizes the dangers of a relationship built on hero worship. He’ll teach Jay how to stay safe, that’s all. He won’t take advantage of the younger man’s trust. He won’t share his fantasies about his dark-haired, athletic student. He’ll never claim this submissive for his own...

WOW what an incredible story and so not what I was expecting.  If you are expecting a hardcore BDSM novel where the main character gets tied to a St. Andrews Cross and whipped to climax this book may not be for you but I swear if you give it a shot you'll enjoy yourself thoroughly.

Henry is a refined gentleman.  He was taught by the best how to control his baser urges and to exert his dominance in a non threatening way.  So when young Jay presents himself at the club he frequents and ends up in danger from a fellow Dominant who has lost his head, Henry is the one that swoops in to save him.

Bloodied and broken, Jay's body may bear the marks of what happened to him that night but his spirit is not broken, anything but really.  He holds his head high, he is proud of who he is but he's been taught all the wrong things.  Desperate for affection and attention, Henry takes it upon himself to make sure Jay receives the teaching he deserves and desperately needs so history will not repeat itself.

Now I will say I had expected a little more sex from a M/M Erotica novel but what happens between these two men on their journey to self discovery and figuring out what each of them truly wants from this partnership is equally erotic without the use of a helping hand to get you off.  Henry's words are like a silk caress and Jay'e submission is beautiful.  Ms. Barber's writing is elegant and refined without feeling pompous and above the reader.  I was so taken by this story that I immediately delved into the Playing the Game (Neighborly Affection #1) to read where their story goes from here and even though this story may not have had a lot of touching, that one makes up for it in spades.  See where Henry and Jay's relationship began and then grab Books 1 - 3 to see where they are going from here, you will not be disappointed!

Highly Recommended!

USA Today bestselling author M.Q. Barber likes to get lost in thought. She writes things down so she can find herself again.

Often found staring off into space or frantically scratching words on sticky notes, M.Q. lives with one very tolerant, easily amused husband and one very tolerant, easily amused puppy.

She has a soft spot for romances that explore the inner workings of the heart and mind alongside all that steamy physical exertion. She loves memorable characters, witty banter, and heartfelt emotion in any genre.

The former Midwestern gal is the author of the Neighborly Affection contemporary romance series. Pick a safeword, grab a partner or two, and jump in.


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