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Blog Tour + Review + Giveaway: But Now I See by: Lulu Astor


Title:  But Now I See
Sequel To:  My Heart To Fear
Author:  Lulu Astor
Genre:  Adult, Dark Romance
Publish Date:  January 31, 2015
Review Source:  Enticing Journey 

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They were continually at cross purposes—

“She understood one thing with every bone in her body: he could do anything, get anything done; it was terrifying how much competence, influence, and power he had.”

He realized that “Sweet little Ali had the jagged talons of a vulture, capable of ripping out a man’s heart in one fell swoop… and at this point in time, he was that man; it was his heart.” But Now I See, the concluding sequel to My Heart to Fear by Lulu Astor, is a book about forgiveness and redemption. The question is whether forgiveness and redemption are even possible when so near to the gates of hell?

The conclusion of My Heart To Fear is completely fantastic. We begin right where we left off. Ali is in a mental facility because her husband, Eric, put her there when she tried to kill herself and him. All false as we know but it seems luck has not been on her side when dealing with her monster of a husband. 

Eric has done the unimaginable to Ali…..she would like him dead. He’s taking away her liberties, lied to her, hurt her in every way a person can be hurt….but does she still love him? Is there a fine line between hate and love? Once it’s crossed….can you go back?

Eric has his reasons for his complete, well, just mean’ness. He’s just that - mean. As usual something traumatic happened to him as a child. However, for Eric it wasn’t one thing and he was completely a child. At sixteen a super storm of events took place. His family, his body, his friends, his mind, his outlook on life…all drastically changed. Can Ali be the one thing in the world to bring him back to the wonderful person he was before all this? She is his light but she also has demons of her own and needs of her own. Can two people with both light and dark qualities make it?

There’s so many things that happen and I would love to give my opinion and talk about them all but I can’t spoil it!!! I will give you a tiny hint of things that happen….two different people take a hit out on someone, pregnancies, break ups, marriage, family feuds, hospitalizations by a couple of characters, a trip to Spain, police, bodyguards and much more. There’s also the truths that needs to come out between all members of both families.

I think my favorite was watching them figure things out for themselves. Seeing them cope with other people’s past, their own demons and trying to find their way. Do they? Well I can’t tell you that!! I can tell you it’s definitely worth the read!!! This is not a stand-alone - you will need to read the first book, My Heart To Fear.

Lulu….OMG you are fantastic!!! Loved this two-part series. It’s exactly enough story without being overly long. It’s the perfect part of dark and light, of bad and good. Even the good have flaws and it makes the story relatable and human. And I must say the right amount of heat vs. romance! Really so fantastic!

Highly Recommend!!!

But Ali didn’t want reverence. Making love was nice, yes, but she also needed to get fucked desperately. And not by just anyone but by just him, just Eric, just her husband. 
Her crazy husband who she now couldn’t deny she loved crazily. That he returned that love was evident in every part of his body and his eyes told her every truth as he pushed her down onto the bed and stripped off his clothes to join her just as soon as was humanly possible. When she felt him press into her, his cock hard and hot, the orgasm took her by surprise. It eas such an intense one that she nearly brought him with her, as her muscles welcomed him tightly in clenching spasms. 
He couldn’t keep the words down. Like opening a tap, they flowed out forcefully. “Ali, Ali, my God, how I’ve missed you.” He buried his face in the crook of her neck and with every plunge of his hips he wispered beautiful, indelible words into her ear, causing her to wonder what the hell she was going to do when this night was over. 
Fuck it, she thought and then smiled as she realized she was quite literally doing just that. She’d think later. The moment now as for feeling, luxuriating, touching, kissing and yes even loving.
But not thinking. If they’d been thinking, they certainly wouldn’t be here.

Okay, here’s the real lowdown: I’m a literature and writing adjunct professor in the New York area. Live with my husband and two sons, dog, and three cats (and one temporary foster—yeah, right), in an old house that we are forever renovating. Husband’s an artist, kids are smart, dog is golden (in more ways than one). I’ve been around the block a time or two, have lived in Santa Fe, NM, Chicago, IL, and L.A. Cali. I’m a born and bred native New York City girl, however. Older than 20, younger than 80, I’ve been a writer all my life, a copy editor, proofreader, professional student, and even dabbled in the corporate world for a few minutes. I plan to spend the rest of my life writing and hopefully traveling a bit more. I absolutely adore my readers—they’re the smartest and have the best taste of all.


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