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Blog Tour + Review + Excerpt + Teaser + Giveaway: Promise Me by Hilary Wynne

Title: Promise Me
Series: Alexa Reed
Author: Hilary Wynne
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publish Date: February 17, 2015
Review Source: eARC
It’s the romance novel you’ve been waiting for: Book three in the Alexa Reed series by Amazon bestselling author Hilary Wynne.

Alexa Reed finally has it all: a new lease on life, a bright future with the man of her dreams, a job she loves, and a great group of friends. She believes in her own happiness again.
Is it too good to last?
Alexa’s bliss is short-lived when an unexpected situation threatens the love she and Julian share. Suddenly, she has to choose whether to STAY and HOLD ON, or run.
The pain is too much. She runs. She runs away from Julian and from a life she can no longer be a part of.
But love is never that simple and an unusual twist of fate leads them back to each other ... although everything is different.
They’ve changed.
Julian struggles to trust Alexa. She has a secret that threatens to ruin their fragile relationship. Alexa knows she has to tell Julian the truth, even if it destroys any chance of happiness.
They say love conquers all, but can it conquer betrayal from someone who has promised to love you forever?

 So I have had the opportunity to read all three of the Alexa Reed stories; Hold On, Stay, and Promise Me.  At first I was curious as to how and if Julian and Alexa would be able to see things through.  Hilary Wynne does a great job of putting us on the relationship roller coaster with this couple.  She takes us through the initial ups and downs of a budding relationship, to the learning to trust, and finally to the last stage of figuring out is it really love.

When you take two people who are basically an emotional tornado and place them together you truly do set things in motion to become a natural disaster, and yep you guessed it this is where Alexa and Julian spiral together.  If it was not for the amazing cast of best friends and family supporting these two they would not have had a chance to have made it out of the starting gates.

I enjoyed following these two on their journey to find love, stability, happiness, and last but not least peace with life and each other.  Hilary does an amazing job of keeping us on our toes at what the next drama will be to send these two in a set back of tears and questions.  The way that she allows Lexie and Julian to build the ground work for their love is well written.  My only complaint of the books is they were a bit long at some points, but it all seems to even itself out and work in the end.  In a way you really could not rush the outcome of each book.  I would love to eventually meet back up with this group to see how they have fared as time passes.  I want to see how the future has treated them.

I  am glad that I got to sit and read all three books back to back, because with the lay out of each story I would have hated having to wait to see what happened next.  Even being able to have all three books, I still feel as if there is more to Lexie and Julian's story.  I don't think they really should be allowed to say good bye to us yet.  For me this, is a very good thing, because they have stuck with me and this is what makes this book stand out and truly be a wonderful work of writing.  So, I am going to leave with this question... Hilary are you going to give us readers more of Julian, Alexa, Danny, and maybe even Luke?  And, for all of us shoe addicts, we need to get more shoes!!!!

One of my favorite parts:

"Because I know exactly what I want now.  I've never been surer you and I are right.  I feel strong Julian, like myself, for the first time in forever.  I don't need you to save or fix me. I need you to love me and I need you to want me." ~ Lexie

" I don't know if I can do this again or if I even want to.  One minute I want you so much it hurts to be away from you for a second, and the next minute, I look at you and am filled with anger.  I don't trust you've changed and become this whole new person who can handle all of this emotional stuff.  I don't want to let you in because I can't handle you walking away again." ~ Julian.

My whole body tenses as she walks by me, and as soon as she passes the threshold, I shut the door and lock it. I turn and face Julian and see he has the nerve to be laughing. I walk over to his desk, push his chair back, hike my skirt up and climb onto his lap. I put my lips on his and run my tongue across the seam of his lips. “It’s not funny. I don’t like her and she wants to fuck you. Don’t argue with me about it either because I know girls, and she’s so obvious with that outfit. I’m not going to let it ruin my night because I’m the one here with you right now and you’re going to fuck me, or I’m going to fuck you.”

I can’t remember the last time I shocked Julian, but I guess I must’ve now because he’s speechless. He stares at me and reaches around and slides his hands down my back. His hands feel soft and warm as they move slowly down and stop just above my ass.


Julian nods his head slightly and lifts me off of his lap. He reaches up under my skirt and gently pulls my panties off. He winks at me and smiles sexily. “I wanted to rip these off of your sexy ass, but you will be putting them back on when we get done fucking.” Julian licks his lips and I swear I have a mini orgasm as a smoldering warmth courses through my body. I’m buzzed and feel a primal need to claim my territory. All of my earlier craziness about the picture is gone as I realize I have a real, current threat to contend with.

I lick my own lips and reach down to unbuckle his belt. I also unzip his pants and watch as his rock hard erection springs out into my waiting hand. “Have I told you lately I love that you don’t wear underwear? I love the access.” I don’t wait for his answer as I kneel in front of him and take him in my mouth. I feel Julian’s strong hands tug gently on my ponytail as I slide my moist lips up one side of his throbbing shaft and down the other. When I run my tongue slowly around his soft head, I hear him moan deeply.

“Mmm, baby. You do this so fucking well.”

I’m feeling confident so when he puts his hand on my head and pushes down, making me take him all the way in, I don’t resist. He begins thrusting into me and rolling his hips rapidly. I can feel his legs start to shake. His movements are forceful and uncontrolled, and it’s obvious he has no interest in prolonging his release. I gag a little when he starts to explode into my mouth, but I don’t pull away until the last kick of his orgasm has ended. As soon as he finishes, I feel his hands under my arms. Before I get a chance to stand up on my own, he pulls me up and sits me on the desk in front of him. “Lean back and put your heels on the arms of the chair.”

This is so hot. Julian pulls my skirt up so it’s around my waist, and when I look up at him, his eyes are black with lust as he admires my naked body. He pulls his chair closer to the desk and gets right in between my legs. I put my heels on the arms of the chair just like he asked me to and bend my knees. His face is at an even level with my crotch and I feel his warm breath blowing on my sensitive flesh.

I try to scoot forward to initiate real contact and I hear Julian chuckle. “So impatient, sexy girl. I’m right here.”  With those words, Julian wraps his arms under and around my thighs, pulls me as close as he can without pulling my ass off the desk, and launches the most intense assault on my sex, licking and sucking on my throbbing clit, driving me crazy with his supremely talented tongue and mouth. I find myself trying to grasp onto something to hold onto and when I can’t find anything, I reach back over my head and grab onto the edge of the desk. I feel like I need to ground myself as he takes me somewhere otherworldly. It’s that fucking good. When Julian slides his tongue inside of me and flicks my clit softly on the way out, I take my turn and explode into his mouth. I literally feel the rush of wetness and when I hear Julian’s moan, I know he felt it too.

I need to lie still for a moment and get my breathing under control, but Julian has other plans. He puts his hands on my waist and pulls me off of the desk and onto his lap. He’s hard again and glides into me easily. He lifts me up and down as I ride him, and each time I slide down his length, the pressure on my clit sends a shockwave of sexual energy throughout my whole body. The orgasm I just had left me very sensitive and it’s almost unbearable.

We’re staring at each other with the same intense focus we get when we’re completely connected, and I see so much in his eyes. Right now he’s looking at me like I’m his world and I want to hear him say it. I want him to tell me once again that I’m all he wants and all he needs. I also want him to know he’s all I want and need too.

“You’re mine, Julian. All mine.” It’s more a statement than a question, but he answers.

“I am yours, just yours, and you’re all mine, baby.”

My whole core begins to contract as my third orgasm of the night starts to rush through my body. At the same time, I feel every muscle in Julian’s body tighten and tense as he releases himself into me. We cum together and cling to each other as we give ourselves over to the pleasure. 

Have you ever woken up one day and said, “Today’s the day I’m going to do (insert thing here)?” Well, I did, and the result is my first novel, Stay. I always thought of myself as a decent writer, and then a trip down memory lane through my ninth grade book of poetry confirmed it. I realize that I have always had a romantic side and a way with words. With support from my husband and kids (and an unspoken agreement to leave me alone for a few hours every night), I embarked on this incredible writing journey.

I’m originally from sunny Southern California and spent my summers in South Florida. I attended college at FSU and received my Masters in New Mexico. I finally settled in the Washington, DC area. My happy place has always been anywhere near the water.

When I’m not writing, I help run a business with my husband, watch an inordinate amount of sports (my kids play something 365 days a year), indulge my competitive spirit on the tennis court, and spend time with my awesome family and friends.

I am an avid reader, but find my characters feel neglected when I hang out with other author’s characters for too long. When I do read, historical fiction is my favorite genre. I love traveling and experiencing different cultures, places, and times.

I feel so blessed that my love of books inspired me to finally do something that I forgot I had always dreamed about doing.

My someday has arrived!




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