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Blog Tour + Giveaway + Review: Never Let Go by Anne Carol

Title: Never Let Go
Series: Faithfully Yours, Book 1
Author: Anne Carol
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
Publish Date: November 25, 2014
Review Source: Enticing Journey Book Promotions

Is it possible to find your soul mate on the other side of the world?
Beth Johnson is an ambitious high school senior from suburban California with
a secret passion for writing. David Somers is a charming young Englishman who
wants nothing more than to play guitar in his up-and-coming rock band. Though
worlds apart, when fate brings Beth and David together in London in the summer
of 1979, sparks fly. After Beth receives upsetting news from home, she finds herself
drawn to David’s warm character, and an all-consuming love develops. Theirs is the
kind of love one never forgets, and as Beth’s stay in London nears the end, the young
devoted couple must face the inevitable question: will their romance fade with the
passing of summer or will they realize their promise of never letting go?
This is the first installment of a four-book series, Faithfully Yours, chronicling Beth
and David's romantic journey.


This is a sweet and pure young love story that takes place in England over the summer. It actually back dates to the 1970's.

Beth has one final summer before she graduates high school. All she wants to do is sleep in and hang out with her quarterback boyfriend, Rick. She wants to be a typical girl, having a typical summer. Then a bomb shell is dropped on her. Beth's parents decide that they will spend their summer in England, with Beth's uncle and family. Beth completely hates this idea, especially the fact that she has to leave Rick. An incident happens that makes Beth realize that he may not be the one and decided to just accept the fact that she is going to London and will have a great time.

Fast forward and the family is now in London. They all go out to dinner and Beth sees one of the most attractive boys that she has ever seen. He comes over and introduces himself as David and they lock eyes. She senses a spark, but also feels that she needs to remain faithful to Rick back home. As the summer progresses, Beth and David become closer. They each have their secret dreams and encourage one another, and it soon becomes apparent that their feelings for each other are undeniable. 

What happens when Beth returns to the states once the summer is over? Will she forget David and go back to her ole' faithful, Rick? Will she try having a long distance relationship with David?

I must say that I was a little biased going into this book, due to my personal life experience. I had a long distance relationship and it didn't end well. With this being said, this is still a very good love story. I was very pleased with the way the story was written and the reality of it all. Anne Carol knows her verbiage and dialect with the English language. Everything was believable and true to form. Keep them coming Anne!




Anne Carol grew up reading, writing, and listening to English rock bands, obsessing over one in
particular.  Continuing her fascination with rock stars, she married a bass player and they now have two sons, also budding musicians. Besides reading, writing, and music, she also loves traveling, going to dance class, watching teen dramas, and exploring social media websites.  Anne lives in Northern California, where she enjoys wine and chocolate every night as she works on her next novel. 

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