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Blog Tour + Giveaway + Review: The Devil's Trap by Honoria Ravena

Title: The Devil's Trap
Series: In Darkness We Dwell - 2
Author: Honoria Ravena
Genre: Adult Paranormal Romance
Publish Date: December 31, 2014
Review Source: Enticing Journey

Pagan is the best vampire hunter money can buy. But, when she’s paid to kill one of the most powerful vampires in existence, she gets in way over her head. When things go south there will be no escape. 
 Myths abound about the ancient vampire Nyx, claiming him to be so powerful that a blow to the heart won’t kill him. Even the vampire king fears his wrath. However, Pagan is different, and as soon as he sees her fire, he knows he’ll do anything to keep her. But she’s a stubborn woman.
 But when Pagan's protection evaporates and an enemy from her past tries to murder her and her brother she'll be forced to trust Nyx. Because really, who is the larger threat? The man out to destroy mankind? Or the vampire determined to own her heart?

This story had it's ups and downs. I have to admit that I wasn't too into the story in the first couple of chapters. Thankfully, it absolutely did get better the more I read. Just be prepared that the story is slow to start, but does pick up.

Pagan is a vampire hunter that is bound and determined to find and kill the vampire that murdered her parents. The only family she has left is her brother, Jason, whom she will protect until the ends of the earth. Jason will do the same. He is her older brother and takes care of her, even when he is not physically there. Pagan finds out who this vampire is and decides hunt him down. Jason or not, she is finding Nyx. Her mind is set.

Nyx is a hot vampire, who doesn't care whether he is liked or not. He owns a bar where all of the paranormals hang out. Vampires, weres, and even shapshifters. Pagan hunts him down and little does she know ... he knows who she is. A disguise is not fooling him. Once he meets her, he knows that she will be his. There is an immediate and strange pull to one another. Pagan fights these desires that she feels and the visions that appear during her sleep. They feel so real that she sometimes believes they actually happen. Due to the fact that Pagan refuses to be his, he captures the only thing that matters to her.

Will Pagan rescue her brother? Will she give in to her desires to be with Nyx, even though he knows he is a murderer? Or ... will she follow through with her promise to avenge her parents killer?

My opinion on this book is .. if you like paranormal stories, you will most likely enjoy this story. It reminds me quite a bit of Twilight (squee), with adult situations added. Be warned that there are very erotic and sexy scenes! As I said earlier, the only downside I felt was it being slow at the beginning. Don't give up .. continue reading and enjoy the sexiness and adventure!
Happy Reading!


I lunged, knife out, ready to slash at him. He jumped back in time to avoid the full blow,
but I still caught him across the arm.
He hissed and glared at me. "You're sloppy, Pagan, you need more practice."
I smirked at the sight of blood. Oh yeah, I was going to enjoy causing him pain. He
deserved it after what he'd done to my brother. "I got a slice of you, didn't I?"
"Sure, but that should've been a much more damaging blow than this little nick. You only
got me because I thought I'd rolled your mind. I won't make that mistake again."
He disappeared in a blur of speed. He was too fast for my human eyes to track him. I spun
around, expecting him to come at me from behind. He appeared by my side and knocked my knife
hand. The blade went spinning.
I jumped back but stopped mid­retreat. I didn't want to escape him. I wanted him to pull me
against his body, to forgive me for hurting him.
What was wrong with me? I was here to kill him. I didn't need his forgiveness.
He took a hesitant step toward me, and part of me yelled to draw my other knife while the
other part demanded I caress his wounded arm and make sure I hadn't hurt him too badly.
A fog washed over my mind when he ran his hands up and down my arms. "Give me your
knives, all of them."
"Don't give him jack shit, Pagan!"
I peered around Nyx and saw my brother. Deathly pale, with a sheen of sweat marking his
face, my brother swayed on his feet. He leaned against the doorframe of the hallway, as if he
couldn't stand on his own. I moved to go around Nyx. I needed to make sure he was okay, but Nyx
seized my arm in a vise­like grip, stopping me in my tracks.
The master vampire frowned at my brother with disapproval. "How did you get away from
The corner of Jason's mouth tilted up, revealing one long, white fang. The blood left my
head, and I actually placed my hand on Nyx's chest to keep myself from toppling over. God, my
big brother really was a vampire. He definitely wasn't sporting any plastic fangs in that mouth of

HONORIA RAVENA is the author of Fear of Darkness, The Devil's Trap and My Cyborg Savior. When not writing or reading romance she’s belly dancing, traveling or spending quality time with friends and family at her home in Texas. Visit her website and join her monthly newsletter to stay up to date on new releases, win prizes and enjoy tidbits of wisdom from a dancing writer’s daily life.


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