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Blog Tour + Review + Giveaway: Strange Addiction by: Sandrine Gasq-Dion

Title:  Strange Addiction
Series:  The 12 Olympians
Author:  Sandrine Gasq-Dion
Genre:  Paranormal Romance
Publish Date:  November 15, 2014
Review Source: Enticing Journey

This book is part of a series and is not meant to be read as a standalone. It contains men making love, violence and curse words. A Portion of this book's proceeds will go to the Trevor Project.

Brock Holloway has it all -- incredible good looks, money, friends, a bitchin' car and a promising football career. At least, that's what other people see. Inside, though, Brock is fighting for something he knows he will never have: Unconditional love. As the child of Aphrodite, he is worshiped, admired, wanted - but never loved.

Zack Duran is a wolverine shifter -- and not a nice guy. Like, seriously NOT a nice guy. His shifter side is always in control, often showing him to be heartless and unfeeling. When Zack is assigned to protect Brock Holloway, he can't believe his crappy luck. As his tactless wolverine tendencies become even more pronounced, his rudeness reaches new heights -- something his friends didn't even think was possible. Eventually, Zack has to battle his shifter personality and his genuine feelings for the beautiful football player.

A near tragedy shakes him to his core, and Zack can no longer fight the deep feelings he has for Brock. But giving in to his emotions may come at too high a price. A startling secret charges Brock with the nearly impossible task of taming Zack's beast. Is he up to the challenge? Can Zack give him what he needs? And with danger working overtime, can they finally be together as they were intended?

WOW! Once you get into these books you will not want to come out!!! What an amazing concept. So very different!!! Took me back to early high school and greek mythology but in a great way! So far there are four books out in this series and I can only assume there will be twelve total books since there are twelve Olympians. I read all four for this review so let me talk about the others first.

Books 1&2 are sold together on Amazon.  Book one is Justice & Skyler’s story, Justice For Skyler.  Justice is a werewolf and Skyler is the Olympian. Let me stop here and save you some of the issue I had.  There is an Assassin/Shifter series that is huge (23 books) and it would save you some confusion by reading that series first. They sorta go together. I didn't and really was a bit lost through the first 8-10% of this first book in the Olympian Series. It didn’t last long, the author does a great job of bringing you up-to-date, just expect slight confusion - just push through it because this series is fantastic!!! 

Book two is Jaxon & Elijah’s story, At Year’s End. Jaxon is a werewolf and has been in love with Elijah since Elijah was 16! But he kept his distance. He wanted him to have his time in high school. To live and have a childhood. Jaxon felt it was wrong to have a relationship with him before he was eighteen. He had to watch him from a distance for a long time. However, Elijah’s birthday is coming up and Jaxon can’t wait any longer. Elijah has to be his. 

Book three is Killian & Stone’s story, Lux Es Tenebris. Killian is a shifter & werewolf with powers. Stone is the Olympian. Killian was caged for his entire childhood and escaped confinement only to live pretty much homeless. He has no social experience, wasn’t held or loved at all and really doesn’t know how to react to humans. Stone takes this as he’s just an asshole until he learns more about him. Stone is very scared he’s going to hurt Killian since his power is dangerous.

Book four is Zack & Brock’s story, Strange Addiction. Zack is a shifter/wolverine and Brock is an Olympian. Zack is scared to death that he’s going to hurt Brock because he can’t keep his wolverine in check. That part of him is very dangerous and uncontrollable. 

There is action, fighting, relationship drama and serious hot sex in these books. But it’s not just sex….they all belong together-mated. There’s visits from the Olympian’s parents (gods) and really dangerous fights with rogue werewolves. There’s even hints of mystery about who and what powers and each demi-god or Olympian has and how they can channel it and control it. It’s really fantastic! 

I can’t wait till the rest of them come out!! The concept and story along with crazy interesting characters makes for a fantastic book! I’m now am a huge Sandrine Gasq-Dion fan!!! Loved!

Highly Recommend!!!

Best selling author, Sandrine (Sandy) was born in Inglewood, California. Raised by "Old School" French parents, she later moved to Tucson, AZ. It was there that writing became a hobby. Always told she had a great imagination, Sandy wrote short stories for her friends in High School. In college, she took more writing classes while working on her Criminal Justice degree, but it wasn't until a soap opera caught her eye that she got involved in male on male romances. On the advice of a friend, Sandy dipped her toes into the world of M/M Romance. 

Sandy takes the writing seriously and has had countless conversations with gay men as well as hours of research.She's been involved with the military in one way or another for over twenty years, and has a great deal of respect for our men in uniform. She's traveled the world, but has finally returned to Arizona.
There is now an Assassin/Shifter website!! Many thanks to the talented Jenn Watts for all her hard work!


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