Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Blog Tour + Review: Finding Home by M.T. Bev

Title: Finding Home
Author: M.T. Bev
Genre: Adult, Contemporary Romance
Publish Date: November 14, 2014

Abby Montgomery left Greenville with a broken heart. She loves her life in the city. She has two amazing friends, Ethan and Haley, and a great paying job.

When she learns her mother has cancer she moves back to GreenVille. She soon realises apart of her wants to stay in Greenville.

Jude McCain's world fell apart when the woman he loves left without even a goodbye. When Abby returns to Greenville he vows to never let her leave again.

When Abby is unsure if she wants to stay or go, can Jude convince her that her heart and home are in Greenville?
They say that home is where the hear is.
What if your heart is in two different places?

I have to say, when I first started this book, I was rather displeased with it. It was choppy, and moved way too fast through Abby's back story that I seemed lost, and that there should have been more back story to her. However, as M.T. Bev brought Abby, Jude, and Try to live throughout the book, I fell in love with all of them, and really enjoyed this book.

Abigail Montgomery has fled her small hometown in hopes that she can forget about the broken heart that Try McCain has stuck her with. She knew that barging in on his wedding day to confess her love to him would end horribly. Jude McCain - brother to hottie Troy - comforts Abby, and plans on making things better by showing up at her apartment in Greenville to head to a city eight hours away. Her life gets turned upside down by two people that she never imagined would be in her life the way they are. 

As all stories go, something has to be wrong. Abby receives a phone call from her Daddy in Greenville telling her that it's time to come home. Mama's cancer is only getting worse, and she has chosen not to continue on with the chemotherapy treatments. It's with a heavy heart, and some anxiety that Abby returns home to spend who knows how long with her Mama. With going home, she knows she has to face a lot of her demons that had made their way out prior to when she had left five years ago. What she isn't prepared for is the new found love she has for Troy's brother, Jude. 

Without giving anything away, I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by this book. This book was emotional as it came to an end. It had me in tears, shocked, and laughing all within the few hours it took me to finish it. It was a breath of fresh air, and I really enjoyed M.T. Bev's writing style, and will look forward to the second book in her series. A strong 4 star review, that I don't think anybody
will be disappointed with in the long run.

Author M.T. Bev lives in the small town of Hawthorne, Fl with her four kids and cats. When she isn't chasing around her children can be found reading, writing, or blogging. During the fall she loves to watch Gator football.

M.T. Bev is a hopeless romantic and loves to read a great love story not matter the genre. She has always wanted to be a writer. After many years of being told writing was useless and she would never succeed, M.T. Bev finally cast those fears behind and starting writing.

If you would like to know more about M.T. Bev or want more information about her books visit her Author page on Facebook.


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