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Review: The Platinum Man (Suicide Ride #1) by E. Llewellyn

Title: The Platinum Man
Series: Suicide Ride
Author: E. Llewellyn
Genre: Adult, M/M Romance
Publish Date: September 29, 2013
Review Source: Purchased eBook



Are you straight? Are you sure? What would you do if you were down-and-out and desperate? What would you do—how far would you go—for FAME? 

Find out just how far, and just how low, Johnny Gellis is willing to go in SUICIDE RIDE: THE PLATINUM MAN. 

You hitch your lift with this man 
You'll have your blood on your hand …


Norman Dimond is the Silver Man, an over-the-hill LA-based rock 'n roll record producer who has seen better days. A set-for-life bisexual with a hard spot for younger men, he squanders his nights hustling cash-strapped gay-for-pay desperadoes who swagger into his den on the Sunset Strip, looking for one-off love in all the right places. Lonely and at loose ends, he longs for a worthy dance partner, but despairs of finding him … Until one night, when he least expects it, in waltzes … 


Johnny Gellis is the Platinum Man, a beautiful straight wreck who needs fixing—and who wants exactly what Norman Dimond has to give: a platform, a stage. But does he want it badly enough? Desperate to outrun his demons, he's driving himself crazy, and is heading straight for the edge. Can Norman save him, before it's too late? 


When Norman meets Johnny, their heavy-metal fenders bend, sending the male-on-male sparks flying. Johnny's number-one-with-a-bullet hit "Suicide Ride" blows Norman's mind, while his number-99-with-an-anchor tattoo pricks up more than just his ears. And though this hell-bent, cliff-hanging headbanger is the man-boy of his dreams, keeping him on course turns out to be a waking nightmare. Can Norman do it? Can he put him on top while stopping him from breaking down and destroying them both? The deeper Dimond digs, the darker it gets; and as the secrets and suspense multiply, so, too, do the lies. Johnny is hiding something, that much Norman is sure of; and what's worse, he begins to feel the tug of even darker and ever more violent undertows—sinister, malevolent drags that Gellis himself cannot spin-rinse away.

Man, what can I say.  I read this story a couple months ago and I'm still speechless.  This book was just so different from anything I've ever read.  It's Film Noire meets M/M Romance and its incredible.  It's gritty, raw and absolutely nuts, but that's what made it so fun to read.  

Johnny Gellis has escaped Atlanta, GA, fleeing a life he desperately needed to get away from.  He's headed West, to the land of surf and sunshine, Los Angeles, CA.  But its not the surf he's in need of, it's music.  He wants to land himself a record deal and strike it big in Hollywood.  But to do that he's going to need connections and that connection is Norman Dimond. 

Norman Dimond is successful, eclectic, he can make your dreams come true.  He's got a record label but to get to him Johnny has to enter his inner sanctum, a Gay club.  Johnny is as straight as they come, he feasts on the flesh of the female variety and as often as possible.  Meeting a Gay man is not his idea of a good time but Johnny would do just about anything to get this record deal.  Norman is taken with Johnny the second he meets with him but he won't be taken advantage of by this young, straight kid living in some cheap flea bag motel.  Norman is looking for a new play thing, but more importantly he's looking to be the Daddy to a true partner.  Yes, Dimond wants the man that can finally be by his side.  He's grown tired of all of his play things and Johnny with the face of a model, the body of a god and the voice of an angel, Dimond can't get enough.  

Watching Dimond try to break Johnny down and get to him anyway that he can is both entertaining and original.  The story is fresh and I had a blast reading this game of cat and mouse.  There's not a ton of sexual encounters in this installment but what you do get is HOT and yes sometimes a little disturbing.  My biggest gripe about the story is in the writing.  E. Llewellyn is a masterful story teller but she's wordy and a lot of the time, I felt like the use of words from the thesaurus was over the top.  That's not to say she did it in a "look at me, trying to be too smart, look at the words I can use here", kind of way.  No, Llewellyn is just that intelligent and can string these things together but I did find myself skipping through whole sections of text to keep the story pace flowing.  The darkness inside Johnny was wonderfully captured and portrayed on the page.  The loneliness inside Dimond is felt in every word.  The emotions inside them and the struggle Johnny goes through to come to terms with what Dimond is offering will have you flipping the pages to read this truly original novel.  All of this gets Llewellyn a 4 bar review from this girl and I can't wait to finish The Fix (Book 2) and give you my thoughts!  Grab your copy of The Platinum Man today!

ELIZABETH LLEWELLYN is an American-born essayist, poet, and author of the critically acclaimed Hollywood-based M/M rock 'n roll series, SUICIDE RIDE. The first two volumes, SUICIDE RIDE: THE PLATINUM MAN and SUICIDE RIDE: THE FIX, are available for sale in the Amazon Kindle Store. The third book in this epic multi-volume saga, SUICIDE RIDE: THE HIT, will launch later this year (2014). Further volumes will then ensue. Elizabeth, known to her friends and fans as "Elle," lives in London and Berlin with her husband and their cat, Natasha.


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