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Blog Tour + Review + Trailer: Unraveling by Timberlyn Scott

Title: Unraveling
Series: Unhinged #2
Author: Timberlyn Scott
Genre: New Adult Romance
Publish Date: September 26, 2014
Review Source: eARC



Secrets and lies… No good ever comes of them.
My life is proof.  For eleven years, I’ve suffered from a suspicion that has waged a war inside my head, filled me with rage. Left me feeling helpless.
But then she came along.
The darkness continues to consume me, but when I’m with her, I can ignore it, push it away. Even if only for a little while.
Payton calms me. She manages to quiet the noise in my head. But the secret is still there, still continuing to plague me day after day. Yet I still can’t bring myself to tell her even though she deserves to know. She needs to know.
I love her. And I’ll do anything to protect her.
Although I’ve found some peace, my life continues to unravel, no matter how hard I try to stop it.
My name is Sebastian Trovato and this is the continuation of my story.


"I could look in her eyes. Her skin was so soft, her eyes reflecting her innocence, just looking at her unhinged me, made me feel things I never thought possible." ~ Sebastian

The further into this series I get the more that I find I can not get enough of Sebastian and Payton.  Unraveling takes us so much farther into the feelings of the two of them than Unhinged did.  We now get to see them evolving into a couple and trying to figure out what to do with the feelings that they are quickly developing for each other.  

Book two takes us on an emotional journey between Sebastian and Payton.  I love how we get to follow the story from both perspectives and how they are seeing things.  When you meet that special someone and the universe seems to place everything perfectly for the stars to align, time seems to stand still.  For Payton and Sebastian we are finding out that this is the type of feelings that they seem to have for each other.  It is that one in a million butterfly humming that will give you goose bumps.  I love how Timberlyn allows us to follow and grasp this with them.  The way that she writes allows us to see and become the story which is something that I love.  I like being able to feel as if I am apart of what is happening.  

As I said before I do hate cliffhangers, but with this series, Timberlyn is not making us wait months and months to see what fate has in store for our couple.  With this book she does heat it up a bit for us and gives us a few more mouth watering scenes.  Again and the way that she writes the best friends and the parts that they play just add that much more pizzazz to the story.  Trust me when I say that I can not wait for the third edition of this series to release.  Timberlyn is making me fall in love with these books and I don't know whether to love her or hate her for it because, I feel like I can't get enough.  Not to mention that I have to set and sweat it out for the next one because once I start the story, I can not put it down until I have finished it... and trust me when I say that you will find yourself in the same situation.  Hang on to your seats, because we are starting to hit some bumpy roads and the question is what direction will we end up.. full speed ahead or slamming the brakes????

If you are wondering who I am, then I'm here to tell you.  Timberlyn is the sweeter alter ego of New York Times bestselling author Nicole Edwards.

I can hear the question now... Why? Why do you have another pen name?  It actually came about when a storyline developed in my head.  As I saw it coming together, I knew it was vastly different than what Nicole Edwards writes. So, it was then that I was created.

Anyway... Thanks for stopping by. I'm so glad you did.


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