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Blog Tour + Review + Giveaway: Don’t Close Your Eyes by: Lynessa James

 Title: Don’t Close Your Eyes #1
             Sweet Dreams #2
Series:  Don’t Close Your Eyes
Author:  Lynessa James
Genre:  Adult Romance
Publish Date:  February 20, 2014
Review Source:  Enticing Journey

Don’t Close Your Eyes: Klive King is a no-nonsense businessman with a charming streak and stunning looks to match, but when he leaves the office he becomes a ruthless crime boss with a bad temper. When a chance encounter with a beautiful stranger brings an awakening to his arctic soul, his foundations are shaken to the core, and a desire to have her at whatever cost creates an unquenchable thirst. When he realizes he is not the only one seeking Kinsley’s heart, nor is he the only one harboring a dangerous obsession, Klive decides to put his murderous talent to good use in honor of a woman who has no clue she has earned his twisted fealty. However, as his insatiable thirst for her increases, so does his resentment as Kinsley’s sweet light also reveals a darkness that speaks to his own, drawing out the most dangerous and primal parts of his being that could prove deadly to the one he wants most.

Sweet Dreams: With an unbeatable college track career and her masters degree on the horizon, Kinsley James hardly focuses on anything else. Her fierce determination and ambition have achieved amazing feats, which prove there is great reward for her ability to remain focused. However, when her attraction to an old friend crosses a line her heart and soul have drawn for years, he and his best friend take her places she would never dare venture. As a result she finds herself caught between two men and an internal battle as carnal longings the likes of which she has always avoided threaten to show a side of herself that has been undiscovered. With the unleashing of desires previously unexplored and forbidden, her morality is turned on its head, leaving her scrambling to make sense of the chaos that stirs within. She has no idea that amidst it all she has caught the eye of one of the most notoriously dangerous men this side of the country with a deceptively charming streak that leaves her heart racing and her nerves singing with every meeting.

After being harassed, a co-worker baring a striking resemblance to her is murdered, and Kinsley realizes her safety may be hanging in the balance. Protection comes in the most unexpected of forms, but could uncover an even more sinister danger. Soon she will learn that not everything around her is what it seems, and that those closest could be keeping dangerous secrets that pertain to her life.

This review is based on Book 1 & 2 only.

What a great story! The characters and the story are just amazing!!!

Speaking of characters there are quite a few in this book. I’m only going to talk about four of them:

Keane, HOT police officer
Jase, HOT singer in a rock band
Klive, HOT CEO/mob boss
Kinsley, beautiful sr. year college student working at a bar

So we’ve got quite bit of Klive in the first book, how his CEO/mob boss work and how he met Kinsley. Well and how he lost her and then found her again. He isn’t in the second book much and made me wonder why in the world he was even a character at all but I have a distinct feeling he’s going to be a huge part of upcoming books.

I have to say that the second book is so HOT! Like seriously HOT! HOT! HOT! For one thing Keane and Jase are BFF’s - very close BFF’s. Kinsley finally gives Jase a chance but it’s sorta like BOGO if you know what I mean! HOT!

Jase has a pretty big secret. Kinsley is constantly torn between her religious upbringing and the fact that she crushes on two men. Keane is so in love with Kinsley that I fear that’s gonna blow up in the future. Klive won’t rest till Kinsely is his, so he’s just biding his time.

With all that being said, there’s a lot going on - this isn’t a bad thing. Lynessa James is masterful at storytelling. Weaving the characters in and out of action & sex, rock & roll & danger. It really is magical.

I have to say the first book was slow go for me. I found it hard to figure out where the story was going. Then I found out there are ten books….it make more sense as to why it wasn’t coming together as quickly for me. By the end of the second book I was/am totally hooked. I have a feeling that this series will get better and better with each book. I also want to tell you that there are a lot of words. These first two books are not just some small 2 day read. It took me over 4 days (and I’m a crazy fast reader) to finish them both. I don’t think this is a bad thing, not at all. You are getting a great story for your money.

I definitely recommend this series and I think Lynessa James is a wicked talented storyteller! I’m off to start book 3!!

I write twisted erotic romance, and I'm not typically a hit it-n-quit it type of girl, nor am I traditional. Personally, when I read, I want to feel the emotion and sensation, so I expect nothing less of my own work. However controversial, sometimes even disturbing or offensive, if only one reader shares my love for these beautiful, yet flawed characters and situations as much as I do, then it's all been worth sharing. I'm not everyone's taste, but you may find my particular flavor makes you crave more.


In the third installment of Don't Close Your Eyes, Klive's fears are realized when he unwittingly discovers Kinsley has learned his dark secret. His indecision escalates as she becomes increasingly dangerous to everything he has worked for years to keep under wraps. Coupled with his suspicions over Jase Taylor's motives where Nightshade is concerned, Klive is on edge and itching for his gun. As a result, Klive begins a deadly game of cat and mouse with his pretty redhead.

With the truth about "TDH" revealed, Kinsley's love triangle with Jase and Keane seems trivial by comparison to the threat Klive King now poses to her life. Convinced that Klive has allowed one of his Nightshade members to get away with the murder of her friend, Kinsley seeks to exploit Klive's weakness to tear down her disgusting opponent. Knowing the affect she has on him makes for easy manipulation tactics, but the further she dives in, the more the war grows within herself as she fights the urge to believe there is more to Klive than meets the eye.

As mutual tension expands between them, the ultimate challenge morphs into fighting the undeniable and sometimes volatile chemistry that threatens to destroy the balance of both of their lives.

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