Monday, September 15, 2014

Blog Tour + Excerpt + Review + Giveaway: Broken Hearted (Chicago Hearts #1) by C.H. Carter

Title: Broken Hearted
Series: Chicago Hearts #1
Author: C.H. Carter
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publish Date: September 6, 2014
Review Source: eARC


Detective Faith Julies sets out to find the killer of her parents after fourteen years. Falling in love with her partner Trey Branson was inevitable but after believing Trey has been unfaithful, Faith is left shattered.

Cash O'Connor, the man who broke her heart from the past comes strolling back into her life. She finds herself loving  two men, but trusting neither.

Will she ever put the pieces of her heart back together? 

Three hearts at stake. Faith can only choose one. Who will be left broken hearted?

Trey touched her shoulder as he turned her over. “I thought I knew love until you came along Faith. You have the body of a goddess and you consume me with passion. I need all of you, Faith. All of you.” His fingers slid down her neck, as he held her to him softly. While his mouth hungrily found hers, his hands began to explore her already wanton body.

"Love is not what we've done yesterday.  Love is not the hurt from the past.  Love is today.  Love is patient enough to wait for the future to heal us."  ~ Trey ~

Meeting up with Faith and her dreaming of Trey immediately allowed us to sense the pull that she has with him.  Then Trey showing up at that very moment set the book into action.  You can feel the emotional pull between the two of them right from the start.  But, as we read further into the beginning of the book we see why Faith is dealing with the emotions that she has, and why she is questioning the real feeling that Trey is telling her he has for her.

The story brings us into the fact that both Trey and Faith as well as Trey's brothers are all in law enforcement.  What Faith is unaware of is that they are trying to not only solve and break open a drug ring, but possible solve the long over due mystery of who actually killed Faith's parents and why.  

At the start of this book I found myself going back a few times and rereading a couple of the pages to make sure that I understood what was happening and that I did not miss something of importance.  I felt as if I was watch two of my favorite shows which are Law and Order SVU and Rissoli and Isles.  This for me was a good thing because it allowed me not only to visualize what I thought Faith would look like and how she would do her job, but is also allowed me to have an idea on the rest of the characters and how the book would take place. Being a crime junkie that I am I found myself really getting into the story and wandering what was going to happen next and if they were going to be able to catch the criminals behind the murder of Faith's parents.  Add into the mix the romance that is felt between Faith and Trey and it just makes the story move that much better, because as in all good crime shows... like NCIS.. you spend enough time with you sexy as hell partner you are gonna start to have feelings for them right.  Anyway back to what I was saying.  I enjoyed the story for the way that the author continuously keeps us wondering what will take place next.  Add into the lovely quotes that Trey comes up with and the fun witty stuff that Eve says and you have the complete story.  I can't wait to see what happens with this group of crime fighting heroes.

C.H. Carter is a Contemporary Romance author who is composing a series called Chicago Hearts. Her first novel in this series is Broken Hearted. When she’s not creating her love scenes or intriguing us with her murder mysteries, she’s writing short stories for her first children's book.
C.H. Carter is a wife of thirty-three years and a mother of four who lives in a small rural community in Southern Indiana. She enjoys reading, writing, and being with her beautiful grandchildren. When C.H. Carter isn’t writing, she has been providing love and care for her invalid mother for the past twenty years and working full time. She has been inspired to write all of her life, however, had to put it off because motherhood, family, and making a living had to come first. Now she is at a point in her life where she is going to pursue her dreams.


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