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Blog Tour + Excerpt + Giveaway + Review: Skin Deep by D.P. Denman

Sometimes the problem is the answer.

Liam Newman escaped his abusive past to start a new life with the man who saved him. Unfortunately, the old life refuses to stay buried. When a fan of his porn star persona appears, he’s forced to reinvent himself in a surprising new career. Will it give him the rebirth he craves or lead him deeper into the life he’s trying to leave behind?
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    Someone was watching him. The sensation crawled across Liam’s shoulders like a spider, making him twitch. He didn’t bother turning around. Every time it happened, he always found the same eyes and glaring back hadn’t done any good so far. He hung his overcoat in his narrow locker in the employee lounge and pretended not to notice.
    He didn’t know what to make of the restaurant’s newest server but Eric got on his nerves. The guy was average in build, height, and looks but there was something troubling in the way he stared. The expression that came close to a leer was altogether annoying. He'd seen that look before in other equally annoying men and tried not to think about it, pushing the irritation and the memory away. He had a job to do and he wasn’t going to let Eric get to him.
    Liam checked his hair in the small mirror tacked to the inside of the locker door as the other employees trickled out of the room to start their shifts. He pushed the locker closed to join them and spun the combination lock determined to pretend Eric was nothing but a piece of furniture. He didn’t intend to stick around for a conversation.
    “Your name’s Liam, right?” Eric asked from the opposite side of the room as the last co-worker disappeared into the hall.
    Apparently, he was too late. “Yes.”
    “Should I call you that or do you prefer ‘Angel’?”
    The name slapped his heart into a gallop and he jerked his gaze to Eric. No one had called him Angel for over six months. He hadn’t missed it.
    “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” He swallowed, his voice an almost breathless quiver that didn’t sound convincing even to him.
    “Sure you do.” Eric smiled and opened his locker. “You’re that hot kid on the porn site. I’ve been a fan for a long time. It’s nice to finally meet you.”
    His palms were slick with sweat as he tried to pretend he really didn’t have any idea what Eric was talking about, stuffing them in the pockets of his pants to hide the trembling.
    “That’s not me.”
    “I have to admit, you look smaller on the screen but I guess they wanted it that way.” Eric ignored the denial.
    “What do you want?” He glared at him fed up with the conversation.
    “Nothing at the moment, though I wouldn’t mind hooking up later if you have the time.”
    “I’m seeing someone.”
    “So?” Eric shrugged and hung up his coat. “I’m not talking about a date, just a hook up. Nobody has to know. Consider me a dress rehearsal for the next video. You’re still doing those, right? I’d hate to think you gave that up to work here.”
    “I’m not interested.” He ignored the comment.
    He wasn’t going to get into a discussion about his non-existent porn career with a guy who only liked him for his ass. He knew the type. They never listened.
    “What?” Eric glanced his direction. “You don’t do it for free?”
    “I don’t know what you’re talking about and even if I did I’m not interested.” He said again with enough conviction to sound believable.
    Eric raked him with a lustful stare that made him shiver.
    “Yes, you do. I’d know those pretty eyes anywhere…and that fuckable mouth. It’s you so why don’t you drop the act, Angel.”
    “Don’t call me that.”
    “Fine…Liam.” Eric pushed his locker closed and stepped closer to stuff a piece of paper between two of the buttons on Liam’s dress shirt before striding toward the door. “That’s my number. Call me.”
    He pulled the paper right back out, crumpled it in his fist, and dropped it in the trash, anger and terror whipping through him hard enough to make him shudder. He dragged in a couple of breaths trying to calm the fearful thundering of his heart.
    He wasn’t that person anymore. He’d left that nightmare behind in an empty apartment across town. It was supposed to be over and he wasn’t sure which was more terrifying: that Eric was going to keep propositioning him or that he’d tell the rest of the staff his secret. He didn’t think he could take working with people who’d seen what he’d done or what all those men had done to him.
    It took him three tries to get his locker back open, his hands trembling too much to be precise with the dial. He fumbled his cell phone out of the pocket of his coat and called Justin. He wasn’t going to tell him the whole sordid story over the phone, not when he had to be out on the restaurant floor in two minutes but he could at least hear his voice.


    Skin Deep is the second installment in the Saving Liam series. In this book, we get to know Liam a bit more. As readers, we see firsthand how Liam has to adjust to life after being saved from a life of hell as a forced upon porn star.

    In Saving Liam, he found his saving grace in the neighbor across the hall, Justin. Nothing could prepare a person for what Justin witnessed in the abuse that Liam endured. Justin had always had a crush on Liam, although Liam was in what appeared to be a relationship. Therefore, Justin never really pursued Liam.

    In Skin Deep, the tale continues to unfold. With Justin's help, Liam was able to stand up, brush himself off and start a new life. With a little help from Justin, Liam lands a job at a very high end restaurant as a waiter. Life was on the up and up, until a new waiter arrived. He tormented and sexually harassed Liam, bringing up awful memories, therefore causing Liam to run. Liam quit his job and was really down on himself. All the while, Justin is there for him and supports any decision that Liam makes.

    Liam knows that he cannot sit around all day, so he searches for a new career and finds it at a club. Not only did Liam land the job, but he has the ability to be whomever he chooses to be and decides that this is one of the better things that could have happened to him. However, he still continues to struggle with whom he is, and if what he is doing was the correct path to choose.  One thing he knows for sure is that he found the best man that has walked the earth. Justin loves him to no end and come hell or high water, he will not allow Liam to be hurt ... ever again!!

    I cannot begin to tell you how amazing this story is. D.P. has done an outstanding job in showing us how true love should be. This is not a story full of fantasy. Skin Deep is so unbelievably realistic and I absolutely love that about her writing. There was never any uncomfortableness when it came to sexy scenes. Liam and Justin made love and Justin reassured Liam every step of the way. Justin teaches Liam that patience is a virtue and love is real. I truly believe that you will fall in love with Liam and Justin, as well as this story, just as much as I did. I cannot wait to see what is in store for us next. Happy reading!!

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    • MeetTheAuthor
      DP Denman writes character-driven m/m romance about survivors. Her stories are real and intense but always resolve in the type of ending that makes readers want to start the book all over again. She is from the Pacific Northwest and bases all of her stories in Vancouver, British Columbia, a city that is dear to her heart. 

      In her spare time she is a dedicated gay rights activist fighting for those who have been marginalized and abused. To that end, 25% of the royalties from every book go to support LGBT charities.

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