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Review: Becoming His Muse by: K.C. Martin

Title:  Becoming His Muse III
Series:  Becoming His Muse
Author:  K.C. Martin
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Publish Date:  May 19, 2014
Review Source:  

They shouldn’t be together. Affairs between students and professors are strictly against the rules. But when it comes to love, some rules are made to be broken…

Logan O’Shane is a world-famous author in need of inspiration. He takes a teaching position at a small town college.

Ava is a student painter with dreams of moving to New York after graduation, even though her parents have more conservative plans for her.

When Logan meets Ava he finds in her all the inspiration he desires. Ava becomes Logan’s muse. Their forbidden affair inspires them both to passionate heights.

But with great height comes the risk of falling. Their secret is dangerous and could destroy their future. When the college is rocked by a shocking revelation, Logan and Ava may not survive the fallout.

WOW! What fantastic continuation/end to the Becoming His Muse series. I reviewed the first two a couple months ago. {Click Here} I love this series and really loved how the story continued to flow and twist and stay true to itself but also had such growth.

On one hand I want to say that Logan grows the most and maybe I feel that way because of his age. However, I think Ava grows just as much. I think all “kids” in college are very different when they exit than when they leave. College is hard and finding yourself is hard. Becoming an adult is very hard. I love the grace and determination that Ava has in living her own life.

Logan’s growth is way more personal it seems. With his past (which is completely revealed) he has more than just growing up to do. He has to forgive and move on…..let his hurt and his past go. Ava is there for him like no one has been. She opens him up and breaks him but also fixes him and puts him back together. 

DnC’s art project is revealed and I just wonder how KC Martin came up with it?!?!?! WOW! I read that part twice! Funny and awful at the same time. 

Will the college find out about their affair? What will her parents do when she tells them she’s going to NYC after college? Is Logan ready to move past author/muse and into something more?

This is a fantastic series! Love it!! I highly recommend for everyone to read!!!

“I thought you lived in Soho,” I say.

“I sublet my apartment for the duration of the residency so we’ll be staying at my friend’s place.”
I’m a little disappointed. I wanted to see Logan’s apartment, his home.
“He’s gone for the weekend. But he always keeps the place well-stocked—food, booze, music, movies, condoms. We won’t ever have to leave.”
I whack him on the arm and laugh. “I’m here for the museums and you know it. I want to see art, be inspired, soak up the genius of masterpieces.”
Logan leans over to me and whispers in my ear.
“ The only art I’m interested in is the masterpiece between your legs.” 
I’d have whacked him again, and harder, for a crack like that, except that the way he says it is utterly genuine and full of longing.
His green eyes bore into mine and he adds, “And what’s between your ears, of course. It’s not what you think. You are my inspiration, Ava. All of you. Your gorgeous body, your eyes, your mind, the mole on the outside of your left breast.”
 He reaches for it as he says the word.
“Logan! We’re in a taxi.” I glance at the cabdriver.
He laughs. 
“You think these guys haven’t seen everything already driving around this city?” 
He slides his hand from my knee to my upper thigh. My whole body tingles.
He leans closer and whispers more ardently.
“Ava, everything about you inspires me. And when I am between your legs, when I’m inside you, I feel a masterpiece growing inside me. So if you, my inspiration, want to go look at dead people’s paintings to get inspired then I will trail along behind you, waiting for you to be filled with a passion that art gives you, until you are overflowing and ready to lie back and let me take my fill of you.” 

I’m afraid he’s going to try to do that right now. He’s sliding his hand right between my legs. His fingers brush up against my soft folds, and I instinctively want to give in to his touch, but we’re at a stop sign and people are looking in the cab window. I push his hand away and try to distract him.
“What about your chapters?” 
This seems to work. He releases me and leans back against the seat.
“I’ll give what I have to Lowell this weekend. These next few days will no doubt inspire me to write a whole bunch more over Christmas…At this rate, I’ll be done by spring.”
Which is when I would graduate. Then what? What will happen to us? When he finishes his novel, will he be finished with me too? But I don’t want to spoil this magical weekend in New York, this first time we can really feel free to be ourselves, together, so I push thoughts of the future away for now.

KC Martin (aka Catou Martine) writes about discovering the true power hidden in pleasure and living with an open heart.

She loves to travel, spending as much time as she can in Paris, London, New York, and Los Angeles.

Cat believes stories have the power to change hearts and lives. Love, eroticism, and sensuality provide the greatest inspiration for the heart. When we claim our pleasure, we activate our power and embolden our hearts to create lasting change in our lives and the world.


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