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Blog Tour + Teasers + Review + Giveaway: Autumn's Lost by Leia Madison

Title: Autumn's Lost
Series: The Letting Go Series
Author: Leia Madison
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Adult Romance
Publish Date: August 17, 2013
Review Source: eARC


To the outside world Addison Baxter has it all, a beautiful house in the suburbs, a gorgeous daughter, faithful friends and a dutiful husband. But the glass façade is all but shattered the night a drunk driver destroys the world she knows.
To all that know him Curt Baxter is a doting father and loving husband. But Curt has many secrets.  Secrets that will be revealed the night of the accident that will destroy love, family and friends.
The life once lived is no more, and when the hard truths are revealed, it will take every bit of strength Addison has left to carry on. But will Curt’s unwillingness to let go lead Addison down her own surprising path of love and happiness? 


"I know you want to kiss me Addy, but, when you do, it will be after I have kissed, messaged, and worshiped Every. Part. Of. Your. Body."

Ok ... first before I get going with this review, I will say, this is an extraordinary book, but it ends with a cliffhanger.  With that being said now lets get into the meat and potatoes to say of this review.

We are introduced to Addison Baxter having a conversation with her daughter Autumn.  Autumn is sixteen and as most teenagers, wanting to use her mothers car to go to the movies with her boyfriend.  What no one expects is that this will be the last conversation between mother and daughter.

As Addison, aka, Addy is dealing and trying to survive the loss of her daughter, she is trying to deal with her husband Curt and his temper tantrums over the loss as well.  Surrounded by her best friends Jess and Micheal as well as many other friends and family members she is trying to hold strong and get through the funeral and the next days to come and then she has some major decisions to make.  The first of these decisions comes to head a lot sooner than she wishes, but because of Curt and the hurtful things he continues to say, Addy has enough and finally tells him like it is, forgetting about the house full of people that are around.  As the old saying goes, the cat's let out of the bag, more or less.

Addison's support group of friends and family remain by her side as she works to find away to try to get her life back on track after Autumn's funeral.  But for her unfortunately, Curt seems to have other plans, and his deep dark secrets continue to surface and cause her more problems.  Throw in his jealousy of her attempt to have happiness and as you can see the book continues to pull you further in...

I fell in love with Addison and Jessalynn "Jess" her best friend.  Some of the stuff Jess says had me laughing until my sides hurt.  She is a spitfire and a true BFF.  I like how Autumn's best friend is always right there with Addy to help her deal with Autumn's loss and how she still has some what of a "daughter" because of Clarissa.  Not only does she have the love and support of her parents, she also has the support of Micheal, who is her British friend from high school. The love he has and shows for her is amazing and what a friend should be like.

As we know in the real world divorces can be ugly and trust me this book allows us to see and follow it in true real world fashion.  The crap that Curt throws at Addison would break most people, but she stands strong and deals with it.  This made me love her even more.  Now, without trying to give to much away, I will say that we do get a bit of some steamy love scenes as well in this book so don't be fooled, it is not all sad.  Over all it is, was, and has been really well put together to give us a complete story that you will fall in love with.  Now as I said early, my only complaint with the book is the way that the author leaves you hanging at the end.  She hits you right in the gut, has you ready to see what happens next and whammo... the end, which had me seething, but aching for the next book immediately.  So with that being said, you should read the story, how and when is on you.

Leia is from Iowa where she resides with her Husband of 17 years and beautiful 12 year old daughter. She has a spoiled yellow lab, cute Papillion puppy and an old grouchy cat. She loves to swim and ride bikes, both of the motor and pedal version. She is an avid fisher-woman and gardener.


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