Monday, July 28, 2014

Blog Tour + Teaser + Review: Forever Waiting by P.D. Stevens

Title: Forever Waiting
Author: P.D. Stevens
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publish Date: June 2014
Review Source: eARC



After living in fear of a hidden past and denying herself a real chance at true love, the beautiful and independent Landrey Steele goes about her everyday life in New York City working as an assistant to a well known fashion designer. Taking on an opportunity to launch a new clothing line in California, Landrey finds herself in a situation for which she has longed, but never imagined could actually happen. When she runs into the one man for whom she would have given up everything, passion reignites between Landrey and the engaging, blue-eyed Zaine Brooks. Their relationship blossoms, but somebody doesn’t like it. A intimidating string of events begins to hit too close to home and threatens the happiness it has taken her so long to find. Will this fear keep Landrey and Zaine Forever Waiting?

"Have you ever been with someone who makes all the bad go away for a little while?  Have you ever hugged someone or kissed them and still felt their arms around you or their lips the next day, just because it felt right?"  Zaine

Landrey Steele is still dealing with the emotional effects of her last relationship.  She has decided that the best way to avoid pain and heartache is to just remain single.  Landrey devotes all of her time into work and just hanging out with the guys that she works with, until one day Zaine Brooks enters the pizzeria that she manages.  

As days turn into weeks and Landrey and Zaine work together more they find themselves attracted to each other.  The only problem is that Zaine is about to graduate and will be moving back to California soon.  Landrey finds herself unable to fight off the growing attraction that she has with Zaine.  When the day for him to leave finally comes he ask her to move to California with him.  Unfortunately for Landrey even though her heart says yes, her head says no and she ends up leaving him waiting at the airport for her.

This was a good story that shows that when the heart finds its one true love it is willing to wait forever to find that love again.  I enjoyed the way that Zaine works to find ways to show Lan how much he wants to be with her, and to the extents that he is willing to go to get her to stay.  Not only does he have the heart and mind of a great Casanova, but Lan's best friend is on his side as well and is willing to help do whatever is needed to help her find the happiness that she deserves.

What surprised me was how the author managed to keep us on our toes wondering who is responsible to the happenings with our couple and why.  I love the snippy remarks that are thrown, and how everyone just seemed to mesh together. Zaine was an amazing guy with how he anticipated what would allow for Landrey to be happy. If you are looking for the type of book where girl meets boy, they fall in love and life takes over from there then this is a great book for you to read.  I enjoyed the simplicity of the story and the light reading that it was.  I had no complaints of issues with the book overall.


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