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Blog Tour + Review + Giveaway: Tempting Sydney (Tempting #1) by Angela Corbett

“Someone needs to make you come completely undone, Sydney Parker.” His tongue moved slowly over his lips. “That someone is going to be me.” 

Goal-oriented Sydney Parker has never had a problem focusing. She’s about to start law school, the first step on her way to the Supreme Court. With no time for relationships, she lives vicariously through her best friend Brynn, who has recently decided to use sex as a research tool. Sydney, however, hasn’t been laid in years. Men are a distraction, one Sydney has diligently avoided…until Jackson West crashes into her life, and under her hood. 

The last thing Sydney needs is a hot mechanic working on her ‘69 Camaro. Especially a hot mechanic with eyes like the ocean and lick-me abs, who claims to be better in bed than a werewolf. 

Jax thinks that’s exactly what Sydney needs. 

But Sydney has goals, and a relationship with the enigmatic Jax would challenge her. 

Distract her. 

Tempt her. 

Sydney is about to find out that temptation is very hard to resist.

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4.5 Bars

Tempting Sydney was a quick but amazing read. I flew through this book in no time. I couldn’t tear my eyes away. It takes a lot to keep me interested and this book did not disappoint. 

Sydney Parker is about to start law school. She has her priorities lined up and in order. This girl is in control and has worked hard to get where she is and isn’t going to let anybody get in the way of her dream job; even guys. So she thought anyways.

Instead of being a partying, let loose kind of college student Sydney always has her nose stuck in a book. She knows if she works hard she will achieve her dreams and goals. Her best friend on the other hand is the wild one. Brynn is a psych major that recently took on an experiment of sort. I found it entertaining to say the least.

Sydney and Brynn were at a café discussing Brynn’s new experiment when Brynn notices a really hot guy. Sydney thinks that she’ll be able to just check him out really quick like usual but she can’t bring herself to look away. After he leaves the café she kinda kicks herself for not saying anything to him. But she doesn’t need the distraction anyways. She decides to go out with Brynn that weekend when her car breaks down. She calls her normal mechanic but when the tow truck arrives it’s the beautiful man she couldn’t stop staring at at the café.

Jackson West aka Jax, is a muscular beautiful man with dark brown bed head sexy hair and the bluest eyes Sydney has ever seen. Why can’t my mechanic look like that? Jax had just moved to town and was hired by her normal mechanic. He is one tough cookie but seems to have a softer side. Sydney just has to break the thick, tall wall Jax has built around him.

What is attraction at first site builds into a new relationship but with Sydney so uptight and Jax so stubborn will they ever get over walls that surround them? I loved this book. It was fun, sexy, swoon worthy and an all-around great read. I didn’t find one thing that I didn’t like except for the fact that I didn’t want it to end. I could read forever about Jax, just saying. The characters were amazing and had great personalities; very down to earth. It was a lite read and didn’t carry on and on with the situations within. I loved it from the beginning to the end.


The light from the setting sun glared off the truck door as it opened. The person was in shadow, but his outline showed a large, tall, imposing frame. Wide shoulders, narrow waist, full head of hair. I thinned my eyes. Since Red was just a little above hobbit size and balding, I figured this must be one of his employees, and not one I recognized by silhouette. I lifted my hand to block the light and try to get a better view. It didn’t help. He kept walking toward me and was five feet away before I realized who it was. 

Confident, gorgeous blue eyes held mine. It was the guy. And he was standing in front of me…about to work on my engine. I had a momentary hot flash and took a deep, steadying breath to try to calm down.


Jax pulled a piece of candy from his pocket, unwrapping it as he watched me, like he was waiting for my next move and totally amused by the internal struggle I seemed to be having. He put the candy in his mouth, rolling it against the inside of his cheek, then cocked a brow. “Hey, sixty-nine. Want a piece?” 

I shook my head, candy the very last thing on my mind.

“Want a piece of candy, then?”

Halfway through the movie, he shifted, his leg falling down, opening wider. His whole body angled in toward me. Electricity pulsed between us and my heart was thumping out of my chest. His eyes latched to mine as he reached down and started pulling my hand…up. 

I forgot to breathe as I watched my fingers drag over the inner seam of his jeans. I only remembered to gasp in air when I was almost ready to pass out. As my hand moved, I hazarded a glance at his face. His sapphire eyes were dark and fiery with need and anticipation. 

And he kept moving my hand. Slowly.



Angela Corbett graduated from Westminster College where she double majored in communication and sociology. She has worked as a journalist, freelance writer, and director of communications and marketing. She loves classic cars, traveling, and listening to U2. She lives in Utah with her incredibly supportive husband and their five-pound Pomeranian, Pippin, whose following of fangirls could rival Justin Bieber's. She writes YA/NA titles as Angela Corbett. She writes Adult titles as Destiny Ford.


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