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Blog Tour + Review + Giveaway: Forever Waiting by P.D. Stevens

After living in fear of a hidden past and denying herself a real chance at true love, the beautiful and independent Landrey Steele goes about her everyday life in New York City working as an assistant to a well known fashion designer. Taking on an opportunity to launch a new clothing line in California, Landrey finds herself in a situation for which she has longed, but never imagined could actually happen. When she runs into the one man for whom she would have given up everything, passion reignites between Landrey and the engaging, blue-eyed Zaine Brooks. Their relationship blossoms, but somebody doesn’t like it. A intimidating string of events begins to hit too close to home and threatens the happiness it has taken her so long to find. Will this fear keep Landrey and Zaine Forever Waiting?

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 Do you believe in second chances? If you do this book is for you. It was absolutely amazing. I sat down thinking that I could start it and put it down around lunchtime and then get some stuff done around the house. Nope!! I couldn’t put it down. My day was consumed by this wonderful story.

The book starts off with Landrey Steele managing at a bar. She loves her job and the people she works with. One day a new employee shows up without her knowing but she kindly takes him under her wing. This is when we meet Zaine Brooks. Wow, what a hunk he is too.

After work every night Landrey cooks for the guys she works with. They all hang out so she invited Zaine to join them. Eventually Landrey and Zaine end up trying to spend more and more time alone instead of with the guys from work. They seem like a match made in heaven and get pretty hot and heavy but one thing is always in the back of Landrey’s head. Zaine is a college student and his semester there is about to end so he has to go back home soon. Zaine ended up getting plane tickets so that Landrey could join him back in California.

This was really hard for Landrey to handle coming out of a very bad relationship previous to Zaine. She never thought that she could truly be loved by a man let alone be happy. Poor Zaine was left at the airport waiting for her.

Eight years later is where the book picks up at with Landrey working for a well-known fashion designer. She has an amazing best friend, Tayla, that just so happens to be her assistant as well. The ladies get an amazing opportunity to go to Los Angeles for work and this is where it gets really interesting.

Zaine and Landrey end up reuniting and boy do the sparks fly. Will Landrey run from Zaine again or will she stick by his side and be happy like she deserves?

Wow, this book did not disappoint. It wasn't just a love story. It was full of laughter, heartache, suspense and a little bit of drama. I LOVED it!! My only complaint was that it ended. The characters were amazing and down to earth, and it was a very quick read. Trust me; you will get sucked in like I did. There is so much that happens but it’s not jumbled at all. Very beautifully written and had an amazing flow to it. And have I mentioned how HOT this book was? Sizzling!!! I am very excited to see what P.D. Stevens has in store for us next!

P. D . Stevens is a Lover of Romance and Books that keep you guessing . When she is not working , she enjoys spending time with family and friends . She currently resides in Virginia .

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