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Blog tour + Excerpt + Giveaway + Review: On The Edge by Mari Brown

Title: On The Edge
Author: Mari Brown
Genre: Adult Romance
Publish Date: June 24, 2014 Source: Indie Destinations

Leaving an abusive life behind is not a crime.

Katarina Roberts’ only goal is to get the hell out of Belmont, and the further away, the better. After living with an abusive mother most of her life, her brother Drew, part of the town’s notorious Knight Crime family, is doing everything he can to help her attend school at UCLA.

Cole Knight is being groomed to take over the Knight family business. A lethal combination of sexy and dangerous, he has no interest in a relationship… until he meets Kat. Cole wants Kat, and will stop at nothing to have her and keep her, and make her part of the ‘family’.

Kat and Cole have an explosive connection from the first moment they lay eyes on one another.

Now, Kat faces the hardest choice of her life… Cole or UCLA? Cole would mean dealing with everything that comes from being a “Knight.” A world where you are constantly worrying about your loved ones being hurt or possibly worse. But loving him makes it seem worth it. Or does she stick with the plan to get as far away from Belmont as possible? Will she give up her dreams of UCLA for Cole?

What do you get when you cross an independent, strong and stunning woman, with a ravishing devilishly sexy and powerful man? On The Edge. That is what you get. The intensity just does not stop. The allure, the hunger, the passion, the suspense keeps you, well .... on the edge!!!

Katarina aka Kat has had a horrendous childhood. Her mother hates her. She constantly kicks her out of the house for her flavor of the week and makes her out to be a whore. To make matters worse, Kat is only sixteen and attending night clubs with a fake ID, just to get her rocks off and escape the demons of childhood. She is looking for the love that Mom doesn't dish out. 

Meet Kat's older brother, Drew. He was lucky...he got out as soon as he was able. Not wanting to trouble her brother with her problems at home, Kat makes it out to seem that everything is hunky dorey. Drew is protective of his sister and wants to take care of her. While out at a club one night, Drew discovered Kat grinding on a much older guy. He rescues her of course and she allows the story of her home life unfold. Flash forward two years. Her situation at home is even worse than ever and Kat confides in Drew about how bad it actually is. Not wanting his sister in a terrible situation, he decides that she will now live with him until they can figure out permanent arrangements.

This is where she meets the powerful, rugged, gorgeous eye candy of a man, Cole. He is the son of the most powerful man in town, Bruce Knight. Drew works with the Knights, alongside Cole. The Knights run the town of Belmont and there is nothing more that Kat wants, than to get as far away as possible. California to be exact. Unfortunately, it is definitely easier said than done. Upon hearing of Kat's homeless status, Bruce demands that she reside with him and his family. Little did she know how much she would enjoy having an actual family. Can she seriously crave a loving, family atmosphere?

Cole claims her as his the night that Drew rescues her from her mother for good. Kat absolutely defies his claims on her. NO ONE owns Kat, and no one tells her what to do either. Cole wants her like no other. He has wanted her since the night he saw her 2 years prior. Cole tells her that she will be his and she will agree. Can she resist this sublime man? Will she get away from Belmont once and for all?  Her dream is to attend UCLA ... will she be able to leave the family that she has come to know and love?

This is the first book in what I hope, to be a series. I do know that the second book should be releasing sometime in the Fall of 2014. I personally can not wait to get my hands on it. I am bummed that I have to wait a few months. I need more Kat and Cole! Please hurry up Mari Brown .... I am impatient and love this story! Happy Reading!!! 

“Kat, go upstairs with Cole and pack your shit! Pete and I are gonna have a little chat with Jimmy boy here.”

Drew doesn’t turn to look at me, and Cole gently guides me towards the stairs. As if floating on a cloud, my brain doesn’t register what is happening around me.

When we reach the top of the stairs, Cole whispers, “Where’s your room, Kitten?”

His voice brings me out of my haze. With his body pressed right up against my back, his heat radiates through me and heads straight to my throbbing pussy. I want to turn around, fuse my mouth to his, wrap my legs around his waist, and devour him, but I’m frozen in place. 

As if sensing what I’m feeling, Cole turns me so that we’re face to face. I look up into those gorgeous blue eyes, and my brain goes fuzzy. I can’t breathe right. His eyes darken, and at that moment, I realize that we’re in a shitload of trouble because he’s just as attracted to me as I am to him.

This is so not good.

I shake my head to clear the fogginess from my brain, turn around, and head towards my room.

Cole closes the door behind us. I pull a suitcase out of the closet and start tossing my clothes in it while Cole sits down on my bed to watch me. The desire burning in his eyes distracts me from what I need to be doing.

“Fucking stop looking at me like that, asshole!” I yell in a low tone so that they don’t hear me downstairs. “I can’t hook up with you, no matter what my body is saying to me. My brother would fucking flip.”

“Your brother won't say shit. He answers to me, not the other way around. When I want something, I go for it, and Kitten, I want you, so I will have you.”

“Stop calling me Kitten. My name is Kat. K.A.T. Kat. Got it?”

“Well, you're Kitten to me, and that’s what I'm going to call you.”

I have been writing as far back as I can remember. I spent most of my teen years writing short stories that my friends were always begging for more. For me, it was nothing more than a hobby and a way to entertain myself, even though I did manage to get published in the school paper a couple times.

I met and married my very own Alpha male 19 years ago and we have a 18 year old daughter, and two sons ages 15 and 14. We have 3 dogs and 2 cats. There is never a dull moment around my house. We live on the beautiful Gulf Coast of Alabama. We are blessed to have a home on the river and to have the beach just 20 minutes away.

Over the years I wrote a few short stories in between raising my babies, but it wasn’t until 2012 I decided I needed to pursue my dream of writing a full novel. It took awhile but in January of 2014 my debut novel was self published. There is always a story in my head and characters talking to me. I enjoy being able to share my characters with others.


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