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Blog Tour + Excerpt + Giveaway + Review: Fates Entwined by Caethes Faron

After centuries of searching, Lawrence has found the perfect person to help him birth a new race of vampires: Jocelyn, the girl he’s groomed to be the most powerful courtesan at the court of King James. All goes according to plan until Michael Barwick arrives at court and threatens everything.

Michael abandoned his life at sea in order to take his place as Baron Barwick after his brother’s death. Overwhelmed by his duties, he’s eager to leave court until Jocelyn sits across from him in a tavern. The intriguing woman soon has him opening his heart to her, and he’s prepared to fight for a place in her life.

Jocelyn’s desire for Michael, the one man who has ever fought past her professional façade to truly love her, threatens her independence. When Lawrence offers her the gift of eternal life, she must choose between the man she loves and the freedom she’s struggled for.

Fates Entwined is a prequel and is intended to be read after Haunting Echoes.



Fates Entwined is the second book in the epic Haunting Echoes series.

In this second installment, we get to be inside of Michael's head. We see how he feels, hear his thoughts and his overwhelming love for Jocelyn. Oh boy, what a love it is. Michael tells us how he met her and after a mere two days of meeting, he knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that Jocelyn is the woman for him. She is the love of his life and he will do anything humanly possible to gain her love, as well as her hand in marriage. 

It is so interesting to see how love can completely change someone. With Jocelyn being the best Courtesan around, she has quite the power over men. After Michael recognized his love for her, he told her that she will come to see that she feels the same for him. After the death of his bother Richard, Michael needs to tend to family matters and has to return to Dover. He asks for Jocelyn's permission to write to her. She has many admirers, so this was truly no big surprise to her.

However, after many letters, Jocelyn begins to give into her heart and realizes that yes, she does love him. However, is she too late? Upon returning to Jocelyn, the King has requested a meeting with Michael. During this meeting, he learns that he is ordered to marry the King's cousin. Michael does not want to disappoint the King by refusing, however, he loves Jocelyn and wants to marry her. Jocelyn does after all, hold Michael's heart.

Meanwhile, Jocelyn's father figure, Lawrence has caught on to the love between the two and he does not like it. This is where the conversation with the King takes place. If Michael is betrothed, he can not marry and take away his precious and prized joy, Jocelyn. To what lengths will Lawrence go to, in order to keep his daughter? She is his everything and Lawrence holds the power, having Jocelyn under his belt. 

Will Lawrence let Jocelyn marry Michael and be blissfully happy, or he make Michael's life a living hell? What he does not know is that Michael and Jocelyn have a blood tie ... their fates will forever be entwined!!!

Thank you Caethes Faron, for yet another intriguing, and engaging story. I am so in love with your writing and can not wait to see what you have in store for us next. Happy reading!

Lawrence licked Jane’s neck, his mouth watering in anticipation. A gentle pressure in his mouth released his fangs. The razor sharp teeth sank into Jane’s skin, releasing the warm flow of blood. Thicker than water, sweeter than wine, it slaked his thirst. The warmth brought life. Stolen life.

Lawrence released her neck. Jane was one of his favorite whores. While Jocelyn’s success afforded her a private residence, his other girls lived in the brothel, servicing the crowds Hampton Court Palace drew. Lawrence had his own home, but he was rarely there. He preferred to make use of his suite in the brothel, where he could keep an eye on his girls and the comings and goings. He didn’t mind Jocelyn’s independence. He wouldn’t dream of using her services himself. She was too important to him.

Lawrence kissed along Jane’s breasts until he reached the other side. As always, his victim was unaware of his actions. The venom in his fangs masked the pain. Jane would only feel a light pressure and sucking sensation. Nothing out of the ordinary in her line of work. He descended once again on her neck, taking a little more.

Once Jane finished him off, sating more than just his thirst, she swayed drowsily to her room. Lawrence rose. For him, a bed’s only purpose was fucking. He had not slept in more than two centuries. He sauntered to the bookshelf, trying not to think of what he couldn’t have. Selecting the most recent medical treatise, he situated himself in his worn armchair to read.

It took effort to concentrate on the words in front of him. Jocelyn was almost ready. He longed to feel her blood on his lips, sliding down his throat, to taste its tangy sweetness. But it wasn’t feeding he craved. No, the feeding would only be a precursor. She would be shocked by the truth of his existence, but he didn’t doubt she would join him. He would pour her blood back into her. Mixed with his venom, it would transform her into a vampire. His first daughter.


Caethes Faron is a bisexual, genre-queer writer. Her books are equal opportunity, featuring gay, straight, and bisexual characters. Her bittersweet tales of love and loyalty are just as likely to leave readers in tears as smiles, and her love scenes don't fade to black. She enjoys empowering the powerless and exploring the nature of human relationships, especially in differing power dynamics. All of her books feature adults in adult situations. Foul language, diverse sexual situations, aspects of BDSM, and other things that are sure to offend some people make regular appearances in her novels.

Caethes's writing is influenced by her observations of this imperfect world and the flawed characters who inhabit it. She's lived in seven states and is always looking for the next place to call home with her husband and two dogs. She currently resides in Florida.

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