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Review: Rhythm of Three (Rule of Three #2) by Kelly Jamieson

Title: Rhythm of Three
Series: Rule of Three #2
Author: Kelly Jamieson
Genre: Adult, Erotica
Publish Date: October 29, 2013
Review Source: purchased eBook

One woman, two lovers. Double the pleasure, or double the trouble?

Rule of Three, Book 2

Former goodie-two-shoes Kassidy now has three pairs of shoes under her bed—hers, Chris’s and Dag’s. While she relishes the hot threesome that makes her friends jealous, she can’t deny things are…complicated. Namely, whom to tell about their unconventional relationship, and whom to keep in the dark.

In the dark category? Definitely Chris’s parents, which should be simple, since they live far away. Except they’ve sprung a surprise for their son’s thirtieth birthday. They’re coming for a visit. Then there’s Kassidy’s best friend Danielle, who’s home from Europe, clueless to recent events, and flirting with Dag like crazy.


Family, friends, coworkers and a wedding put three lovers’ best intentions to the test, making them wonder if this unique brand of love has a chance in hell of working out.

Warning: Contains three vulnerable hearts engaged in a ménage a trois, some man-on-man action, sizzling exchanges of graphic language, and rock-your-socks explicit sex. So yeah, it’s dirty, but also sweet.

Incredible story, couldn't put this one down. The Rhythm of Three picks up right where The Rule of Three left off. Dag, Chris and Kassidy have realized they are all in love with one another and are embarking on a ménage relationship. They are unsure of how and when to tell their friends, family and co-workers. Of course, Kassidy and Chris' work place knows they are a couple and are living together but with Dag in the mix, eyebrows and water cooler talk would definitely ensue.  As the story progresses and the truth starts to come out, can they hang tight to one another and to the forever they are building toward or will insecurities and worries over what others think tear them apart?

I adore these three characters and the passion they have for one another.  Chris and Dag are definitely my favorite part of this delicious triad though.  Chris is still opening up to a side of himself that he's spent so long hiding from.  His father caught him as a teenager experimenting with a friend of his and ever since he has run as far away from those urges as he can.  But with Dag, he just knows that this is what he wants.  Dag of course doesn't push him but he has his insecurities on where he really falls in this threesome.  Chris and Kassidy had a relationship without him, everyone knows them as a couple, their families would never accept this, or would they?!  When Chris' parents call and spring a surprise visit on them, Dag volunteers to leave because that's the kind of person he is.  He's selfless and compassionate and knows that removing himself from their condo for the week will be better for Chris in the long run.  

This story is special to me because it was my first experience with ménage a trois relationships.  I started reading Nicole Edwards after I read The Rule of Three and my love of ménage and erotica took off from there.  Kelly Jamieson writes an amazing story that compels you to keep flipping those pages.  If I say much more you won't have to read the story but know that there is a third novel coming in July, The Reward of Three and you are going to want to catch up with The Rule of Three and The Rhythm of Three before it releases!  Hold on to your panties ladies because these three are going to melt them away!

Rule of Three - Book 1

Kelly Jamieson is the author of several sexy romance novels. Her writing has been described as "emotionally complex", "sweet and satisfying" and "blisteringly sexy". If she can stop herself from reading or writing, she loves to cook. She has shelves of cookbooks that she reads at length. She also enjoys gardening in the summer, and in the winter she likes to read gardening magazines and seed catalogues (there might be a theme here...) She also loves shopping, especially for clothes and shoes. But her family takes precedence over everything else (yes, even writing). She has two teenage children who are the best kids in the world, not that she's biased, and a wonderful husband who does loads of laundry while she plays on the computer writing stories. She loves hearing from readers, so please visit her website at or contact her at


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