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Blog Tour + Review + Giveaway: The Inner Room by Claire Thompson

Title: The Inner Room
Author: Claire Thompson
Genre: Adult, Erotic Suspense
Publish Date: June 12, 2014
Review Source: eARC provided for review

The Inner Room – where submissive dreams become reality

Dr. Marissa Roberts takes charge and saves lives by day, but spends lonely nights embracing fantasies of erotic submission. When a friend encourages her to explore her submissive longings, Marissa agrees to an evaluation to become a member of an exclusive local BDSM club. With that act, a door is opened to Marissa, and her long-standing fantasies may just become reality.

Cam Wilder, a nurse at the same hospital as Marissa and an experienced Dominant in his private life, has no idea the prospective slave girl he will assess in The Inner Room of The Power Exchange will be his reserved co-worker. Sparks of desire ignite into flames of passion as Cam recognizes in Marissa the heart of a true submissive yearning for freedom, and she sees in him a Master who speaks directly to her soul.

Their potential BDSM paradise is threatened by the unwanted attention of an arrogant bastard who refuses to take no for an answer. His secret surveillance and devious plans lead to terrifying results that threaten to destroy not only Marissa and Cam’s careers, but the bonds of trust and love they’ve forged together as Master and sub girl.

What an incredible read, truly!  I am still blown away by all of the emotions that I felt while reading The Inner Room. This is no ordinary BDSM book.  It's got suspense, it's got  romance, one dark as hell scene involving a psycho out to get the girl, but it also has a lot of hot, sexy scenes between Cam and his sub girl, Marissa.  

The story starts with Marissa watching submissive training videos featuring the hot Master Mark.  She's got a masochistic side that she can't deny but she's not sure she'd ever take it to the next step.  She watches Master Mark in his videos degrading his sub girl but she can't seem to turn away, it makes her hot and she secretly longs for it.  Her best friend lives this life daily, married to her husband and Dom, Tony.  She's got it all in Marissa's eyes, she sees caning marks on Dana's back and can't help but get a little wet thinking about this happening to her and not just in her dreams.  It's when Dana and Tony invite Marissa along for a night at The Power Exchange that Marissa wonders if she can truly go through with this.  Will she be asked to play? Does she want to?  Of course, this is question is a resounding yes but she's still scared as hell to follow through.

Cam is a male nurse that works at the hospital where Marissa is also employed, as a Doctor.  He can't seem to stop staring at this particular Doctor's tight ass and body, wondering what it would feel like under him or to have control over her.  Everyone at the hospital assumes Cam is gay, no thanks to the loud mouth nurse that every hospital seems to employ.  So imagine both of their surprise when they come face to face inside The Inner Room at The Power Exchange one night for a sub evaluation.  Marissa has never felt more alive and exposed at the same time.  She feels like she should feel ashamed for standing in the middle of a room with her feet shoulder width apart and her hands behind her head, thrusting her breasts out for the world to see.  But the reality of the situation hits when Cam walks in as the Master who will be evaluating her submissive responsiveness and pain threshold.  

Cam and Marissa hit it off right away, they fall into a quick companionship, they're completely comfortable around one another.  Cam pushes Marissa to her limits and though she hesitates constantly about things she trusts him implicitly.  But everything comes crashing down around them when a man hell bent on bringing those that live alternative lifestyles to heel.  He thinks he can blackmail Cam and Marissa so he can have what he wants out of her but Cam doesn't easily back down from a challenge and people aren't always who they appear to be in the professional world.  The scene between Marissa and this particular man is a little difficult to read and made me feel rage and sickness at certain parts.  You feel for her and what she's being put through and you feel Cam's emotions when he finds out what has happened to his beautiful sub girl and partner. 

The character's are loveable, real and have real responses to the world around them.  It's not always wine and roses and that's a huge part of what I loved about this story.  There were scenes I hadn't experienced in other Author's writing about the BDSM world.  I enjoyed the piercing ceremony the most I think.  Wait till you read it!  I highly recommend the character's, the story and above all Claire Thompson to each and every one of you.  She's an amazing writer who conveys and evokes emotions extremely well with her words.  This book is powerful and beautiful and I can't wait till each of you can read it, pick up your copies today!

Claire Thompson has been writing erotic fiction and romance since 1996. With over fifty novels published, Claire recently established hew own publishing venue,, where all of her work is available for direct sale. Claire’s novels involve the sensual exploration of D/s and erotic romance, as well as the more intense and edgy side of BDSM. Her D/s romances explore the power and beauty of a loving exchange of power. Her darker works press the envelope of what is erotic and what can be a sometimes dangerous slide into the world of sadomasochism. Ultimately her work deals with the human condition, and our constant search for love and intensity of experience.


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