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Blog Tour + Excerpt + Review: Life Blood by HK Savage

Title: Life Blood
Author: HK Savage
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publish Date: December 2014
Review Source: eARC


What if we knew how to live forever? Is any cost too great?

Ava Brandt has been plagued with indecision her entire life; her direction influenced by the people around her, not her heart. When a chance encounter with a stranger challenges everything she thought she remembered from her frightening past, she must confront hidden memories to survive.

Ben Pearson, descendent of a famous physician, is living proof of his ancestor’s miraculous discovery two hundred years ago. Through a combination of blood transfusions from unsuspecting donors, he
uncovered his own fountain of youth. As an unwilling convert, Ben continues to fight for those who are dying; their murderers content to kill innocents to prolong their own lives, no matter the human cost.

Finally accepting the truth of her past and the dreams that have plagued her, Ava comes face to face with her fears. But just as she comes to terms with this new reality and new feelings for her ageless
rescuer, she finds herself in the middle of a battle that has raged and claimed untold young lives for centuries.

His voice stirred something in Ava’s mind. It was something distant
and foggy, but it nagged at her nonetheless. Interested, Ava laid the
dresses on the bench in the fitting room and followed the sound.

Elle’s was a small shop, it wasn’t more than a half a dozen paces from
the fitting room to the front of the store where Elle and the delivery
guy were talking. Ava walked out the open door and stared at him
curiously. The man was not their delivery guy. The visitor wore a
black sport coat, not a t-shirt professing freaky fast service. He was
facing Ava, and looked up curiously at her sudden appearance.

Ava’s world stopped as she stared at the pair of eyes she had seen so
many times in her dreams. It has been sixteen years since she’s seen
them while awake. A surreal mixing of reality with fantasy as her
dreams intruded upon her waking state. The man stared, blinking back
at her. Memory had not given her a recollection of the features of her
dream man, but when he turned away, his profile was exactly as she
remembered it.  Elle turned to follow the man’s gaze and her eyes widened just as
Ava’s knees buckled and her world blackened around her. Her dreams
came rushing up to meet her.The room was dark but for the lights at
the table nearby. Illuminated by the glow was the silhouette of a man
hunched over a metal table. Light cast the liquids in the bottles in
front of him as dancing shadows projected onto the ceiling above. The
sounds coming from the hunkering figure were mumbled in a language
unintelligible to the young Ava lying on the table behind him. Hands
shifting something around on the table making a clinking sound that
echoed in the cavernous room.

She was afraid, but the woman who had brought her here told her he was
a doctor. She’d given Ava candy while she chalked on the sidewalk in
front of her apartment. The neighbor was supposed to be watching her
until her mother got home.

Ava had eaten the candy. It tasted bitter, but she didn’t want to say
anything or spit it out and hurt the lady’s feelings. She was so
pretty she looked like a movie star. Ava remembered her thick, blonde  hair, bright blue eyes and smooth, pale skin were only accented by her
one flaw. Her bottom teeth were slightly crooked and pushed out her
lower lip when she talked. Ava watched her mouth, mesmerized.

Now, lying on the cool, hard table, she worried her mother would be
upset with her for talking to a stranger and for wandering off. She
couldn’t remember having done it, but she must have. Here she was.

The mumbling grew louder as the man moved toward her. The lights above
him worked to keep his features in shadow. The light attached to his
head blinded Ava as she tried to focus on him through the fog of drugs
muddling her mind. All she could see was the very outer edge of his
dark hair lending him a dark crown against the light.

She saw a sparkle of light on metal as he held something shiny in one
hand and used the other to pull her arm toward him within her
restraints. Helpless to struggle, Ava watched. Her limbs felt heavy
and slow within the confines of the straps holding her down. She knew
she shouldn’t be letting him touch her. Her instincts told her he was
not a good doctor there to help her. Her mother would be very upset  with her and Ava worried about telling her. A prick of something sharp
stung the inside of her forearm and the man’s breathing sped up in
excitement. She could hear a fever behind his muttering that
frightened her.

Ava’s eyes were growing heavy again as she watched the doctor hook the
tube coming from her arm to a clear plastic bag and lay it on a little
table below her. The tube filled with a dark liquid and she couldn’t
tell if it was coming or going. Her body got colder and her teeth
began to chatter in the icy chamber. Sleep begged to pull her down
into total darkness and Ava’s lids slid closed.

A sudden bang brought Ava back to consciousness and she heard the
doctor yelling over her. The light from his head was aimed past her
and she craned her neck to see.

A thin beam of light shone through a door she hadn’t realized was
there, and another form was advancing toward them rapidly, holding a
flashlight.  “Give me the girl,” the newcomer shouted furiously, the threat of
violence from him clear. Ava was scared all over again and her tired
heart tried to beat faster, making her dizzy. She watched entranced as
the angry man approached her .

The doctor’s headlamp lit upon the face of the angry man. His eyes
were dark and his strong features set in anger, but they were fixed on
the doctor, not Ava.

I don't know where to start this review.  When I first say the title of this book I was like great another vampire story... hmm.. ok let's see where it goes.  Well, let me just say that as the old saying don't judge a book by it's cover stands true with this one.

We meet Ava when she is having a dream about being abducted as a small child and being saved by a man, who she thinks may have been her father, from a doctor.  She has only bits and pieces of the memory from that day.  Even though she was saved and recovered from the ordeal, she has never forgotten the voice of the person who saved her, and still has nightmares and thoughts of it even as the years have passed.

Ben Pearson, aka, Physick has watch Ava from afar ever since the day he rescued her from the evil doctor.  Ben has devoted his life to stop the doctor from hurting other children, but can only succeed so far because of the doctors ability to hide and always stay one step ahead of Ben.  For some reason, Ben still watches over Ava trying to ensure her safety and telling himself its just because of the fact that he was able to keep her alive which made her a bit different than others to him.  What he doesn't expect is to ever actually cross her path and the way things change because of that faithful meeting.

Again, like I said before, I am glad that I kept an open mind and did not judge this book based on its name or cover.  This story reminded me a bit of a television series that I loved several years ago called Moonlight.  When I first started reading it was like the author wrote this book based on that show, but as I continued to read it took a turn that put it in its own category.  I loved how Ben and Ava seemed to be able to relate to each other even though they are basically two very different individuals from completely different eras.  The more I read the more I wanted them to be able to find a sense of peace and for the good to overcome the evil.  The other part of the story that I really liked is how everything that seems to happen, helps to allow each character to become more knowledgeable about how the other person feels or thinks.  I love how not only does this book have a sense of love and or longing in it, but also brings to light the ability to change and adapt to the different changes in how time allows people to become more open and or relaxed in some sense.  Not only did the book have a hero and a villain, trust and honesty, but love and romance... it kind of covered it all.  If you are a big Twilight fan, then you will like this book, because to me it is along the same lines, with out talking about vampires.   As I got closer to the end, the more I anticipated what would happen and I liked that I felt that way.  The only complaint about the book is that I would have liked a bit more for an ending.  I want to see how life fairs and goes for Ava and Ben and their friends.  Other than that I have no complaints of ill things to say about the story other than the fact that it is just a smooth read.

HK Savage has been a voracious reader of anything she could get her hands on going back to the second grade when she would set her alarm two hours early to read before school. Her passion for the written word has continued and flowed into writing going back nearly as far. Her books have fans in twenty countries on six continents with hopes of attracting attention on Antarctica if for no other reason than to check a box. 

Currently, HK is a mother, wife and black belt in Karate as well as an avid dressage rider. Her three dogs: a Doberman she uses for therapy dog work and two ancient Doxies keep her busy when she is not writing or working or whatever else.

In addition to editing for the past ten years in advertising, HK has been an editor for several newsletters over the years; her favorite being for Heifer International where her ideas were put into effect and complimented by those on high. Currently her skills are being focused on clients in the writing world.

Paranormal is her favorite genre and science fiction because both address the possibilities we have not yet realized and the darker things we have. Her favorite premise: “what if?”


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