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Spotlight Tour + Review + Teaser + Giveaway: Complements by Lulu Astor

Complements Cover  

Title: Complements
Series: Complements
Author: Lulu Astor Paranormal Romance
Publish Date: February 7, 2013
Review Source: Enticing Journey
Even the truest love cannot transcend death. Or can it?
For 17-year-old Olivia Girardi it all begins with dreams, haunting and erotic nightly forays that leave her feeling tired and disturbed days after having them. No matter how hard she tries, she cannot kick the man from her dreams out of her head; he shadows her day and night, and she blushes just thinking of how he swings her emotions up and down, and the way he touches her so insistently, as if he has the right.
When she meets Daniel Butler, a fellow American currently leasing her father’s art studio in Britain, he instantly evokes disturbing feelings in her and reminds her of her dream lover. What she will eventually learn is that Daniel harbors a secret so unbelievable that it will make Olivia question her sanity as well as Daniel’s.
Complements is the first of a two-book novel about profound love and other things. 

Olivia is a high school student, who wants to just focus on school. She has been hurt by a previous boyfriend, therefore is a little apprehensive about boys. Spring break is coming up and she gets to visit her father, Derek, in Britain. Even though she has never been close with her father, she is excited to get away from it all and enjoy her vacation with her sister Chess.
The girls arrive, surprised to see that Derek is actually acting like their father and decides that she will make the most of this trip. As she is preparing to cross the street at the airport, she sees a man on a motorcycle. They immediately connect eyes and Olivia feels a bolt of electricity pass through her. The only other time that this feeling has ever occurred before, is in her dreams. Olivia has sexy, passionate dreams of a man, whose face she is unable to see. She can feel the passion. The feelings are so real. The more that she has these dreams, the more she can feel his emotions. The more she dreams, the more she realizes that he is sad. Who is this sad stranger? Why is she dreaming of him? What does this all mean? 

Daniel Butler is renting a studio apartment from Derek, Olivia's father. He is based in America, although in Britain on business. Daniel is painfully gorgeous. Tall, sexy and smooth. As the two meet, Olivia knows instantly that he is "motorcycle man". The instant feelings that she has for him are almost unbearable. Derek sees their connection upon meeting, and does not like it one bit. He feels that Daniel is too old and has an odd feeling about him. It's puzzling that Derek has these feelings, as they have only just met. 

A few days after meeting, Daniel asks Olivia on a date. Again, the connection is so unrealistic. It's as though they have known each other for a lifetime. Daniel wants Olivia so badly that he can barely handle it. He wants her love, her body and her commitment. She knows that it is too soon to cave into passion, but there is just something about him. The date went fabulously and she can't get Daniel off of her mind. She knows that she wants to see him again, and soon! To her surprise, Daniel went back home without any notice. No good-bye. Why did this hurt so much? It was only one date, so she decides that forgetting that he ever existed is best. Daniel was too good to be true anyway. Her mother always tells her to stay away from extremely attractive men, because they are dangerous. 

Olivia and Daniel are not done. They run into each other again and the sparks are definitely still strong. Olivia is angry with the way that he left, although she still can not forget him. Why does she have this strong connection with him? Well ... Daniel let's her in on the secret that he has been keeping. It is the answer to her feelings and her dreams. How does Daniel know about her dreams? Why won't he just leave her alone?

Lulu Astor did one amazing job with Complements. I was so happy to know that I have yet to read anything like this before. She pulls you in, feeling as if you know that characters. I can't wait to dive into more of Olivia and Daniel's story in Complements: Force of Nature (book 2). I know that I will continue to fall in love with them. Look for my review coming soon. Thank you for following and Happy Reading!  

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Lulu Astor is a New York City girl, born and bred. She met her husband at a doggie play group in Tribeca in the ‘90s and together they embarked on adventures, moving first to Chicago, where their first son was born, then on to Santa Fe, New Mexico, followed by Los Angeles, Cali. Eventually they headed back to NYC where their second son made his debut shortly thereafter.
Beginning her writing career with nonfiction, she began writing short fiction (her first love) in grad school, moving on to longer works shortly thereafter. She wrote the Complements series in 2010, and it was published on KDP in 2013. Three and a Half Weeks was initially conceived as a short story but evolved into a full-length (very full) novel as time went on.
Immersing herself in fiction (whether reading or writing) every minute possible, she also teaches writing and literature as an adjunct professor in the New York-Connecticut area where she currently resides. Her books are available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and Goodreads. You can follow her on Facebook, Goodreads, and Twitter (reluctantly).
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