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Blog Tour + Review + Giveaway: Until The End by London Miller

Title: Until the End
Series: Volkov Bratva Series
Author: London Miller
Genre: Romantic Suspense/New Adult
Publish Date: February 21, 2014
Review Source: eARC


Lauren Thompson

After learning the truth behind her father's tragic murder, Lauren vowed never to go near another Volkov again, but sometimes matters of the heart are too strong to resist...

Mishca Volkov

As a Captain in the Volkov Bratva, Mishca has pledged his loyalty to the Vory v Zakone, but he soon finds himself at odds with the life he's always known...

Until the End

When Mishca and Lauren fight to salvage their relationship, new obstacles present themselves, forcing the pair to make drastic choices that either tear them apart or bring them closer together...

**Intended for mature audiences only.

I was given this series to read and review.  At first I was like ok, this seems to be taking forever and going now where fast, and then.. BAM!!! Out of now where the book takes a turn and first story gets really really good.. I will say before I go any further that you must and I mean must read book one in order to understand book two.  Now with that being said here we go.....

We enter book two catching up right where we left off in the first one... Lauren and Mishca are apart since Lauren is on her Christmas break from school  She is dealing with the so called break up of their relationship, but her mom surprises her by saying that she might reconsider being with Mischa even though Ross is against it.

Mischa knows that splitting up from Lauren is the best thing he could do for her, but it still does not help the heart ache that he is feeling.  Even after everything that took place just before she went home for break, he still longs to be with her.  The question he keeps asking himself is can it really work, or would he be putting her in harms way constantly do to his ties within the Russian Mob.

As I started this book I was still reeling from the end of book one.  At first I was a bit confused by the first few chapters because of not knowing who Naomi was, and why she was even a part of this book due to the fact that she wasn't even mentioned before.  Little did I know how much of a part she would play in this book.  Naomi is a manipulative B***ch, who only cares about what is best for her and doesn't care about who she takes out to achieve what she wants.  Because of this she becomes a thorn in Meshca's side and works to pull Lauren away from him.  I found myself pulling for this couple to find away to work it out so that their feelings for each other could remain strong and grow.  Even when the cards are stacked against them, some how, they provide support and comfort for each other and seemingly overcome the problems thrown their way.  The way that London Miller writes Lauren and shows her strengths is amazing.  She could not of made a character better equipped and suited to deal with all the issues that Mishca is faced with.  As well she could not have written Mischa's character any better in how even though he is part of this long lasting, strong, and domineering mob family, he is so compassionate to Lauren and attentive to her needs, happiness, and safety.  What will really surprise you most of all is how Mikhail becomes when dealing with the situation of Lauren, even when technically their relationship is against the Bratva's rules.  The suspense in this book as well as book one is fantastic and will leave you biting your nails in anticipation as to what will happen next.  I can not wait to get my hands on book three of this series to see how the couple ends up.

With a degree in Creative Writing, London Miller has turned pen to paper, creating riveting fictional worlds were the bad guys are sometimes the good guys.

She currently resides in southern Georgia where she drinks far too much coffee, and spends her nights writing.


This is book one of the Volkov Bratva Series, and trust me it is well worth reading.  The suspense will leave you wanting to know what happens next and hating the fact that you are have to lay the book down.  Lauren and Mischa find themselves in a position of living two completely different lives, yet they still find desire to want to be with one another.  When the past fully comes back to haunt them and the answers to long unknown happenings come to a head, the overall damage left behind will leave both families trying to pick up the pieces.  

I loved how this story is written and how London Miller works her weave of suspense for each one of the characters.  Not only does she leave you wandering what will happen next, but when it all comes out she throws a curve into it that will completely tilt you sideways and going I never saw it coming. Not only does she write it suspenseful, but the romance she writes in for Lauren and Mischa is amazing.  I will reread this one time and time again.

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