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Blog Tour + Review + Giveaway: Contractually Yours by: Connie Cox

Title:  Contractually Yours
Author:  Connie Cox
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Publish Date:  August 13, 2013
Review Source:  Enticing Journey


Broken vows…

Wedding planner Caroline Duplessis sinks all her hopes, dreams and finances for the future success of her budding company Weddings Divine into the event of the year.

But when Brandon D’Estrahan’s intended leaves him at the altar, she also leaves Caroline holding enough debt that her fledgling company is on the edge of bankruptcy. And the second mortgage her parents took out on their home will leave them homeless.

So when the groom, who needs an arm ornament and hostess to further his business connections, proposes a way out, Caroline sees no other option but to take it.

Marriage to him for one year and she will walk away with financial security. But will their marriage last the year?

Or, like his former fiancee, will she find the need to leave him, too?

Would you marry someone for money? Sign a contract and have a business arranged marriage? What if you were losing everything and it affected the ones you loved? Maybe….

For Caroline and her company, Weddings Divine, this decision became easy. She was stuck with a elegantly planned wedding that was called off literally at the alter. This wedding was supposed to make her and it was since she had several upcoming weddings booked and business was great. Until the cancelled wedding which she not only didn’t get payment for but caused all the other brides to cancel. 

Showing up that the person who cancelled the wedding’s office, Brandon read over the contract his former fiancee signed and knew that Caroline had no leg to stand on. He wasn’t responsible for this payment. However, Caroline had a DVD he needed and when offering her money she declined. On top of the visceral affect she had on him from the moment he looked at her and shook her hand, he needed to do something drastic. 

The cancelled wedding had been the same - arranged. It was convenient for him to arrange a wedding so the tabloids would get off his back and he would not be the hottest bachelor and he could get on with his business. He still had a list of women that had been researched and checked but he went with his gut and offered the “position” to Caroline. Will she take him up on his offer? 

With the affect that they have on each other will love get involved? Brandon has demons that he needs to deal with but with the sweetness and charm of Caroline she might be the one for him. But there’s another complication - she’s a virgin. Brandon can’t allow himself to fall for her and take their relationship to that emotional state that will hurt her when their arrangement dissolves. Will he learn to trust her? Can he see that she’s the one for him?

I loved this book. It’s wonderfully written and even though there are other characters it’s really about the two of them. Brandon & Caroline have such depth and enough differences to be highly entertaining. Brandon with his all business persona and Caroline with her sweet charm. This is a great story that moves along quickly but paints a detailed picture in your head. Loved!!!!

Connie used to think authors were sophisticated creatures who lived in NYC, went to glitzy parties and wrote as the muse dictated. Then she met one. The writer looked a lot like her-jeans, a few extra pounds, a love of books and a quirky imagination.

Connie's newfound love for running is taking care of the extra pounds. Her fascination with Jungian psychology takes care of her story lines. And her innate wild imagination does the rest.

People fascinate Connie, especially people who fall in love. Writing romance novels gives Connie the freedom (a lot of freedom!) to explore the chemistry that brings lovers together. It's an exploration Connie takes seriously as she looks into that sexual spark that turns two singles into a couple. Her story people really have to work hard for that coupling as she sends her characters on a journey of discovery both within themselves and in each other. But the happily ever after makes the journey worth it. And there are often a few laughs along the way.

So why does Connie write? Because, now that she's discovered the magic of letting loose the people in her imagination, she's impossible to be around if she doesn't let them have their way!

With many thanks for the encouragement of that first writer and many who have followed behind her, Connie now lives the dream, writing big stories from her little desk in her little Louisiana town. Even as you read this, she is working on a new story and living her own happily ever after.


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