Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Review + Trailer: Wild Ride by Juliette Jones

Title: Wild Ride
Author: Juliette Jones
Genre: Adult, Menage
Publish Date: February 21, 2014
Review Source: eBook provided for review

For Lacey Callihan, things couldn't get much worse. She's working a dead-end job, living with a dead-end boyfriend and stuck in a dead-end town. When Lacey's boyfriend steals her life savings and hits her for questioning him, it's the last straw. She skips town in her rust-heap of a car - which she can only pray will get her as far as Texas. And it does. Spluttering to a final stop just as she crosses the border. But when two ultra-hot cowboys pull up in their convertible red Mustang and offer her a ride, Lacey has a feeling her luck is about to change ...

Happy Birthday! Lacey Callihan turns 21 today.Its a big day for her and she wakes up feeling happy and optimistic even tho Lacey's circumstances are not the best.She has had her eye on this little red and orange handbag at this little shop she passes on her way to the Rusty Nail.

Today is the day she is gonna get it.She has had her eye on that beauty for the last month. What is the Rusty Nail you ask?The Rusty Nail is where Lacey has worked for the last 81/2 months.She is a waitress and The Rusty Nail is a dive bar where Lacey is groped, shoved, pulled and disrespected on a daily basis.Why does she stay,?The tips are good and she has been saving all this time hoping for a better life.

Then there is Cal.Cal is Lacey's boyfriend for the last 2 years.He is a mechanic , he rides a Harley,which is hot but that's about all that's hot about Cal anymore.It use to be fun and exciting with Cal, but that was a long time ago.Cal is the main reason that Lacey did not start college when she had planned.Cal met Lacey at a low point in her life, not long after her Mother passed away.Now 2 years later Lacey realizes that this was a mistake.Just like the Rusty Nail is a dead end job, Lacey knows the relationship with Cal has run its course.
Right when Lacey is at her lowest,she meets Riley and Nate Walker .They are cousins, one dark, one light.Two of the most gorgeous men Lacey has ever seen.Not only are they beautiful,they treat her with respect and kindness, two things Lacey has had very little of.

Come along with Lacey, Cal, Nate and Riley on Wild Ride.Wild Ride is a great book.Its fun and quick.It can easily be read in a couple of hours in the afternoon.It is very HOT! It is 18 or older, it is Mature and deals with Mature subject matter.It was loads of fun for me.I truly enjoyed reading Wild Ride.

Come on....let go....break away from the routine of the day.Lacey, Cal, Nate , and Riley are waiting.Its time to take a Wild Ride...

Juliette Jones is the author of BILLIONAIRE and WILD RIDE. She has worked as an editor, a librarian and the administrative assistant of a hot billionaire. She lives in New York City.


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