Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Blog Tour + Review: Stealing Time by S.L. Siwik

Title: Stealing Time
Author: S.L. Siwik
Genre: Adult, Romance
Publish Date: March 31, 2014
Review Source: eARC provided for Review


Delaney Beaumont is more likely to flip you the bird than she is to say hello. A workaholic during the week as a free-lance graphic designer, by weekend she's a partying alcoholic. Laney's MO is always the same: party and drink until she blacks out. Every weekend she wakes up in bed with a strange man and no memory of how she wound up there. But, she doesn't care. Because when she leaves his apartment, she'll never see him again. It's the way she's gone about it for years and it suits her needs just fine.

That is...until the day she wakes up in Jackson Turner's bed.

Jackson Turner is a tattoo artist and owner of four shops in the Colorado area. He wanted Delaney from the moment he set eyes on her. Their night together is nothing short of crazy, and Jackson knows that he has to have Laney in his life for good. Convincing her, while dealing with the consequences of their night together, will be easier said than done.

If you love someone set them free. Then get ready with a bottle of Jack.

This book came out of nowhere.  I took this book off the hands of a reviewer who needed time to deal with real life and boy am I glad that I was able to read this one!  I haven't read a book in one day in a long while but every single second that I could, this book was in my hands.  I tried to slow down but I just couldn't.  Delaney and Jackson's relationship is freakishly addictive.  Once you start you won't be able to get them out of your head.

Delaney Beaumont is a mess to say the least.  She wasn't the girl in school that anyone wanted to be with but when Bradley showed an interest and wanted to be with her, she fell hard in love with him.  He was the guy most guys wanted to be in school, gorgeous, popular and smart and he wanted Delaney.  So, after graduation, they got married at 18 ... but one day on his way to pick her up, Bradley got in a car accident and died and Delaney has believed she is the reason he died and six years later, is still blaming herself.  She keeps everyone at arms length, especially men.  She doesn't form emotional attachments.  She stays sober 5 nights a week but when Friday night rolls around, Double D (her alternate persona) makes an appearance the moment she's imbibed just enough alcohol to black out. Double D is a hoot ... she picks gorgeous men, has the time of her life in the sack with them anyway they want and then when the cruel light of day rears its head, she gets dressed as fast as possible, never shares personal information and gets out of there like her life depends on it.

Jackson Turner has never been in love.  He's stuck with his art, it's what he does.  He tattoo's those that come to him wanting a permanent piece of his art on their bodies.  He takes pride in what he does and that's always been enough.  He's amassed a small fortune and has expanded his business and now is working toward further expanding his Inked Up empire.  But one night everything will change for Jackson when he sees a woman that he can't take his eyes off of, chugging a Jaeger Bomb at Club Indigo.  

The journey that these two go on after their eyes lock is a roller coaster to say the least but it will have you giggling, scoffing, screaming, pulling your hair out and sighing in aww at all that Jackson has to do to get through to Delaney when she thinks that he should just be cast aside like every other guy Double D picks out on the weekend.  Freakishly addictive would be the best way to describe this story and I highly encourage you to read this if you want a sexy, fun, wild, amazing ride!

I live in NJ with my husband, daughter, dog, and beta fish. I love going out with my daughter on the weekends, drink a pot of coffee a day, and hate wearing make-up. I love finding new book boyfriends, and I love writing down the stories that pop into my head. But, most of all...I love hearing from you!


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