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Release Blitz + Excerpt + Giveaway: The Burning Star (The Star Series #2) by Jessie Lane

Love fantasy? The paranormal? Romance? How about a twisty-turny story featuring two young women in the fight of their lives? Yes?! Then we have the book for you! Pick up Jessie Lane's THE BURNING STAR, available today! Learn more about the book below and be sure to enter the author's amazing giveaway while you're at it! 

Title: The Burning Star
Series: Star #1
Author: Jessie Lane 
Re-Release Date: March 25, 2014
Original Publication: May 23, 2012
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*This book is a re-release and revision from the original book. Please be aware that some things have been added, deleted or changed.*

Kay’s journey of a lifetime started in the woods outside of Asheville, North Carolina. It was there that the 17 year old met a beautiful man along with a monster. The chance encounter led her to an unbelievable world that shouldn’t exist; a place where myths and fairy tales were real, and in some cases, deadly. Kay knew she would have to brave this new world if she hoped to find a cure for her terminal cancer.
With a strange yet beautiful cast of characters that she would meet along the way, Kay uncovered truths that would change her life forever. However, before it was all over, it would become clear that Kay wasn’t the only one with problems.
Yet another 17 year old young woman was fighting for her freedom and her life.
Kira had lived in a magical world that Kay had only dreamt of. Despite this, her life had not been filled with many good things. As a matter of fact, she considered her empty, emotional solitude the only positive aspect of her life. She fought daily battles to escape abuse and torture.Trained to be an expert assassin, she was charged with kidnapping Kay and delivering her to Kira’s master, Lord Donovan.
As the two young women set forth in their journeys, their paths would cross in unimaginable ways. The only question that would remain was who would come out alive and whole in the end?

WARNING: This is a upper ya/young adult/new adult fictional story that includes some explicit language, graphic violence, and mild sexual situations. Recommended for ages sixteen and up.

THE BURNING STAR will be released at 99 cents, but that's only for a limited time! Then it'll go back to its regular $3.99!

The hairs on the back of my neck started to tingle. For the second time that day, I felt as if I might be in some unfortunate Animal Planet documentary. At least this time I was safe in my house. Well, at least I hoped I was safe.
I stayed deathly still at my window, thinking movement might draw its attention. I could have gone to my bed and told myself that it all hadn’t actually happened, yet I wanted to know what it was. Are there any white bears in Asheville? I mean, there were polar bears, but I obviously wasn’t in the Arctic, so that wasn’t possible. No, I didn’t think it was a bear. It wasn’t burly enough. 
The animal took another cautious step out of the woods and smelled the ground. It lifted its head up and then smelled the air around itself, searching for something. 
Upon the understanding of what it was, my fascination magnified. It was an enormous and elegant white wolf. I sucked in my breath, awed by its beauty. The wolf’s head snapped around to face my direction, almost as if it had heard me breathe. 
No way. I’m at least a hundred yards away, in a house. It couldn’t have heard me. 
But there it was, just standing out of the tree line, staring at me. It was by far one of the most beautiful creatures I had ever seen. 
We stayed that way for a while, staring at each other. Me, in my Young Guns concert t-shirt and plaid flannel pajama bottoms, leaning against the window frame, wondering what the wolf was doing. The wolf with its gleaming fur, standing on the grass almost a football field away, studying me with something that almost resembled intelligence. The two of us were only separated by a house, an enormous yard and a road. 
Then there was more movement in the tree line. A second wolf stepped out of the trees. This one was chocolate brown in color, walking up to the white one. It sniffed at the ground as it walked and seemed wholly engrossed in whatever it was that it found there. 
As I looked from the brown colored wolf to the white one, something else caught my eye, but this time I jumped as it startled the crap out of me. 
Another wolf, this one black, stood in the middle of my front yard. I didn’t know how long it had been standing there, but I did know that just like the white one, it was staring right at me. Unwavering. If I thought the white one had been beautiful, then there were no words for this particular wolf. It was staggering, with its shiny, jet black fur reflecting the moonlight, its eyes a piercing green. 
Is that color green normal for a wolf’s eyes? 
It looked to be just as large physically as the other two wolves, but it carried itself differently. It seemed more confident and sure of things than the others were. Even the carriage of its body radiated certainty and command. The way the wolf looked at me, I felt like it saw right through me to my soul. I never knew an animal could see someone so thoroughly the way this one seemed to see me. My hands trembled at some emotion I couldn’t name. It wasn’t fear; it was more like an overwhelming sense of knowing and intimacy.
How strange.
I stood frozen, feeling both excited and scared. So engrossed at the sight of the beautiful black wolf that I didn’t even see the other two approaching. The black wolf must have heard them coming because it turned its head in their direction. I followed its gaze to see them halfway to where it was standing in my yard. Looking back to the black wolf, I saw that it was watching me intently again, its head cocked to the side as if it were analyzing me. I almost felt as if it had a question it wanted to ask, but then one of the other wolves yapped and it turned and trotted away. 
The three wolves disappeared back into the trees. I stood there for a few minutes after they faded out of sight, wondering if they would reappear again. Today had been unreal. Apparently, these woods were full of animals. 
In just one day I had come across a rabid dog large enough that I would seem more like a snack to it instead of a meal and then three wolves. I wondered what else could be out there in the forest surrounding us as I walked to my bed to lie back down. All of a sudden I felt a lot like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz. 
Wolves and freaky dogs, oh my. 
What would tomorrow bring?

Excerpt Option 4: (670 word count)
We walked out into the middle of the field on the right side of my house where Ryan stopped and spread out the blanket. I sat down, making sure that I was kind of close to the edge and not in the middle. I didn’t want him to think I was trying to hog the whole thing. Ryan put the basket in front of me and sat down right next to me; our sides were touching he was so close. I felt that weird humming sensation inside that I had felt yesterday in the kitchen, but knew it was probably just my nerves. I glanced up at him shyly and he smiled back confidently. 
“I packed a little of everything, I think. I’ve got some grapes and freshly baked bread. I also brought some cheese and some pastries. What would you like to try first?”
“Umm, how about a little of everything?” It sounded so delicious and I was kind of starving, though I didn’t necessarily want him to know that. 
“A girl with a healthy appetite. I like that. I’ll make you a plate.” He grabbed a paper plate out of the basket and started loading it with a bunch of stuff. The plate looked like it might rip from the weight of all of the food Ryan was piling on for me. I decided it might be time to say something before he tried to hand me a small buffet. 
I gently stopped his hand from grabbing anything else. “I think that’s good. To be honest, I don’t know how much more the poor plate can hold. Besides, how much food do you have in that basket? It seems a little never-ending right now.” 
He gave a nervous laugh. “I guess you’re right. How about we share this plate then?” He placed it on the blanket in front of us and picked up a piece of cheese before popping it in his mouth. “Dig in, Kay. The food’s good.” 
I grabbed one of the pastries and nibbled at it gingerly. It melted in my mouth like some gourmet masterpiece. It might have actually been better than gourmet. 
“Wow. This is amazing. Where did you get these? My mom would love them.”
“I get them from a bakery near my home. I’ll bring some for your mom next time I visit.” 
Next time he visits? He’s already planning trips back! 
“Thanks. So besides our picnic, what do you want to do today?” I asked him.
“I want to get to know you, so how about a game of questions?”
“A game of questions?” Should I tell him I was hoping for a game more like spin the bottle or seven minutes in heaven? Those were the kinds of games that were on my bucket list before I died.
Ryan chuckled. “Are you always this suspicious, Kay? It’s just what it sounds like—a game of questions. I’ll ask you a question about yourself and then once you answer, you get to ask me a question. The person who answers the most questions gets to ask a favor of the other. What do you think?” He looked at me intently, as if he was daring me to jump off a cliff or something. I was sure he was up to something, but I just didn’t know what. Maybe I was being paranoid. Maybe paranoia was another side effect of my medication. 
Hallucinations and Paranoia. 
I might want to read those side effects again.
“What are you afraid of, Kay? Afraid you might find something out that makes you fall for me?”
I scoffed at his comment. “Fall for you? You’re a little full of yourself, aren’t you, Ryan? Actually, I was thinking I might find out something that would make me scream and run for the hills.” Ryan’s face flashed a brief emotion of something I couldn’t read. Something that made me wonder if he was hiding something. 
But we all have our secrets, don’t we? I certainly have mine.


Crystal and Melissa often live half their lives with their heads in the clouds dreaming of alpha military hunks, werewolves and kick ass heroines crazy enough to chase after creatures that they unquestionably should know better than to chase.
Their first YA novel, The Burning Star, was released in May 2012. Big Bad Bite is their second novel, but their first adult paranormal romance. They are now working on their next two novels, Walk On The Striped Side and Secret Maneuvers. With these projects underway, they are looking forward to showing the rest of the world their crazy stories, heroes and heroines that often plague their minds until written, and hope you will join them on their journey!


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