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Blog Tour + Review + Giveaway: Friends with Benefits by Anne Lange

Title: Friends with Benefits
Series: The Vault
Author: Anne Lange
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance – Ménage w/light BDSM elements
Publish Date: : January 17, 2014
Review Source: ARC for Review

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Can a summer of sexual exploration, lead to an unconventional forever.

When his best friend moves to the area, Tyler seizes an opportunity to fulfill his wife’s fantasies while, hopefully, leading her in the direction of his.

They shared women in the past, and Connor’s the only man Tyler trusts with this special summer assignment. But when neighbors start to gossip, and the actions of strangers threaten their already precarious threesome, he worries that Angela’s uncertainties and Connor’s ex will end what could be the perfect forever.

Tyler O’Neil

Until pillow talk exposed his wife’s fantasies, Tyler had no idea some of Angela’s desires so closely matched his own. So, when he decides to enlist the help of his best friend to fulfill a few for her, he secretly hopes it will lead to his own personal desire - a permanent threesome. Tyler and Connor shared women in the past, he’s the one and only man Tyler trusts with this special summer assignment.

Connor Jones

Connor can’t believe it when he best friend asks if he would consider seducing his wife. Then he meets Angela, and all the women in his past fade away. With his friend’s blessing he sets out to seduce the man’s wife. And when Tyler joins the party, the three of them set the sheets on fire. Angela is one sexy woman, and Tyler is one lucky man. If only Connor could find a woman like her, one who would love him unconditionally.

Angela O’Neil

Angela is floored when her husband suggests they explore some of her fantasies. Sex with a stranger, phone sex, outdoor sex, threesome sex. These were things she read about, thought about, wished for, but never in her wildest dreams thought would she be able to live them. She loves her husband, but soon she finds herself falling for his best friend too. That’s not normal, is it? What will people think? Sandwiched between the two of them, she’s never felt so treasured, so protected, or so loved.

When his best friend moves to the area, Tyler seizes an opportunity to fulfill his wife’s fantasies while, hopefully, leading her in the direction of his.

They shared women in the past, and Connor’s the only man Tyler trusts with this special summer assignment. But when neighbors start to gossip, and the actions of strangers threaten their already precarious threesome, he worries that Angela’s uncertainties and Connor’s ex will end what could be the perfect forever.

Angie sat cross-legged on the window settee. The brightness of the moon belied the late hour, pushing the shadows deep into the corners. The faint murmur of Tyler’s and Connor’s voices rose through the floorboards from the first level. She looked over at the rumpled bed sheets and then down at the journal lying open in her lap. She re-read her entry.
We did it. I actually did it. How much must Tyler love me to have granted me this particular fantasy? Who knew my husband had a kinky side? And, even though he encouraged me to play with Connor over the weekend, which…WOW…tonight was different. Very different. Tonight the man I’m committed to watched another man make love to me. He helped another man make love to me. No jealousy. No competition. Only mutual excitement, sharing and exploring.
Honestly, it was a little weird at first. But, knowing Tyler trusted Connor made me feel secure. Though I guess I should have known he’d arranged the whole thing. I just didn’t think his surprise would include his best friend.
Oh, my. I can still feel their hands and their lips gliding over my body. The way they touched me, as if I were made of spun sugar. They kissed me. First their lips soft and sensual, and then demanding, scorching, as though they couldn’t get enough. I’ve never felt so alive, so beautiful, so treasured.
Few words were spoken. Few were needed.
“Let’s tie her up.” I’ll never look at Tyler’s silk ties the same way.
“Your skin is so soft, like flower petals.”
“You smell like vanilla, but you taste like some exotic brand of honey.”
They were so in tune to each other. Their hands guided me where and how they wanted me. All I could do was moan and sigh—until the end. Sometimes they took turns, sometimes they played with me together. At times it was almost too much. Having four hands or two tongues pleasuring me…my body hummed like a tuning fork. The energy they created…oh…I could almost feel the blood rushing hot and thick through my veins. 
The blindfold hid them from me, and I so wanted to watch. But, I admit, I had no difficulty telling them apart. Their bodies are similar in build, but they are different in every other way.
The only thing that could have made it better would have been to feel both men inside me at the same time. Being sandwiched between two gorgeous men…that’s something I think many women fantasize about. I imagine my body would struggle to accommodate them, but in the end they would win. I think I’d forget to breathe.
My mouth’s watering as I write this. My body tingles. Should I be ashamed of how I feel? How will Tyler react now that it’s over? Was this a one-time event? How do I tell my husband I’m counting the hours until we can do it again?
Angela paused and raised her head when the bedroom door opened, and her husband walked in, a knowing smile on his handsome face.

When Tyler O'Neil decides that he wants something, he goes for it.  When he and his wife Angela engage is your typical pillow talk he sees an opportunity to possible get the extra heat that he wants for their marriage.  When his best friend comes to town to work Tyler sets to work to get his best friend, who he has other plans for, in on seducing Angela.  After setting up the meeting and encouraging his wife to engage in a little fantasy play his plans go into motion.

As Tyler continues to work through what he wants he can see that things are going in the directions that he has planned he is very happy.  What the others do not know is exactly what Tyler's wants and dreams are for the overall outcomes.  Can the three of them make a relationship work?  How does Angela react when her pillow conversations with her husband become a reality and how does she accept and deal with feelings that she did not expect to happen.  How does Conner handle his feelings towards his best friends wife?  Can he deal with the things his best friend wants from him, can he love another man's wife and how will he react when the truths all come out?

I think that deep down inside of most women we all have a dream to be apart of a threesome.  It is one of those fantasies that we all carry, but it is "taboo" by society.  How would you react if you were able to indulge in the "naughtiness" of being with two men?  I love being able to feed my inner vixen with this book.  I have read a few books where nontraditional relationships evolve and the couples find themselves loving more than one person.  This book fell right into place with those other stories of which I have grown to love.  The characters in this book deal with the norms of society and how they reactions of those scared to venture into the taboo sides of life react to what they don't know.  Anne Lange does a wonderful job of showing us that you can venture into your deepest fantasies and find that extra spice that you are looking for.  I found myself drawn into this threesome and hating to have to put them down and do the everyday tasks that life requires.  I hope that she will give us more of this couple in the other books in the Vault series. I find myself already missing this loving threesome.  This is a story that you will thoroughly enjoy.

 And, remember, sometimes the people who you would never think would understand you are the ones who secretly understand you the most.  So never feel as if you are totally alone, because there is always someone else who enjoys the forbidden fruits as much as you.

Anne grew up the oldest of four in Ontario, Canada. She works full-time and writes in her spare time. Books and shoes are her passion. Reading is her escape. Anne started writing in late 2009, realized she needed to figure out what in the world she was doing, and began her trek of workshops, networking and writing. While she reads many genres of fiction, she prefers to write hot, edgy romance with attractive men, sexy females, and always a happily ever after. She’d love for you to follow her on this journey as she brings more fiction to the world for people, who like her, just need to get away from it all for a few hours every now and then.

20 Fun Facts about Anne Lange:
1. I’m a closet couch potato.  If I could just curl up on the corner of a couch with a good book, I’d do it all the time.  Oh wait, I do.   Well, not all the time
2. I have 9 tattoos. Most you cannot see unless I choose to show you.
3. I was a huge fan of Buffy the Vampire and Angel when they were on T.V. years ago.
4. My chaos is organized, so…Do. Not. Touch. It.
5. My favorite drink is Diet Coke.
6. One of my favorite destinations is Las Vegas.  Been there many times.  But I don’t gamble. I shop.
7. My favorite movie is The American President, but I’m not American 
8. I love gardens, but I hate gardening.
9. I love dogs.
10. Shoes (as in dress shoes with minimum 3 inch heels) are my addiction. Honest to god, I can’t even tell you how many pairs of black ones alone I own.
11. I take French lessons.
12. I love to cook and bake, though I rarely follow a recipe to the letter.
13. I’m the oldest of four kids.
14. I love my ‘me’ time.
15. I used to play the tenor saxophone.
16. Years ago, I managed to get my orange belt in karate
17. My husband and I met on a blind date.  So did my parents.
18. I knit, I sew and I quilt (by hand and by machine).  Though not very much in the last few years. I got lots of fabric, yarn and patterns though!
19. I enjoy downhill skiing in the winter and lazing in my pool in the summer.
20. I once had a lap dance, two actually.  One from a male stripper and one from a female stripper.


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