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Blog Tour + Review: Discovering Lucy by Laura Dunaway

Title: Discovering Lucy
Author: Laura Dunaway
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publish Date: March 7, 2014
Review Source: ARC

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After three long years of living in a hell she never could have imagined, Lucy Jane Simmons courageously escapes to New York City for a fresh start. 

A new beginning...

When Lucy meets Knox Taylor, the intoxicating man in the business suit, everything she thought she knew about relationships changes. He is strong, seductive and makes her feel safe. But can she open up enough to let him in?

Will Lucy Jane escape the scars of her past? Can Knox give her the future she ultimately deserves?

A story of rediscovery...

I didn’t see the blow coming. 

     I was standing at my dresser, eyes focused on my reflection in the mirror as I pinned my hair into a bun when I felt a sharp pain in my lower back. Time seemed to slow down as the bobby pins dropped from my hands and I fell to my knees. I gasped for air, trying to catch the breath that had been knocked out of me.

“Don’t you ever think of doing that again, bitch,” I heard Drake tell me in his menacing deep voice, his dirty brown work boots in front of me. I had no idea what it was I’d done.

Most of the time I hadn’t done anything.
I put my hands on the floor, still trying to take deep breaths.  “Wh-what did I do?” I asked in a strained voice against the agony burrowing in my back.

Suddenly, my head was yanked back, and my hair was being pulled so tight that I yelped at the searing sensation. Tears stung my eyes at the torturous pressure as I balled my hands into fists, trying to resist grabbing at his hand.

 I knew that would make my situation worse.

“I saw you. I saw you talking to that prick at the grocery store. You think I don’t know what you do every hour of the day? Huh?” He pulled back harder on my head, and tears streamed down my face as I tried not to scream.

I tried to remember whom I’d talked to at the grocery store. I had gone there to get a few items, but I didn’t remember having any conversations. 


“You mean the guy who took my cart when I was done putting the groceries in the car?” 

He finally released my hair and the relief was immense. I fell to the floor and rubbed my scalp as he towered over me. I ignored the desire to scoot away from him because I’d learned the hard way that it only angered him more. Instead, I sat down and hugged my legs to my chest as I rocked back and forth.

“Yes, Lucy, the guy who took the cart from you. Do you realize how bad it looks when you talk to other guys? Good lord, how stupid can you get?”

He started pacing back and forth, swiping his hands through his dark blond greasy hair. His footsteps were strong and loud, especially when he wore those big, ugly, work boots that were always caked with mud. I did my best to stop shaking and rocking—I needed to appear as calm as possible. You would think I’d be used to his rage by now, but each time he assaulted me, it made me shake to my core.

“I’m sorry,” I whispered, even though I knew I’d done nothing wrong. I’d been taught that it was always better to apologize than to try to explain the situation. I’d been with him for three years, and it was all I could do to stay sane. The numbness that had taken over my mind and soul was the only way I survived.

He stopped pacing and turned to face me. “You’re what?”

I looked into his cold gray eyes. “I’m sorry,” I said in a louder voice.
He walked toward me and bent to his knees, his ugly eyes softening somewhat as he took my face in his sandpaper rough hands. I wanted to cower and throw up, but I looked him in the eye because I knew if I looked down, it would anger him even more.

“Lucy Jane, you know I hate having to lash out at you, but you give me no choice. I can’t have you prancing around town talking to every asshole you see. It makes me look bad, baby.”

We start this book with Lucy Simmons looking back on how her life was just a few short months previous before she moved to New York.  She was with her ex-boyfriend Drake just as he was getting ready to beat her for basically no reason.  Shortly there after this incident she gets enough courage to leave him and escape to start over in New York.  Once she is their she meets Megan her roommate and best friend who tries to get Lucy out of the shell she has become.  Megan knows that something has happened to Lucy, but what she is unsure.

One afternoon while at work she meets Knox Taylor when he comes into Armstrong's looking to buy some aftershave, which just so happens to be the counter Lucy works at.  Knox is quickly drawn to the quiet and somewhat spunky Lucy.  Knox sees that Lucy is stand offish so he tries to figure out ways to spend time and approach Lucy without out scaring her away.  Knox uses his humor mixed with a bit of persuasion to slowly began to break down Lucy's walls.  As we move into the story he finds small ways to show Lucy that he can be trusted.

This is a good book about rediscovering yourself, growing emotionally, and over coming fears that are so deeply embedded that they continue to work to pull you back into their deep dark depths.  This is a wonderful story that touches on the subject of domestic abuse showing us how easily it can happen and hard it can be to break away not only physically but emotionally.  Laura Dunaway does a wonderful job of carrying us on a journey with Lucy where she fights her fears of ending up in another relationship like the one that she escaped.  She also carries us through the story with the issues of stalking as well.  The way that the story is laid out is well written and allows us to see that not everything or everyone is bad.  When Lucy needs Knox he works to try to show her that he is their.  Will she allow him in and let him see the darkest moments?  Will she trust him enough to share the secrets she tries so hard to keep hidden?  This is a wonderful story that takes us on Lucy's journey to finally try and find the happiness that she wants, but has always been led to believe never happens.

Laura Dunaway has been married to her prince for 17 years and together they are raising three amazing kids. While she’s always had a passion for reading and writing, it wasn’t until this past year that she finally realized she should pursue her dream of writing a book. After many many attempts at starting one, Distorted was finally the one that flowed and before she knew it, she’d written The End. When she’s not busy shuttling her kids to lessons and practices and making dinner, she’s busy behind her computer writing her next book, Discovering Lucy, which will be out winter of 2014.


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